Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1272: A Crushing Path

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In the Domain of Spirit Sea.

The Song Clan was the largest cultivator force in this domain. All of the other clans and sects had to take orders from them.

Song Haiqing, the current clanmaster of the Song Clan, was at the late Saint domain, and Song Chequan’s older brother.

Song Chequan was the sectmaster of the Jade Heaven Sect. Like Yu Suying, he had also accumulated at the early God domain for many years. Rumor had it he was seeking new breakthroughs in his cultivation.

Since Song Chequan was from the Song Clan, the relationship between the Jade Heaven Sect and the Song Clan was extremely intimate.


A sphere of glorious light made of multiple colorful layers flew into the dark, silent perimeter of the Domain of Spirit Sea, giving rise to a loud whoosh.

Three ancient starships were patrolling the perimeter to prevent invasions. Their alarm devices suddenly went off, giving out sharp alarms.

“Invaders! There are invaders!”

A gold, a silver, and an azure ancient starship that had been forged from different divine metals hummed into action and hastily sailed over.

One figure after another came up to the decks, all of whom were at the Void domain or lower.

Two hours later, the three ancient starships came to an abrupt stop.

A middle Void domain burly man with bulky muscles flew barefoot from the golden starship. With a sinister look on his face, he came to a stop in the void and activated his domain. “I’m the head of the Cold Spring Paradise, Chen Duhao. Who are you?”


His domain emanated golden light, as if it were forged from pure gold. Elegant golden palaces could be seen stand towering in it, giving off lofty, solemn, and ancient auras. The palace walls were carved with golden dragons and phoenixes, all of which were very lifelike, as if they could swoop out of them at any moment.

The Cold Spring Paradise was a minor cultivator force from the Domain of Spirit Sea. Having sworn their allegiance to the Song Clan, they were responsible for patrolling this part of the starry river.

From fifty kilometers away, Mo Qianfan heard Chen Duhao’s bluster. With a derisive snort, he said with a relaxed tone, “The man is courting death.

“He himself, the Song Clan, and the Jade Heaven Sect will soon learn that to them, the seventh Son of the Stars of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace is a star of calamities.”

Yin Xingtian chimed in. “A star of calamities indeed.”

Yu Suying agreed as well. “That’s actually an appropriate name for him, considering what he’s done on his way here.”

Chen Duhao from the Cold Spring Paradise took a look at the seemingly tiny figure at the heart of the enormous sphere of glorious lights, and cried out again, “Stay where you are! Otherwise, don’t blame us for our manners!”


The raging, twisting, and ripping power of the outer layers spread over and touched Chen Duhao’s domain.

It was as if an enormous shredder had slammed into his shiny golden domain.

Chen Duhao, who practiced metal incantations, instantly let out a panicked wail.

However, his wail only lasted a few seconds before dying out.

His domain was shredded, golden light that looked like golden raindrops spraying out into the cold, silent starry river. Both his body and soul were twisted and ripped apart by the outer layers of the magnetic field.

Nie Tian, who was at the heart of the Primal Chaos, was still focused on finding a way to forge his domain, and thus didn’t notice a thing.

“Even Chen Duhao was killed! We’re being invaded!”

“Who are you, mister?!”

“We’re with the Song Clan. Don’t tell me that you don’t know the special relationship between the Song Clan and the Jade Heaven Sect. The Jade Heaven Sect has a God domain expert. Who are you? How dare you spill blood in our domain?”

Without giving any response, the glorious sphere descended on them with a crushing momentum.

The three ancient starships were instantly blown up and reduced to debris that scattered like burning meteors.

Every single cultivator on board died miserably without holding on for even second, whether they were at the Soul realm or Profound realm, and whether they fled from the ancient starships or hid inside.

Still immersed in thought, Nie Tian moved on in the set direction.

Wherever he went, debris from starships and mangled bodies scattered everywhere.


Moments later, Yu Suying, Mo Qianfan, and Yin Xingtian arrived.

Glancing around at the horrifying scene, Yin Xingtian said, “These three ancient starships were at fairly high grades, yet they exploded upon contact, failing to put up any resistance. Perhaps only Saint domain cultivators will be able to escape in time. Anyone with a cultivation base lower than that will be killed as soon as they’re touched by the outer layers of that glowing sphere.”

“Nie Tian hasn’t even forged his domain yet,” Mo Qianfan said in a serious voice. “He’s merely trying to derive the enlightenment that’ll allow him to do so.”

“He’s the most terrifying when he’s in this state of deep meditation,” Yu Suying from the Profound Purity Palace said. Excitement could be heard in her voice. “I suppose the Song Clan will soon receive word of his arrival. I very much look forward to seeing how Song Haiqing will deal with this uninvited star of calamities!”

Yin Xingtian took a sideways glance at Yu Suying and said, “Song Haiqing himself is only at the late Saint domain. It seems to me that even if all the sects and clans in the Domain of Spirit Sea joined up, they wouldn’t be able to stop Nie Tian. The Jade Heaven Sect made a big mistake by offending you. I suppose as Nie Tian moves forward, all of the domains and sects that are close to the Jade Heaven Sect will be plunged into misery and suffering.”

Yu Suying let out a cold harrumph. “We’ll try to steer clear of the commoners, of course. As for those like the Song Clan and the Cold Spring Paradise, they deserve to be annihilated!”

Yin Xingtian fell silent.

“Don’t worry,” Yu Suying added. “I’ll navigate Nie Tian away from the realms inhabited by commoners.”

“That’d be for the best.”


In the Song Clan in the Realm of Spirit Spring.

Gigantic bronze bells could be seen hanging atop a green mountain peak that was a thousand meters high.

Each bronze bell represented a starship that patrolled the perimeters of the Domain of Spirit Sea.

Apparently, there was some profound connection between those bronze bells and those starships.

All of a sudden, three of the bells rang.

Upon hearing the bells ring, a member of the Song Clan who had been stationed on the mountaintop cried out, “Something went wrong with the Cold Spring Paradise’s starships. Contact them now!”

In a few minutes, they confirmed that the Cold Spring Paradise’s starships had been attacked.

“To that region!” Song Haiqing, the current clanmaster of the Song Clan, ended his secluded cultivation and summoned powerful experts from across the Domain of Spirit Sea before they marched on that part of the starry river.

Days passed.

More than a dozen ancient starships were quietly berthed in an area filled with floating meteors.

Intense spatial fluctuations came from every single one of them.

Experts from the Song Clan, the Flying Spring Paradise, the Cold Moon Society, the Prime Beginning Sect, and a dozen more local forces of the Domain of Spirit Sea arrived through teleportation.

Like Xie Qian, Song Haiqing, who was at the late Saint domain, practiced water incantations.


Floating in front of the ancient starships, he activated his domain, which was filled with interweaving streams and scattered spirit springs.

Simply by looking at his domain, people would feel calm and peaceful.

Several early Saint domain experts flew out one after another to float behind him. They were followed by a larger number of Void domain experts.

People discussed the possible causes of Chen Duhao’s death, as none of them knew what had happened. They had all been urgently summoned to this place by Song Haiqing.

“Big Brother Song, do you know who did such a daring thing as to destroy Chen Duhao’s three starships and kill so many members of the Cold Spring Paradise?”

“This is the Domain of Spirit Sea! It’s your territory. Even the Five Elements Sect, the Heaven Span Pavilion, and the Void Spirit Society would give the Jade Heaven Sect face and refrain from doing such an atrocious thing!

“Is it possible that a bunch of unknowing people from another domain did it?”

“Could it be outsiders?”

Only after a long time did Song Haiqing say with a heavy tone, “According to the information we received, it was a sphere of peculiar energies with a man at its center, but we don’t know who he is yet. However, based on our estimation, that unusually vast sphere of energies will pass through this region.”

“How long before it’ll get here?”

“Soon, a couple of hours at most.”

“Hehe, every powerful expert of our domain is here now. Whoever it is, as long as he’s not a God domain expert, he’ll be reduced to ashes!”

“That guy dared to kill our people in our domain. He must have a death wish!”

Four hours passed.

Rapid ear-piercing sounds came from a jade bracelet on Song Haiqing’s wrist. His expression flickered strongly as he shouted, “Prepare for battle!”

Under his instructions, members of the Song Clan had set up nineteen barriers ahead of them.

But now, they didn’t hold on for even a second before all nineteen of them exploded.

Enveloped in his domain, Song Haiqing ordered all of the other Saint domain experts and all of the ancient starships to follow him.

Then, more than a dozen ancient starships pressed forward in a formidable array, giving rise to loud rumbles.

“Who the hell are you? How dare you commit crimes on my clan’s turf?” Song Haiqing’s voice condensed into strands that traveled five thousand kilometers through the dark, ice-cold void to Nie Tian’s location.

However, there was no response.

Shortly afterwards, a sphere of multiple layers of glowing energies that was close to a hundred kilometers across entered everyone’s sight in an incomparably overbearing manner.


Loud explosions and powerful whooshing sounds kept coming from outer layers of the sphere. Upon sensing its swarming twisting power, even Song Haiqing felt fear in his heart.

A seemingly tiny figure loomed within the countless layers of energy. Floating at the center of the magnetic field, his appearance couldn’t be seen.

A cold, gloating voice suddenly came from a place very far behind the gigantic sphere. “Song Haiqing! Long time no see!”


Yu Suying’s gentle body abruptly expanded into her dharma idol form, as if to make herself conspicuous.

Song Haiqing’s expression flickered drastically. “The Profound Purity Palace! Yu Suying! You’re invading the Domain of Spirit Sea? Sectmaster Yu, as noble as you are, even if you’ve decided to go to war with the Jade Heaven Sect, you shouldn’t have started with my clan, right?”

Yu Suying sneered. “I’m simply passing through. Who said I’m invading your domain? Nie Tian from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace is the one who’s making moves, not my sect.”