Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1266: Division Of Yin And Yang

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“You Qimiao!”

Yu Suying of the Profound Purity Palace instantly summoned the Heaven-purging Divine Light and bound herself with its bright silver light.

She hastily sent out a message with her thoughts.

In an instant, there was a roar from the Profound Silver Purity Divine Ship, and the seven Saint domain experts of the Profound Purity Palace carried Han Qing to the cabin by force.

The Profound Silver Purity Divine Ship also moved through the sky of the Realm of Maelstrom to put a great distance between them and the ancient starship of the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect.


Sensing something was fishy, Nie Tian’s Spirit Pearl nimbly flew back to his hand.


Duan Hongwen’s dharma idol changed and his aura was elevated. There were fluctuations and what seemed to be an undulating carpet on the ground.

Many experts from the three domains staggered and fell to the ground.

A tall figure walked out of the ancient starship of the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect and stood in front of Chu Rui with a single step.


A huge mirror rose above the incomer’s head.

Spirit qi surged in the mirror and turned into two entirely different forces, which were in the strange form of Yin Yang fish, and seemed to connect two unknown and mysterious worlds.

“Yin Yang Heavenly Chaos Mirror, the immortal grade divine tool of the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect!”

Looking at the bright mirror floating high in the sky, Yin Xingtian of the Streamcloud Sword Sect wore an extremely grave expression. He said to Nie Tian, “The Yin Yang Heavenly Chaos Mirror is a fourth-grade immortal level divine tool, one grade higher than the All Manifestations Star Banner Luo Wanxiang held. That object has been handed down to the sect masters of the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect from generation to generation, and it is extremely powerful in combination with the Remote Beginning Heavenly Chaos Incarnation of the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect.”

Mo Qianfan roared, “You Qimiao really reached the middle God domain!”


With shabby clothes, a bun at the top of his head, and a jade buckle at his waist, You Qimiao had a strange, ancient face. He seemed to come from the distant universe, and suddenly his body swelled as he also manifested his divine dharma idol.

There were two air currents in the sleeves of his divine dharma idol surging out wildly with two kinds of aura, which were both gentle and fiery.

“Extreme cold, burning hot!”

Nie Tian was suddenly shocked, and looked at Yin Xingtian in surprise. “The spirit incantation the sect master of the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect has cultivated actually has two kinds of attributes, which are even opposites, cold and heat?”

Yin Xingtian wore a solemn expression. “Yin Yang Convergence is the unique incantation of the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect. The Remote Beginning Heavenly Chaos Incarnation and Yin Yang Heavenly Chaos Mirror both need two forces with different attributes to exhibit their greatest power. It’s also because of this that You Qimiao broke through to the God domain with difficulties, and at a slower speed than other God domain experts.

“It’s exactly because of this that Chu Yuan, Qu Yi, and some people at the God domain think highly of him, and say that he’s extraordinary.

“He cultivates two distinct powers with conflicting attributes, and was able to merge them and reach the middle God domain. This is beyond the reach of ordinary people.

“Duan Hongwen is also a disciple of the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect, but the spirit incantation he cultivates is not the Remote Beginning Heavenly Chaos Incarnation, and is much weaker.”

Mo Qianfan bowed his head and whispered to Nie Tian, “I’m sure Duan Hongwen is easy to deal with, but You Qimiao… is different, because he cultivates an incantation with two kinds of attributes, although he’s only been at the middle God domain for a short time. In addition, the Yin Yang Heavenly Chaos Mirror he holds is a fourth-grade divine tool. Chu Rui may not be able to suppress him.”

“Chu Rui!”

After the complete formation of You Qimiao’s divine dharma idol, his huge hand pinched the Yin Yang Heavenly Chaos Mirror and struck at Chu Rui’s dharma idol.


One was extremely cold, while the other was fiery hot. The extreme cold current and extreme hot current both seemed to pour out of two different, strange worlds.

The cold current was silvery-white, while the hot current was golden-red. Together, they diluted Chu Rui’s divine dharma idol and the bright stars surrounding it.

The stars were first frozen by the cold current. Then when the hot current came, the stars suddenly melted and disappeared.

In the twinkling of an eye, the stars around Chu Rui were all broken and disappeared.

The stars were the essence of his star power, blending with wisps of his thoughts, and were the key to many of his incantations.

You Qimiao sneered. “The vice sectmaster of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace? Only so-so! Do you really think that the people that the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect is afraid of are you and Luo Wanxiang? What a joke! Only Ji Cang, the first man of the human race, and Mo Heng, who dared to challenge Grand Monarch Primal Demon and didn’t die immediately after he reached the middle God domain, are the ones that we fear!

“Without Ji Cang or Mo Heng, how can you defend the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace with you and Luo Wanxiang, two losers in the race for the Lord of the Stars?

“Remote Beginning Heavenly Chaos Incarnation, Division of Yin and Yang!”

You Qimiao snorted and used words to suppress Chu Rui while using his core incantations.

The cold current and the hot current pouring at Chu Rui seemed to turn into two fish that were each 10,000 meters long. One fish was silvery-white, and the other was golden-red, swimming around Rui Chu’s divine dharma idol.

It seemed Chu Rui’s divine dharma idol had been forcibly divided in two because of the swimming of the silvery-white fish and golden-red fish.

One part of Chu Rui’s face was peaceful and kind.

The other part was ferocious and murderous.

The Division of Yin and Yang divided Chu Rui into two distinct people.

Even the aura, the look, the thoughts and the ideas of his two halves had become different.


Incredibly, Chu Rui’s divine dharma idol really split in two.

The two giant fish broke away from Chu Rui and swam through the sky of the Realm of Maelstrom.

The qi of heaven and earth in the Realm of Maelstrom was slowly affected. One side turned extremely cold, while the other side became intolerably hot.

You Qimiao’s single incantation not only divided Chu Rui, but also divided the energy of the Realm of Maelstrom into two parts.

The two giant fish lifted billowing air currents, swimming in the sky.



On the ground, some Qi warriors of the Thousandsword Mountain Sect, Divine Seal Sect, and Golden Vast Sect, who were at the Profound realm and Worldly realm, began to die strangely, screaming with their heads in their hands.

“Nie Tian! Get them out of here!” Huang Jinnan roared quickly.

Hou Chulan suddenly paled, and hurriedly said to Nie Tian, “Those who are below the Worldly Realm must escape from the Realm of Maelstrom as soon as possible! That move from the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect called Division of Yin and Yang can make the qi of a medium-sized domain change greatly. The spirit qi of heaven and earth, like the changing tides, reaches the seas of awareness of Qi warriors’ souls. Without the protection of a domain, it’s hard to resist!”

“Evacuate! Those who have not reached the Void Domain should evacuate immediately!” Chu Rui’s voice came from two of his different dharma idols in unison.

“Go! Go quickly!”

The saint domain experts like Xie Qian, Master Blood Spirit, and Jing Feiyang all felt that things were getting bad, and hurriedly urged the weaker ones among them to leave.

The Qi warriors at the Soul Realm, Profound Realm, and Worldly Realm, who hadn’t been affected but were struggling, were protected and taken to the transmission arrays by experts to escape as quickly as possible.

You Qimiao focused all his energy on Chu Rui, ignoring the weaker people below him.

“Chu Rui! Grand Monarch Ice Bones could suppress you, and so can my Yin Yang Heavenly Chaos Mirror!”