Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1258: Double Bloodlines

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“Almighty grand monarch!” the Saint domain disciples of the Extreme Coldness Palace cheered simultaneously.

Lu Qingchen let out a sigh of relief as he hastily retreated to a far corner of the Frigid Depths, where he attempted to rebuild his Frigid Ice Divine Kingdom with the Frigid Depths’ cold aura.

Neither Nie Tian, Yu Suying, nor anyone had paid any attention to Lu Qingchen or the other Extreme Coldness Palace Qi warriors from the moment Grand Monarch Ice Bones had risen from his glacier throne.

In their eyes, the Extreme Coldness Palace wasn’t to be feared at all.

Lu Qingchen, however, found this to be a favorable situation. He told the experts of his sect to distance themselves from the battlefield to recover their strength and also give room to Grand Monarch Ice Bones, so that he could go fight Yu Suying and the others without being hindered.

He understood better than anyone how formidable this Bonebrute grand monarch was.

“You think you can take my prisoner away with just the few of you?” Grand Monarch Ice Bones’ voice rumbled out, his enormous crystalline body floating in the void.

The Annihilation Bone Spear exuded an aura that rapidly spread into the surrounding starry river.


One realm after another that were countless kilometers away were influenced by its aura.

In one of the realms, numerous dead bodies that had lain in desolate cemeteries for countless years were channeled. Death auras gradually rose from them and floated into the starry river.

The same thing happened in many other realms.

In any realm where a large number of corpses existed, wisps of death power were channeled away.

Bonebrutes usually strengthened their bloodlines and perfected their uncanny secret death magics with the help of their unique burial grounds.

The remains of all living beings, including humans, outsiders, and Ancientbeasts, would exude death power after their demise.

To Bonebrutes, not only humans but all beings with flesh and blood would become their cultivation resources once they died.

Therefore, even among the outsiders, they were considered “outsiders.”

If possible, Demons, Phantasms, Fiends, Floragrims, and all of the other outsider races would avoid contact with them, as they all found the Bonebrutes repulsive.

In many realms, Qi warriors that practiced cold power gazed up at the rising death auras and exclaimed in fear.

“Death auras!”

“Faint power is rising from the dead into the heavens. What is it being attracted to?”

Grand Monarch Ice Bones slowly lifted the bone spear in his hand. “Annihilation...”

As soon as he did, extremely rich death auras hovered around the bone spear, morphing into dozens of profound death talismans, as if in this way, he was declaring that death was the home that all would return to eventually.

The Annihilation Bone Spear was pointed at Yu Suying.

Yu Suying, who was at the early God domain and protected by countless rays of Heaven-purging Divine Light, watched the pale-gray auras wreathing the Annihilation Bone Spear morph and manifest the profound truths of death.

Simply by doing this, her bright eyes grew dim, as if she were slowly losing her life power.


Her Heaven-purging Divine Light flickered, giving rise to strange sounds, as if it was receiving repeated blows from the profound truths of death.


In another location, the murky frigid current that was mixed with ice shards, which Grand Monarch Ice Bones had extracted from the Frigid Depths, shot towards Mo Qianfan.

Slammed by the frigid current, Mo Qianfan’s dharma idol let out crispy crackling sounds, as if it were being frozen.

Mo Qianfan had to bring out his mightiest lightning power and bombard himself with lightning balls the size of fists.

He was too busy handling his situation to do anything else.

Nie Tian, however, wasn’t attacked again after his Star Behemoth bone had suffered a heavy blow from Grand Monarch Ice Bones.

Perhaps in Grand Monarch Ice Bones’ eyes, both his current cultivation base and bloodline grade were far too low.

Once he was finished with Yu Suying, Mo Qianfan, and Yin Xingtian, he would be able to capture and kill him wherever he fled, as long as he remained in the Domain of Frigid Depths.

Observing the battle, Nie Tian thought to himself with a grim face, “Grand Monarch Ice Bones carries such a curious bloodline. His death bloodline seems to contain the mysteries of cold power.”

He had met some Demon, Phantasm, and Fiend grand monarchs in the Shatter Battlefield. He had even met mighty titans.

However, now that he thought about it, he realized that this Grand Monarch Ice Bones before him might actually be stronger than any of the outsider grand monarchs he had ever met.

“Is it because his death bloodline also contains the profound truths of coldness? If that’s the case, then he must carry two bloodlines at the same time, death and cold!”

Nie Tian’s eyes suddenly lit up. “Double bloodlines?!”

All of a sudden, a subtle, undetectable divine will quietly entered the third fragmentary star mark in Nie Tian’s chest.

The third fragmentary star mark, which he hadn’t had a chance to study, recorded the method of domain building.

He knew nothing of the wonders this fragmentary star mark held. For one thing, his cultivation base had been far too low. For another, he had been otherwise occupied, and thus hadn’t had time to study it.

The fact that it somehow received divine will now came as a great surprise to him.

He pondered briefly before quickly summoning a wisp of power from his star souls, vesting it with his soul awareness, and using it to examine the divine will in his third fragmentary star mark.

“This is Chu Rui. I secretly left a wisp of my divine will here before I was imprisoned...”

Nie Tian’s expression flickered with astonishment as he discovered that the divine will belonged to Vice Sectmaster Chu, who had been trapped in the Frigid Depths.

“As a former Son of the Stars, I’m well-aware of the wonders of fragmentary star marks. This wisp of divine will I left could detect your third fragmentary star mark and establish a soul communication between us.

“Now, about our situation, Grand Monarch Ice Bones’ talent is rarely matched even by the other grand monarchs in Bonebrute history. His bloodline has the wonders of both death and coldness. Back in the day, even though he lost his battle against Grand Monarch Crystal Bones, Grand Monarch Crystal Bones didn’t have the ability to kill him, and thus had to let him disappear.

“The reason he chose to hide in the Frigid Depths was because its unique features could help him exploit his potential and awaken the cold power part of his bloodline.

“Now, a hundred thousand years have passed. Who knows how much his mastery of cold power has advanced?

“He’s much stronger now than he was a hundred thousand years ago. The cold power part of his bloodline hadn’t been awakened back then. All he had relied on was his death power.

“Even though Grand Monarch Bloodlust of the Demon race and Grand Monarch Pale Bones of the Bonebrute race are also at the middle tenth grade, neither of them can match his battle prowess.

“I didn’t know this before I fought him personally.

“Therefore, if you want to defeat him, the four of you aren’t enough. You’ll have to break the Frigid Depths’ frozen surface and get me out first...”

Vice Sectmaster Chu Rui’s soul messages continued to come from the third fragmentary star mark on Nie Tian’s chest.

Nie Tian listened attentively and communicated with him on a soul level from time to time, asking how they should work together to free him from Grand Monarch Ice Bones’ control.

Moments later, Nie Tian’s expression suddenly flickered. “Fire and ice are incompatible. Flames, the fiercest flames can melt ice!”

Chu Rui’s words reminded him of the flame spark in his flame power core, the flame spark gifted to him by the Divine Flame.

Having been infused with his Blood Essence, the flame spark had also transcended. Right now, its aura was almost identical to that of the Divine Flame, which had burned down the entire Domain of Flame’s End.

“I just need to penetrate the frozen surface with that spark of ultimate flame!”


Under Nie Tian’s summons, the orange-red flame spark flew out of his flame power core.


Activating his star power, Nie Tian seemed to travel through space, as he instantly passed the area where Grand Monarch Ice Bones was fighting Mo Qianfan and Yu Suying, and appeared over Yin Xingtian’s head.

Yin Xingtian was surprised by his sudden appearance, which was preceded by a flash of starlight.

However, he shook his head and said with a somewhat frustrated tone, “I wonder how this ice layer came to form in the first place. It’s harder than anything I know of. Even my Heavenbreaker can’t put a hole in it.”

“You couldn’t break it because Grand Monarch Ice Bones has vested it with a bloodline spell formation he created with his profound understanding of cold power.”

With these words, Nie Tian controlled the Star Behemoth bone, which looked like a crimson, two hundred meter-long divine spear, to pierce down towards the Frigid Depths.

Right now, Grand Monarch Ice Bones was suppressing Mo Qianfan and Yu Suying with his cold power and death power, yet he still had power to spare.

With his icy crystals of eyes, he looked down at Nie Tian, and muttered indifferently, “Puny insects.”

“Titan’s Wrath!”

Nie Tian summoned every bit of power he could, including star power, flame power, wood power, life power, and soul power, and fused it into the Star Behemoth bone.


The roar of a mighty titan, which was usually referred to as an Ancient God, seemed to travel through the Dead Star Sea and countless domains to this part of the starry river.

Even Grand Monarch Ice Bones was taken aback. “That, that was...”


A sharp end of the Star Behemoth bone pierced into the ice layer.

The bloodline patterns Grand Monarch Ice Bones had scribed in the ice layer by relying on the wonders of his cold power bloodline suddenly lit up, and many of them broke instantly.

However, wisps of new bloodline power rapidly appeared and slithered about like ice snakes to fix the damage.

The reason why the Heavenbreaker had failed to break the ice layer was because the damaged parts of the bloodline spell formations would be fixed by Grand Monarch Ice Bones’s bloodline power as quickly as a flash of lightning.

However, because of the flame spark, things were different this time.

After the orange-red flame spark fused into the icy layer through the bone’s sharp end, the exquisite bloodline spell formations Grand Monarch Ice Bones had created with his Blood Essence failed to recover instantly as they usually could.

Grand Monarch Ice Bones’ eyes burst forth with terrifying icy light.


The Star Behemoth bone, which had been stopped by the ice layer, started to inch downward.

“Heaven Break!”

Yin Xingtian realized that this was an opportunity and thus swung his sword, unleashing another beam of divine sword light that pierced towards the ice layer.

As soon as he did, tens of thousands of sword projections seemed to come together, as if countless Yin Xingtians had swung their swords simultaneously, their sword projections, sword intent, and sword light condensing into a single mighty strike.


Finally, the glorious beam of light blasted through the ice layer, leaving a large hole.

The broken ice layer could no longer stop the dazzling starlight from bursting forth from below.

“Grand Monarch Ice Bones!” Chu Rui’s thunderous voice came from the depths of the Frigid Depths as his dharma idol morphed into a shooting star and broke free instantly.

As his magnificent dharma idol reappeared outside, the thick frosty mist that pervaded the entire Domain of Frigid Depths seemed to scatter, and nearby stars seemed to light up and shine starlight on him.