Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1257: The Might of A Grand Monarch

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The Star Behemoth bone glittered with crimson bloody light as it floated in front of Nie Tian’s chest.

The aura of the overlords of the Primal Era spread out.

That kind of aura had a suppressive effect on most outsiders’ bloodlines.

The older races like Titans, Ancientbeasts, Dragons, Phantasms, and Demons had memories filled with a fear of that kind of aura in the depths of their bloodlines.

The Bonebrutes were no exception.

Because of the bone’s Blood Suppression, it was difficult for Grand Monarch Ice Bones to make use of some of his bloodline abilities.

Even the power of his Mortal Iceblast that he had used to strike the Profound Purity Palace’s giant silver ship where Yu Suying stood was significantly reduced after Nie Tian showed up.


The layers of barriers surrounding the giant silver ship broke at a much slower speed.

“He’s just a hybrid. I’ve ever seen other hybrids before.” Grand Monarch Ice Bones’s body was like cold jade and looked like an ice sculpture. When his limbs moved, his bones cracked. “You, a Son of the Stars, actually dare to ask me for a person? Who do you think you are? It’s Chu Rui, a Son of the Stars from the previous generation of your Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, who is suppressed inside the Frigid Depths below us!”

“Do you think you’re Ji Cang, and I’ll give you face? Humph!”

The extreme cold force of the Frigid Depths condensed into bundles of icicles in the sky.

There were strands of white fog swimming like spirit snakes in them.

Grand Monarch Ice Bones had given a wisp of his death aura to the icicles, which were dozens of meters long.

“Mortal Ice Spear!”

In an instant, over ten icicles thrust toward Nie Tian.

The air where the icicles passed was frozen. A strong death aura pervaded heaven and earth, as if it wanted to turn all sentient beings with flesh and blood into dead things.


A gorgeous sword light came like a river of light.

The air that had frozen when the icicles passed was shattered.

Like a stream, the sword light carried sharpness that could break the barriers of domains and penetrate everything, and hit the ice lake at the surface of the Frigid Depths.

Beneath the frozen lake, stars shone brilliantly. Surrounded by stars, Chu Rui’s divine dharma idol still used spirit incantations to bombard the ice.

On the surface of the ice lake, the vein of blood which was made from Grand Monarch Ice Bones’s blood and changed layer by layer suddenly brightened.

It glistened with cold light. Ice crystal particles fused into the surface of the Frigid Depths.


The strike of the Heavenbreaker hit a pattern with eerie markings.

A sharp death aura which was unique to the Bonebrute clan and broke into Yin Xingtian’s sword domain through the Heavenbreaker.

The Ten Thousand Sword Virtual Shadow rose from around Yin Xingtian, who suddenly slowed down for a moment.

A moment later, the death aura eroded, and the Ten Thousand Sword Virtual Shadow he had demonstrated disappeared.

“Black Thunder!”

Then Mo Qianfan roared as a huge bolt of lightning condensed from thunder pools crashed into Grand Monarch Ice Bones.

With a snort, Grand Monarch Ice Bones flew into the sky, and the glacier throne beneath him was blown to pieces by Mo Qianfan’s strike.

However, the pieces of ice from the broken glacier throne did not fall into the Frigid Depths, but remained in the sky and quietly lined up, as if they were turning into objects.


Wisps of invisible gray death aura rose from the Frigid Depths and poured into the changing broken ice.

“Bonebrute Impregnable Form!”

Grand Monarch Ice Bones’ body expanded at an alarming rate. A few seconds later, he became a thousand-meter glacier with a death aura like Mo Qianfan’s divine dharma idol, emitting a frightening aura.

“Get out of here!”

Grand Monarch Ice Bones’ crystal bone palm slapped heavily at Mo Qianfan’s divine dharma idol.

Mo Qianfan, who was surrounded by innumerable bolts of lightning and rolling thunder, was slapped by his palm. The thunder and lightning were extinguished bit by bit like lights, and even Mo Qianfan himself was forced to take numerous steps backward.

After using the Bonebrute Impregnable Form, Grand Monarch Ice Bones seemed to have infinite strength, and his death aura filled the air. He emitted a dark cold aura, with an imposing and terrifying manner.

He clenched his fist and thundered at the Profound Purity Palace’s giant silver ship, “And you!”

When his punch landed, heaven and earth collapsed and broke, as if the starry river had been hung upside down. The power of his punch was unsurpassed.

Some barriers that hadn’t been broken before now broke and exploded like fireworks. A large part of the giant silver ship was dented, and it was instantly thrown tens of thousands of meters away.


The Mortal Ice Spears released by Grand Monarch Ice Bones pounded the Star Behemoth bone, like long steel spikes.

Blood splashed, and the Mortal Ice Spears were shattered one after another.

The Star Behemoth bone didn’t show even a trace of a crack and remained as solid as the godly iron between heaven and earth.

However, Nie Tian, who was holding onto the bone, fell thousands of meters away under the heavy blows of the Mortal Ice Spears.

After Grand Monarch Ice Bones got up and really made a move, Mo Qianfan and the Profound Purity Palace’s giant silver ship, as well as Nie Tian, were all sent flying around.


The shattered glacier throne separated from the death power around it, and finally changed completely, becoming a silver spear.

“Annihilation Bone Spear!”

The moment the spear showed itself, Grand Monarch Ice Bones’ aura strengthened even further.

The intense death power mixed with the cold fog of the Frigid Depths pervaded the surrounding starry river.

In the twinkling of an eye, the entire starry river was influenced by the aura of the Annihilation Bone Spear, and it seemed that all creatures had been brought into a lifeless, cold land.

Everyone’s soul, flesh and blood were affected by that silver spear.

“The Bonebrute clan’s Annihilation Bone Spear is as famous as their Bone Shatterer!

Like the immortal grade divine tools of our human race, that is one of the most terrifying weapons in the world!”

The giant silver ship came to a halt. Yu Suying’s elegant, beautiful face was very solemn as the spear appeared.


Nie Tian, who held the bone of the Star Behemoth in the sky, stopped abruptly. He also turned pale when he felt the aura of the spear.

Before he came, he had no idea that the grand monarch of the Bonebrute clan would be so horrifying.

He had thought that Grand Monarch Ice Bones, with his middle tenth grade bloodline, and Luo Wanxiang, vice sectmaster of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, would be equal in strength.

Moreover, Luo Wanxiang’s All Manifestations Star Banner had reached the third grade as a divine weapon, which had greatly improved his strength.

With the odd flower, Yin Xingtian, Mo Qianfan and Yu Suying joining hands, they had hurt Luo Wanxiang badly, forcing him to abandon Kleist and flee.

Since they were able to defeat Luo Wanxiang, Nie Tian thought that with their strength, they could also defeat Grand Monarch Ice Bones.

Furthermore, Grand Monarch Ice Bones also needed to suppress another vice sectmaster of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace in the Frigid Depths. Once Chu Rui broke free, he would be a very powerful helper.

From Nie Tian’s perspective, the key to making the Remote Beginning Heaven Sect quit their invasion of Domain of Heaven Python and pay the price for their arrogance was Chu Rui.

So Nie Tian persuaded Yu Suying to come to the Frigid Depths and fight Grand Monarch Ice Bones.

But none of them had expected Grand Monarch Ice Bones would be so incredibly strong in the Frigid Depths!

“The grand monarch who has been famous for 100,000 years and dared to challenge Grand Monarch Crystal Bones is strong indeed.” Mo Qianfan came back in dejection, his face full of bitterness, “Nie Tian, my lightning power has a certain restraint on Phantasms, but its effect on Bonebrutes is not obvious. Worse still, his bloodline is more advanced.”

“Just wait here and see how things will pan out,” Yu Suying told the giant silver ship to keep their distance, while she herself slowly returned to the Frigid Depths.

In the Frigid Depths.

Grand Monarch Ice Bones looked down at Yin Xingtian with icy eyes. “Do you want to break the ice layer in the Frigid Depths and save Chu Rui? Do you think you can penetrate it with your immortal grade divine tool? What is your realm? You haven’t even broken through into the God realm. You can’t make the most of that immortal grade divine tool.”

Holding the Heavenbreaker, Yin Xingtian raised his head, looked at Grand Monarch Ice Bones, and fell silent.

He had tried. With his current realm, he had tried his best to make full use of the Heavenbreaker, but he still couldn’t penetrate the ice and help Chu Rui escape from the Frigid Depths.