Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1256: Breaking Ice!

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In the restricted area of the Frigid Depths.

A peculiar lake was located in the depths of the starry river. A white frosty aura rose from its smooth mirror-like surface to pervade the entire area.

Heaven-shaking rumbles came from under the lake’s surface from time to time.

Chu Rui’s dharma idol was close to a thousand meters tall. Surrounded by dazzling stars, he circulated his immense power to bombard the lake’s frozen surface.


Under the bombardment, the lake’s frozen surface would shatter, but reform immediately afterwards. This happened over and over.

Grand Monarch Ice Bones floated over the lake like an icy mountain peak.

As he opened his large mouth, white frosty mist streamed into him, where it was refined to strengthen his frigid bones.

Lu Qingchen from the Extreme Coldness Palace had fixed and returned the Frigid Ice Divine Kingdom to its original state with the power of the Frigid Depths. Right now, he just waited in silence.

Several Saint domain experts from the Extreme Coldness Palace could be seen in the translucent and sparkling divine kingdom. Each and every one of them practiced cold power and exuded bone-piercing frigid auras.

All of them looked rather grim, as if they were worried about something.

“Sectmaster,” an elder of the Extreme Coldness Palace said, looking deeply anxious, “we’ve lost contact with the joint forces that went after Zu Guangyao and the others. They seem to have vanished. Some reported that they saw Luo Wanxiang’s All Manifestations Star Banner flying past our domain.”

Lu Qiongchen was taken aback. “Luo Wanxiang… He and Chu Rui have never gotten along. It’s said that he’s still in secluded cultivation. How would he suddenly show up in our domain?”

“Well, I guess this is a matter of life or death for the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace,” The man said.

“Those from the Profound Purity Palace are also in that area, so even if Luo Wanxiang came to save the day, he might not necessarily succeed,” Lu Qingchen muttered. “Even though that Luo Wanxiang is at the middle God domain, his cultivation talent is unimpressive among the last generation of Sons of the Stars. Even though he’s at the middle God domain, he’s not as formidable as people think he is.”

After pausing for a few seconds, Lu Qingchen looked down at the Frigid Depths and said, “I even doubt he’s as strong as Chu Rui.”

“Even if he’s not as strong as Chu Rui, with him here...” With these words, the man cast a revering glance at Grand Monarch Ice Bones.

“If I could trap Chu Rui in the Frigid Depths, I can do the same with Luo Wanxiang,” Grand Monarch Ice Bones said with determination.

The man was relieved upon hearing these words.


Three days later, the huge silver ship from the Profound Purity Palace sailed to the Frigid Depths.

“The Profound Purity Palace!” Lu Qingchen approached the huge silver ship, wielding his Frigid Ice Divine Kingdom.

“How did it go, Sectmaster Yu?” he shouted from afar. “I heard that Luo Wanxiang showed up. What happened to those Saint domain cultivators from our local sects?”

In the sparkling, crystal-clear divine kingdom, Qi warriors from the Extreme Coldness Palace fixed their eyes on Yu Suying, waiting for her reply.

Yu Suying stood at the prow, with the seven Saint domain experts standing quietly behind her.

With a knitted brow, she looked rather pale. Only after Lu Qingchen got closer did she say, “I didn’t expect Luo Wanxiang to suddenly show up either. All of those Saint domain cultivators from your domain seem to have died at his hands. And I failed to match him in battle. Only with the help of my divine tool and this starship did I managed to escape.”

“Where’s he now?” Lu Qingchen asked aloud.

Yu Suying didn’t answer right away. Instead, she fixed her eyes on Grand Monarch Ice Bones.

Like a piece of frigid stone that wouldn’t move for thousands of years, the grand monarch who had dared to compete for the position of Bonebrute high chieftain was sitting on a towering throne forged from a glacier.

His bones seemed to be carved from frigid ice that was ten thousand years old. Blood could be seen flowing within them like frosty currents.

Yu Suying sensed an extremely frigid aura from him, which was almost identical to that of the mysterious Frigid Depths. In fact, she had a feeling that his aura might be even more frigid.

Lu Qingchen assumed that she was concerned with Luo Wanxiang’s sudden arrival, and thus said with a solemn tone, “This is Grand Monarch Ice Bones!

“A hundred thousand years ago, he left his ancestral land to come here, where he immersed himself in the Frigid Depths and healed his impregnable form with its power. With the help of the Frigid Depths, he has long since returned to the middle tenth grade, his peak state.

“He has also uncovered the Frigid Depths’ profound mysteries, which has allowed his flesh aura to merge with it.

“Perhaps, given several more millennia, he’ll be able to make another breakthrough in his bloodline with the wonders of the Frigid Depths, and advance to the late tenth grade. At that time, he’ll become yet another overlord in this starry river of myriad realms.”

Lu Qingchen was very generous with his praise for Grand Monarch Ice Bones.

However, Grand Monarch Ice Bones still sat there in complete silence.

Yu Suying curled her lips to demonstrate her admiration. “That’s great. Awesome.”

“Wait!” Grand Monarch Ice Bones’s twisted voice suddenly echoed out, causing even the void around him to crack, as if it were going to freeze and shatter.

He suddenly fixed his icy eyes on Yu Suying.

Grand Monarch Ice Bones let out a snort. “You have a Phantasm’s aura on you. Also, I’m sensing a flesh aura which seems to belong to the seventh Son of the Stars of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, Nie Tian. You...”


Before Grand Monarch Ice Bones could finish, the huge silver ship from the Profound Purity Palace suddenly accelerated and slammed into Lu Qingchen’s Frigid Ice Divine Kingdom.

“Seven Purity Silver Heavens Incantation!”

The seven Saint domain experts and Yu Suying ignited their power simultaneously.

Yu Suying channeled and mixed seven streams of spiritual power, which were metal, wood, water, fire, earth, ice, and lightning. Like a silver spear wielded by a mighty god, the pillar of dazzling light pierced through the void into the Frigid Ice Divine Kingdom.

“Yu Suying!” Lu Qingchen’s ear-piercing cry shook heaven and earth.

However, no matter how hard he cried, it didn’t change anything.

The divine kingdom he had expended great effort to reconstruct with the frigid aura of the Frigid Depths collapsed again under the blast of glorious light, like a sand dune rammed by a war chariot.


Pieces of broken ice from the divine kingdom rained on the Frigid Depths, and shattered upon hitting its frozen surface.

A large amount of sparkling crystal-clear light rose from the shattered bits of ice to fly about on the frozen surface, as if they were absorbing power from the Frigid Depths to start the rebuilding process.

In the large amount of icy light, a vague white shape seemed to suddenly plunge into the Frigid Depths.

“Come on out!”

Astounded, Lu Qingchen reached out with one hand, and the Gelid Heavenly Ice Sword that had been recovering in the Frigid Depths pierced through the frozen surface and flew out.

Immediately after the destruction of the Frigid Ice Divine Kingdom, the other Saint domain experts from the Extreme Coldness Palace saw countless rays of Heaven-purging Divine Light shooting in their direction, filling the space around them. Their faces turned pale as they cried out, “Help! Grand Monarch, Help!”

They had secretly worked with the Profound Purity Palace. It was only natural that they were aware of how terrifyingly mighty Yu Suying and her Heaven-purging Divine Light was.

They knew that those rays of light were a signature treasure of the Profound Purity Palace, which worked perfectly when used to break flesh aura seas, domains, and all sorts of shields and wards.

In the next moment, all of their ice domains were riddled with holes by the Heaven-purging Divine Light.

Having their domains penetrated and losing both their spiritual and soul power at an alarming rate, they had no choice but to seek help from an outsider: Grand Monarch Ice Bones.

Lu Qingchen’s cultivation base was only slightly higher than theirs. Besides, his Frigid Ice Divine Kingdom had just shattered again. How could they count on him anymore?

“Even though you’re only at the early God domain, your Immortal grade divine tool makes you a decent fighter.” Grand Monarch Ice Bones’ scalp-numbing, blood-freezing voice echoed out again.

Sitting on the distant throne, he loosened his neck slightly, giving rise to cracking sounds.

“Bloodline: Mortal Iceblast!”

An iceberg close to a thousand kilometers wide was channeled by his bloodline, and rose from the depths of the Frigid Depths upon his soul command.

Like another Frigid Ice Divine Kingdom, it rammed towards the Profound Purity Palace’s huge silver ship.

It exploded as it moved forward.

Countless sharp fragments created by the explosion then formed an ice storm. Mixed with a strong aura of death, it swept towards Yu Suying and the huge silver ship.

The ice storm reeked of death, as if upon entering any realm, it could eliminate all lives from it.

Yu Suying took a deep breath, her face very grim. “Tenth grade Bonebrute grand monarch!”

As she rapidly wove her hands in the air to form a hand seal, the huge silver ship seemed to morph into an enormous sinister beast, with rumbling sounds coming out of it.

As this happened, thirty-nine different ancient spell formations started operating.

Profound Pure Blast Formation, Heavenly Pure Stream Formation, Ancient Spirit-gathering Formation, Heavencraft Formation...

Some of them had been created by the Profound Purity Palace, while others had been purchased from other sects. A few of them were from the Five Elements Sect and the Void Spirit Society, full of mysteries.

At this moment, the seven Saint domain experts also further exerted themselves to infuse the huge silver ship with power of different attributes.


Thirty-nine shields enveloped the huge silver ship, protecting it against Grand Monarch Ice Bones’s ice storm.


One shield after another burst as death power and cold power madly struck the ship, causing it to shake violently.

Every time it did, billions bits of energy and pale-gray flesh aura sputtered out.

A hint of surprise appeared in Grand Monarch Ice Bones’s icy eyes as he slowly rose to his feet.

However, as soon as he rose to his feet, the surprise in his eyes turned into astonishment.

“Something is suppressing my bloodline, stopping me from bringing out its full might. I can only manifest ninety percent of my peak strength now.”

He glanced around. A feeling of having his hands and feet tied down made him anxious and angry.

“Who’s there?” Grand Monarch Ice Bones bellowed. “Who’s hiding in the dark and suppressing my bloodline?”

A vague figure took his time to walk from the depths of the frosty mist. “The seventh Son of the Stars of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, Nie Tian. I’ve heard many incredible stories about you, Grand Monarch, so I took this trip to the Frigid Depths especially to greet you. Hopefully, you’ll give me face and let Chu Rui from my sect leave with me.”