Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1255: Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect

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In the Domain of Frigid Depths.

Frozen gray meteorites floated in the sky.

The Profound Purity Palace’s giant silver boat was moored casually on a meteorite that was only a tenth of its surface area.

Nie Tian, Mo Qianfan and Yin Xingtian were also on the giant silver boat, talking to Yu Suying of the Profound Purity Palace.

At this point, from Yu Suying’s words, Nie Tian had figured out her intentions.

She wanted to create another God domain expert for the Profound Purity Palace.

Her sister had been stuck at the peak of the Saint domain for many years and, like Yin Xingtian, she was half a step to the God domain.

But the process of advancing to the God domain was too difficult and dangerous. Her junior martial sister was timid. Because she wasn’t sure if she could break through, she didn’t dare to take that step.

Judging from Mo Qianfan and Yin Xingtian’s attitudes, as well as Yu Suying’s own observations, she found that Nie Tian was quite capable indeed, so she wanted his help.

Nie Tian answered her request with an ambiguous reply, but did not immediately refuse her.

Nie Tian only said that he could not make a judgment until he had seen her junior martial sister.

Yu Suying immediately asked one of the elders in the Profound Purity Palace to return to the palace as soon as possible and ask her junior martial sister to come to the giant silver ship through its teleportation portal.

Then everyone waited.

On another meteorite, far from the Profound Purity Palace’s giant silver ship.

Nie Tian used Life Drain to suck up the corpse of Grand Patriarch Evil Phantom Kleist, refining his flesh, qi, and blood to form drops of brand new Blood Essence.


When its flesh, qi, and blood was exhausted, Kleist’s body couldn’t stand the ice power anymore. It froze, then exploded, and finally became a cloud of ice particles.

Then Nie Tian took out the spirit beast meat and outsider corpses that Mo Qianfan had collected for him in the Primal Yang Sect and continued to absorb flesh power.

A few days later.

“Nearly a hundred drops of blood essence...”

He felt a little annoyed when he looked inside with his soul consciousness. After his bloodline had advanced to eighth grade and he reached Blood Essence Transcendence, he could keep 300 drops of blood essence.

Three hundred drops was the limit.

However, after he reached the eighth rank, he had so far been unable to reach the limit of 300 drops of blood essence.

He gradually found that his blood essence was too precious. The Star Behemoth bone, flame spark, Flame Dragon Armor, and Nine Stars Flower all longed for his blood essence.

This was why he had never reached the limits of his Blood Essence.

After the battle with Kleist and fighting the star power of the All Manifestations Star Banner, the Spirit Pearl and Nine Stars Flower had both quieted down, as if they were waiting for a change in their nature.

A wisp of Yin Xingtian’s sword essence flew into his mind.

Nie Tian raised his head slightly.

Yin Xingtian stepped out, quickly flew to him from another icy meteorite tens of thousands of meters away, and shouted, “I’ve got urgent news!”


Yu Suying and Mo Qianfan arrived and landed on the meteorite where Yin Xingtian stood.

When Yu Suying approached, she said, “Our Profound Purity Palace just heard the news about the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect. Monk Goldbone of the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect broke into Domain of Heaven Python...”

She informed Nie Tian of the news that had recently resounded through the realms.

“Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect!”

Nie Tian sprang to his feet, and the killing intent in his eyes seemed materialized. He shouted anxiously, “Palace Master Yu, where can the teleportation portal of your Profound Purity Palace send me? Is there a faster way to get to the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, or to a domain near the Domain of Heaven Python? The Five Elements Sect and Void Spirit Society are also fine!”

The Domain of the Falling Stars, the Domain of Heaven Python and the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries were the domains under his name, and all his relatives and close friends were there.

As soon as he heard that there was an accident in his domains, he was forced to terminate his plan to exchange terms with Yu Suying and save Chu Rui from Grand Monarch Ice Bones.

Chu Rui was only suppressed by Grand Monarch Ice Bones anyway, and wouldn’t die in a short time.

But the Domain of Heaven Python was different. The time that the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect gave him and the sects of the three domains wasn’t long. If he couldn’t arrive as soon as possible, his three domains would be turbulent.

“It’s not easy to deal with the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect,” Yu Suying said.

“Nie Tian, calm down.” Yin Xingtian also persuaded him, “There are two God domain experts in the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect. The sectmaster of the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect has not appeared for thousands of years. Everyone knows he must be still alive and well. I guess he may have succeeded in reaching the middle God domain.”

“You guessed right,” Yu Suying chimed in. “You Qimiao has reached the middle God domain. In fact, if we hadn’t confirmed that he was at the middle God domain, we wouldn’t have dared to attack the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace.”

“Without him, we wouldn’t have had the confidence to defeat Luo Wanxiang.”

Mo Qianfan’s face paled. “I’m afraid You Qimiao, who is at the middle God domain now, is not weaker than Luo Wanxiang. Chu Rui also may not be able to suppress You Qimiao. The man was originally a cultivation prodigy and made many contributions to the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect’s current achievements.”

“Well, I’ve heard that even people like Qu Yi and Chu Yuan give him face,” Yin Xingtian also said.

Nie Tian didn’t know much about You Qimiao, the sectmaster of the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect. After all, he had only been in the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace for a short time, and all he had ever been in contact with were the people of the four great sects.

However, judging from the attitudes of Yin Xingtian and the others, he knew that You Qimiao was definitely extraordinary.

“If the news is true, You Qimiao will set foot in the Domain of Heaven’s Vastness...” Yu Suying weighed her words and said, “Unless you can get people with at least the same cultivation from the Five Elements Sect and the Void Spirit Society to help, you’d better not fight recklessly with the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect.”

After seeing Nie Tian’s capabilities and knowing Mo Qianfan and Yin Xingtian would help, she still advised Nie Tian not to fight recklessly, which was enough to show how powerful the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect was in her opinion.

Nie Tian was silent, with a gloomy face.

Yu Suying thought for a moment and then said, “How about this? First try and see if you can ask the Five Elements Sect and the Void Spirit Society to help. Or I’ll go to the Domain of Heaven Python with you. You Qimiao may give me face. I’ll see if he’s willing to cede your three domains to us.”

It seemed the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect, the Profound Purity Palace, and some other strong sects had secretly divided the domains of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace in detail.

Hearing this, Nie Tian’s face became pale, and he said, “The Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect killed my people!”

Yu Suying felt very puzzled. “They hurt a Void domain expert badly and killed a junior of the Thousandsword Mountain Sect. Isn’t it nothing? If you really fall out with the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect, then not only will one or two people die, but perhaps thousands of Qi warriors of the three domains will be suppressed and slaughtered by the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect.”

“If someone can fight You Qimiao, we can fight the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect,” Mo Qianfan aired his opinion. “Another God domain expert of the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect is at the early God domain. I can fight him. With your subordinates and the strength of our Heavenly Thunder Sect and the Mo family, we aren’t afraid of the other Saint domain experts of the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect.”

“You Qimiao,” Nie Tian muttered to himself in a low voice.