Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1252: Enemy Bested

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The badly damaged All Manifestations Star Banner flew into the distant starry river, dragging a long tail of starlight.

Luo Wanxiang’s cold, heavy voice echoed out, every single word stressed and ear-piercingly loud. “Yu Suying! Yin Xingtian! Mo Qianfan!”


Some of the translucent and sparkling realms of the Domain of Frigid Depths had their realm cores activated.

Channeled by Luo Wanxiang, wisps of misty white star power that were invisible to the naked eye disappeared into the dilapidated banner.

Being fused with realm core star power, the All Manifestations Star Banner magically showed signs of recovery.

The huge silver ship from the Profound Purity Palace had originally pursued it at a high speed, like a falling star shooting towards the moon.

However, Yu Suying waved her hand and exclaimed in a deep voice, “Let him go!”

The huge silver ship then stopped immediately.

The seven Saint domain elders, each practicing power of different attributes, slowly sat down.

They either took out thunderballs or Earth grade medicinal pills that were wreathed in fiery or watery auras, and swallowed them whole.

They cherished their Profound Purity Elixir too much to use it now.

After all, the threat from Luo Wanxiang had been solved for the time being. They didn’t have to recover their spiritual power and soul power consumption in the shortest time possible.


Yin Xingtian let out a deep breath, with beads of sweat rolling down his forehead and his ghastly face.

With a dark smile, Mo Qianfan raised his arm and cried out.

In the next moment, dozens of lightning bolts whipped towards Grand Patriarch Evil Phantom Kleist, like a god of lightning brandishing whips that were vested with the laws of lighting

Having lost his five evil spirits and having had his Spirit Pearl crushed, Grand Patriarch Evil Phantom panicked, especially now, when even Luo Wanxiang had run for his life.

Seeing that Mo Qianfan, who was an expert in lightning power and his natural bane, had fixed all of his attention on him, he didn’t dare to stay another second.

He morphed into a streak of misty cyan light in an attempt to flee after Luo Wanxiang.

Yu Suying let out a cold snort. “Luo Wanxiang may be able to escape, but you most certainly can’t. As a Phantasm grand patriarch, you barged into our world to commit crimes. Since you dared to do that, I’m sure you’re prepared for the penalty of death!”


Countless rays of light filled the starry river as they shot towards Kleist and riddled his flesh aura sea with holes.

At the same time, Yin Xingtian swung his sword.

Mo Qianfan’s heaven-trampling dharma idol channeled power from thunder pools to launch a mighty attack.

The residual vicious ghosts and spirits in Grand Patriarch Evil Phantom’s flesh aura sea screeched as they attempted to resist the attacks.


Nie Tian’s Spirit Pearl suddenly flew into Kleist’s flesh aura sea somehow.

All of a sudden, the vicious ghosts and spirits that Kleist had nourished for ages with his flesh aura started fusing into the Spirit Pearl, both actively and passively.

Finally, Kleist was in despair.

His misty cyan flesh aura sea shrank abruptly.


In the next moment, the prismatic crystal between his eyebrows, his fleshly body, and his soul separated from one another before dashing off in three different directions.

“Only the Phantasms can pull out such an escape technique.”

Impressed, Yu Suying controlled all of her Heaven-purging Divine Light on to pursue the prismatic crystal.

Yin Xingtian, however, flew after Kleist’s fleshly body, wielding his Heavenbreaker.

Mo Qianfan then focused his lightning power on Kleist’s fleeing soul.

Even the middle God domain Luo Wanxiang had been forced to end his battle against these three experts after having his Immortal grade divine tool degraded by Nie Tian, not to mention Grand Patriarch Evil Phantom, who was at the ninth grade and had lost his fighting will after having his magical tool destroyed.

Eyes narrowed, Nie Tian observed their pursuit with rapt attention. He first saw the prismatic crystal shatter after being penetrated by countless rays of Heaven-purging Divine Light.

Then, Kleist’s soul was annihilated by Mo Qianfan with lightning magics.

Eventually, Yin Xingtian drove his Heavenbreaker into Kleist’s heart.


Nie Tian cast Starshift, and covered a few dozen kilometers in the blink of an eye.

A misty bloody aura flew out of him to envelop and drag Kleist’s fleshly body into his ring of holding.

“Nie Tian, Kleist is a ninth grade grand patriarch,” Yin Xingtian reminded him. “If you fail to refine his heart completely, he may find an opportunity to come back to life.”

“Don’t worry. Now that I have him, there’s no way he’ll come back to life.” Full of confidence, Nie Tian released his Spirit Pearl. An attractive force was born within it as it floated to Mo Qianfan’s location.

Wisps of residual soul power from the spirits that had been bombarded and annihilated by Mo Qianfan’s lightning magics were absorbed by the Spirit Pearl.

Nie Tian didn’t try to seize the prismatic crystal Yu Suying had penetrated with her Heaven-purging Divine Light, but rather let her take it.

Rubbing the prismatic crystal, Yu Suying said, “This thing contains all of the secret magics and incantations Kleist had ever derived. It’s his sea of knowledge and the key to binding his body and soul. Too bad that it’s been destroyed by my Heaven-purging Divine Light. Otherwise, it would be worth a lot.”

Just like that, a peak ninth grade Phantasm who had had hopes to advance to the tenth grade within a short time perished under the three’s joint effort.

Yin Xingtian and Mo Qianfan looked at her in silence.

The wondrous illusory flower behind Nie Tian had also disappeared when Luo Wanxiang had escaped.

However, as Nie Tian examined himself with his soul awareness, he saw that the magical flower that had taken root in his star power core was having more and more new branches grow out of it.

From the look of it, new blossoms could grow out of those new branches, given enough stimulation.

Apparently, the Nine Stars Flower’s limits had been broken!


The Spirit Pearl that was floating and emanating cyan light over him spun slowly as heaven-shaking, earth-toppling changes took place inside of it.

Each of the five evil gods dominated a section of the Spirit Pearl’s internal world. They first refined and absorbed Kleist’s five evil spirits, then separated the different negative emotions from the discarnate souls and vicious spirits they had captured and pulled into the Spirit Pearl.

After they fully absorbed the evil spirits and their immense power, a curious layer formed over their fleshly bodies.

It seemed that it could stimulate more changes in them and allow them to further upgrade!

“Hmm?!” Nie Tian suddenly noticed that the Spirit Pearl’s soul had expanded and morphed into a scary-looking soul-form being, and that it was currently holding another soul down.

The Spirit Pearl’s soul’s two large eyes were like two clusters of ghostly fire, burning in empty sockets.

The soul being held down by it was struggling and twisting with cyan sparks rising from it, as if it was being refined.

Nie Tian went blank briefly before he suddenly realized what was going on.

That was the soul of Kleist’s Spirit Pearl. After the destruction of the magical tool, its soul was now being refined and absorbed.

That was when Nie Tian realized that the five evil gods and his Spirit Pearl’s soul had the situation under control.

All of the wonders of Kleist’s destroyed Spirit Pearl had been received and were being absorbed by his Spirit Pearl.

“It seems that both the Nine Stars Flower and Spirit Pearl have upgraded and become stronger.” Nie Tian cast his eyes down and muttered in a low voice, anticipating what other surprises such upgrades would bring to him after the changes stopped.

Yin Xingtian from the Streamcloud Sword Sect adjusted himself. After calming himself down, he turned to Yu Suying and said with a complicated look in his eyes, “Sectmaster Yu, did you give us Profound Purity Elixir and join hands with us just to fight off Luo Wanxiang so that your subordinates could survive this encounter?”

“Partly, yes,” Yu Suying answered.

“So there’s another reason?” Yin Xingtian asked.

Yu Suying took a look at Nie Tian, her eyes slowly lighting up. “Yes, him.”

After going blank for a brief moment, Yin Xingtian seemed to realize something. With a strange look at the corner of his mouth, he said, “You want something from him too?”

“Sectmaster Mo, did he really help you enter the God domain?” Yu Suying asked, taking a glance at Nie Tian.

Without any hesitation, Mo Qianfan nodded strongly. “That’s right. I couldn’t have broken through into the God domain without his help. As you know, my cultivation potential and talent aren’t among the top. Together with the limited time I spent at the Saint domain, they made my chances at successfully advancing to the God domain very slim. If I hadn’t been under heavy pressure from Yuan Jiuchuan the Thunder Devil, I would never have made the attempt so eagerly.”

“Neither you nor Patriarch Yin Xingtian are easy to fool...” Yu Suying muttered to herself. “It’s hard to believe that both of you have decided to offer Nie Tian your loyalty and fight for him no matter what...”

She pondered and recalled the peculiar auras and special tools he had manifested earlier, such as the Spirit Pearl and that wondrous flower.

Moments later, she turned to Nie Tian and said, “I myself am not in a hurry to break through into the middle God domain. And I think I’ll benefit from longer accumulation. However, I have a junior martial sister who’s been stuck at the late Saint domain for many years, and wanted to try to enter the God domain recently.”