Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1251: Bear and Swallow

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Starlight condensed into crystals within the All Manifestations Star Banner before flying out.

As that happened, a blooming Nine Stars Flower gradually revealed itself in a corner of the magnificent banner.

It was the Nine Stars Flower Luo Wanxiang had purchased with ten million contribution points. Over the years, as he had made breakthroughs in his cultivation base, the nourishment of his star power core had allowed it to present all of its nine blossoms.

After reaching full maturity, it had been refined into his Immortal grade divine tool, the All Manifestations Star Banner, whose sub-grade had been lifted because of the fusion.

That Nine Stars Flower had long since become a part of the All Manifestations Star Banner. Its every petal contained concentrated, pure star power.

At this moment, the star power within the Nine Stars Flower seemed to escape Luo Wanxiang’s control, as it crystallized and left the banner in tiny sparkling bits.

Luo Wanxiang immediately examined them with rapt attention, and realized that the crystallized star power was being attracted by the peculiar illusory flower behind Nie Tian. “That upgraded version of the Nine Stars Flower has power over mine!”

Taken aback, he hastily redirected some of his soul wisps that he had used to lock onto Yin Xingtian, Mo Qianfan, and Yu Suying, and used them to stop the All Manifestations Star Banner from losing star power.

Yu Suying from the Profound Purity Palace stared unblinkingly at the constantly changing flower behind Nie Tian. Her eyes lit up as she watched it dissolve the power of the All Manifestations Star Banner. “This is unbelievable...”

She could tell that the middle God domain Luo Wanxiang was becoming more and more nervous.

She also felt that the pressure Luo Wanxiang was giving them continued to weaken.

“Luo Wanxiang is withdrawing his power.” As Yu Suying came to this realization, the corners of her mouth rose into an icy, scary grin.

She instantly sent a wisp of soul awareness to communicate with Yin Xingtian and Mo Qianfan.

Then, she cast a glance in the direction of the huge silver ship.

Upon receiving the quick glance, the seven Saint domain experts from the Profound Purity Palace seemed to understand what she was asking.

“Seven Purity Change!”

Seven clear streams of seven different colors rose into the void from the tops of the Saint domain experts’ heads.


Spiritual auras of metal, wood, water, fire, earth, ice, and lightning attributes extracted pure power from their domains, sparking wondrous changes.

At the same time, a beam of silver light shot from within Yu Suying’s sleeve.

Like the mysterious Milky Way, the silver light brought the seven streams of different powers together as they blasted towards Luo Wanxiang.

Countless rays of Heaven-purging Divine Light also fused into the merged beam of light, as if they were attracted by some kind of magnet.

A long pillar of light blasted through the heavens!


The Immortal grade divine tool Luo Wanxiang viewed as his own life was pierced through like a penetrated starry curtain.

Luo Wanxiang lost his composure for the first time, and barked, “Bitch! How dare you?! You damaged my divine tool. You and your entire sect will die for this!”

Yu Suying let out a cold laugh. “Come and find me when you possess such power.”

As Yin Xingtian swung his Heavenbreaker, even his skinny body disappeared in the wide beam of dazzling sword light he created, which pierced directly into the All Manifestations Star Banner.

With a wild laugh, Mo Qianfan called out, “Wait for me!”

His dharma idol morphed and took the form of that tenth grade Thunder-devouring Whale.

In the next moment, the Thunder-devouring Whale’s incomparably enormous body squeezed into the All Manifestations Star Banner with a crushing momentum, as if it were going to devour heaven and earth and cleanse this starry river with its heavenly lightning power.

Luo Wanxiang’s expression flickered. “Divine beast: Thunder-devouring Whale!”


Bits of dazzling starlight continued to be absorbed by the curious flower behind Nie Tian, causing his divine tool to lose its accumulated power at an alarming rate.

He suddenly discovered something terrifying. “The sub-grade of the All Manifestations Star Banner is dropping...”

He saw his All Manifestations Star Banner plagued by the joint attacks of Yu Suying and the seven Saint domain experts, Yu Suying’s sword light, and the Thunder-devouring Whale transformed from Mo Qianfan’s dharma idol. However, as he attempted to further stimulate the divine tool, he discovered that it had been weakened too much.

Even the spell formations he had carved into it with his soul were being damaged. This rattled him.

Seeing this, Grand Patriarch Evil Phantom Kleist gasped.

He saw that Luo Wanxiang’s Immortal grade divine tool failed to overpower Mo Qianfan, Yin Xingtian, and Yu Suying’s invasive incantations.

Instead, the All Manifestations Star Banner became riddled with holes, as if it would soon be torn to shreds.

“That man...” Kleist had to adopt another strategy. He snuck a glance at Nie Tian and exclaimed softly, “Soul-capturing Hand!”

Stimulated by his Blood Essence, tens of thousands of discarnate souls condensed into a sinister-looking cyan hand. Like the claw of an evil spirit from the netherworld, it released a bleak, vile aura as it swooped towards Nie Tian in an attempt to grab his neck and squeeze him to death.

The wails of evil spirits and discarnate souls filled the starry river.

With a cold, determined expression, Nie Tian swung the Star Behemoth bone in his hand.

A sea of blood-colored flesh aura was unleashed.

“Bloodline talent: Suppression.”

Numerous gem-like bits of bloodline power suddenly emerged in the sea of flesh aura, activating the bloodline imprints within the bone.

“AHH!” Kleist let out a miserable wail. Before his Soul-capturing Hand could even reach the sea of flesh aura released by the Star Behemoth bone, it was bound by some unknown law of bloodlines, as if it were trapped in a mire. Even the slightest movements became very difficult.

His bloodline power, flesh aura, and even soul awareness he had infused into it became stagnant, and could no longer move as he willed them.

This was the kind of suppression the Phantasms would receive from their natural bane or beings at higher levels. It was branded in the deepest part of their bloodline.

“This is the same aura that made my bloodline tremble earlier!” Kleist finally realized the spear-like bone Nie Tian had stimulated with his Blood Essence and swung towards him was the very thing that had aroused his deepest fears and made him shiver earlier.

At this moment, Nie Tian chuckled and let out a furious roar. “Domain Split!”

Splitting power was then born within the bone. Countless crimson sparks lit up within it, bursting forth with intoxicating red light.

Kleist’s Soul-capturing Hand was instantly ripped open, with fine wisps of blood-colored light flickering in the deep opening.

“Evil spirits!”

Drop after drop of cyan Blood Essence flew out of his chest towards the five evil spirits in an attempt to vest them with skin.


At this moment, a dragon made of lightning flew from within Mo Qianfan’s dharma idol and slammed into the Spirit Pearl floating over Kleist.

The lightning dragon bombarded the Spirit Pearl head-on, giving rise to lingering fizzing sounds.

The five evil spirits were just about to devour Kleist’s Blood Essence when they noticed that the Spirit Pearl was under attack. Therefore, they rushed back to save it.

“Leave it to me.” The voice of his Spirit Pearl’s soul suddenly echoed in Nie Tian’s head.

In the next moment, his Spirit Pearl expanded a thousand times over. Like the cold, evil full moon of the Nether Realm, it was boosted by the five evil gods as it flew towards Kleist’s Spirit Pearl.


Upon contact, Kleist’s Spirit Pearl shattered.

Its broken pieces turned into misty cyan light that disappeared into Nie Tian’s Spirit Pearl.

Along with the broken pieces, even more discarnate souls and evil spirits than those in Nie Tian’s Spirit Pearl swarmed into Nie Tian’s Spirit Pearl, the soul of Kleist’s Spirit Pearl among them.


In the midst of Kleist’s heaven-shaking miserable wail, the five evil gods with fleshly bodies swooped in and captured the five spirit-form evil spirits.

They tangled them up and dragged them into their Phantasm Qi-brimming holes, where they slowly refined and absorbed them.

What Kleist found the most unacceptable was the fact that the five evil spirits, which he had gone to great lengths to cultivate, only struggled briefly before becoming completely acceptant, and even excited about fusing into the evil gods and becoming a part of them.

Grand Patriarch Evil Phantom was so frustrated that he almost burst into tears.

In order for his Spirit Pearl to upgrade and give birth to the five evil spirits, he had spent ten thousand years roaming different realms to gather discarnate souls. He had even incited inter-realm wars to achieve his goal.

It was his lifetime aspiration to help his evil spirits transform into evil gods and establish connections to the Nether River.

He had been convinced that once his five evil spirits transformed into evil gods and established connections to the Nether River, where lay the origin of the Phantasm race, he would be able to uncover the Nether River’s secrets bit by bit. This would definitely allow his bloodline to advance to the tenth grade. Perhaps someday he would even be able to replace Grand Monarch Nether River as the strongest Phantasm that had ever lived.

Therefore, as soon as he had learned that the evil spirits within Nie Tian’s Spirit Pearl had changed, he had abandoned all else to instigate Luo Wanxiang’s rebellion. All of his efforts had been to take that Spirit Pearl from Nie Tian.

He had never expected that his Spirit Pearl, which he had spent ten thousand years strengthening with his ninth grade bloodline, would be overpowered and crushed by Nie Tian’s.

“M-my power and the discarnate souls I went to great lengths to collect...” Kleist wailed, feeling a splitting headache.

Immediately afterwards, he noticed that numerous lightning wisps had somehow crawled all over him while he had been in a daze, and were now damaging his body.

He hastily cast a glance at Luo Wanxiang. What he saw made his heart sank even deeper.

Luo Wanxiang’s Immortal grade divine tool, the All Manifestations Star Banner, was so tattered that it couldn’t even keep starlight from spilling out now.

This vice sectmaster of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace had also lost his previous dominating manner. In a flurry, he grabbed the All Manifestations Star Banner with his dharma idol and put some distance between him and Yu Suying and Yin Xingtian, who was growing weaker with every swing of his Heavenbreaker.

However, the huge silver ship from the Profound Purity Palace approached the All Manifestations Star Banner under Yu Suying’s command.

“You’re on your own now.” Luo Wanxiang’s faint soul voice echoed in Kleist’s mind.

What Luo Wanxiang had used was a secret communication magic he had learned from the Book of Spirits. Such soul messages could only be received and deciphered by Phantasms like Kleist.

Kleist instantly grew rattled.