Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1249: Regrowth of the Nine Stars Flower

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Brilliant stars fell from the heavens.

Like flower petals spread by a goddess, they descended from the depths of the heavens.

Everyone except Kleist was in their range of attack.

Nie Tian was included this time.

“Heaven Break!”

With a swing of his sword, Yin Xingtian sent a river of light straight up into the heavens.

Mo Qianfan activated his dharma idol once again. As he formed a hand seal, an enormous glowing sphere that was filled with raging lightning power from multiple thunder pools came to form in front of him.

“Seven Purity Silver Heavens Incantation!”

The seven Saint domain disciples of the Profound Purity Palace switched to another incantation, where they channeled power from the huge silver ship.

A bright secret room at the bottom of the silver ship was filled with piles of shiny silver gems that looked like pieces of silver.

At this moment, all of the gems were drained and reduced to ashes.

An immense mysterious power then burst forth from within the ship, forming what looked like a silver arcane realm over the silver ship.


A heavenly screen with a silver luster floated above the silver ship as the seven Saint domain experts continued to infuse it with power.

With difficulty, the heavenly screen resisted the enormous number of falling stars, giving rise to fizzing sounds.

Many falling stars exploded upon slamming into the silver heavenly screen. The divine laws of the stars within them perished. However, as that happened, numerous ancient spell formations that had been carved into the light screen were also destroyed.

Yu Suying took a deep breath as she activated her dharma idol and summoned her Immortal grade divine tool. “Heaven-purging Divine Light!”

Her dharma idol was wreathed in curious glowing clouds, which gave her the look of an ethereal immortal. Her Heaven-purging Divine Light morphed into countless silver needles that could penetrate any realm barrier with their devastating might.


Countless rays of divine light shot out from within her dharma idol.

All of the falling stars that made contact with the divine light exploded.

Even afterward, the might and momentum of the divine light was unabated.

It continued to shoot up towards Luo Wanxiang’s All Manifestations Star Banner. Even the hemispherical starlight shield Luo Wanxiang formed in a haste failed to stop it.

“No wonder this Immortal grade divine tool has been passed on as a legacy of the Profound Purity Palace. It’s extraordinary indeed,” Luo Wanxiang marveled inwardly as the dazzling nebula within the All Manifestations Star Banner behind him started changing.

Sparkling stars moved following the tracks of the celestial bodies as starlight interwove, gradually assuming the star formation of some ancient domain.

“Starry River Transformation!”

The stars and starlight gradually morphed into the image of a giant drawing a bow with an arrow.

After the giant drew its bow to the fullest, a stream of sparkling stars shot forth from within the All Manifestations Star Banner.

Like a heavenly river, it poured down onto the countless rays of Heaven-purging Divine Light released by Yu Suying. The profound will of the boundless starry river and intense killing aura within it blasted the divine light into pieces that sputtered in all directions.

Millions of rays of fragmented light flew randomly, filling the starry river.

The shields Luo Wanxiang had created to seal off this area were penetrated and broken by the fluttering divine light.

In the distance, an ancient starship that was sailing from a nearby icy realm disintegrated upon contact with some of the divine light.

The Qi warriors on it didn’t even have a chance to flee before they were killed instantly.


One of the many branches that had split from the stream of starlight that had shot from within the All Manifestations Star Banner happened to find its way to the realm through which Nie Tian and the others had arrived here after traveling thousands of kilometers.

As the stream of starlight slammed into the icy realm, mountains toppled and the earth collapsed.


More than a dozen snow-capped mountain peaks shattered simultaneously as the stream of starlight created a bottomless hole in the earth.

The entire realm was penetrated!

The fundamental structure of the realm and the ancient ice buried deep underground both suffered irreparable damage.

A streak of star power from him easily penetrated the realm barrier and then the realm itself. This was the terrifying might of a middle God domain expert with an Immortal grade divine tool at his command.

Such might could easily destroy a realm!


Almost at the same time, a fragmentary star happened to shoot in Nie Tian’s direction. The moment it made contact with Nie Tian’s shoulder, it morphed into a wisp of starlight that disappeared into him.

Immediately afterwards, the three fragmentary star marks in Nie Tian’s chest lit up.

A drop of Blood Essence that carried the profound mysteries of his life bloodline took it upon itself to flow into his spiritual sea in his dantian region, where it fused into the Nine Stars Flower in his star power core.

Significant changes immediately happened to the Nine Stars Flower!

Two new blossoms grew out of its stem at an incredible rate.

Tiny mysterious stars could be seen flickering in them, as if there were a miniature starry river inside each of them.

A strong attractive force was then born in the Nine Stars Flower.

It seemed to be seeking an upgrade by relying on not only the power from Nie Tian’s Blood Essence, but the immense star power it had just taken in as well.

Apparently, the terrifying star power within that fragmentary star released by Luo Wanxiang through Starfall had been forcibly converted by his three fragmentary star marks.

Luo Wanxiang’s unique aura within that fragmentary star, which had allowed him to detect and control it, was erased by the fragmentary star marks.

After that, wisp after wisp of extremely pure star power were attracted by the Nine Stars Flower and flew into the star power core in his spiritual sea.


As the Nine Stars Flower upgraded, a strong star power-attracting magnetic field formed around Nie Tian.

Even the fragmentary stars that weren’t supposed to fall in his direction changed directions and flew to him.

After having the imprints Luo Wanxiang had left in them erased, they were converted into pure star power, which was then channeled into the Nine Stars Flower to help the two newly-developed blossoms grow.

Another drop of Blood Essence flew out of Nie Tian’s heart to fuse into the Nine Stars Flower.

The stem of the Nine Stars Flower greedily absorbed the miraculous power within that drop of Blood Essence.


All of a sudden, the star souls that hung over Nie Tian’s sea of awareness blossomed with dazzling light!

All of his previously shadowed star souls became unusually bright, as he finally awoke from his bewildered, soul-suppressed state.

Blindingly bright light filled every corner of Nie Tian’s sea of awareness. “Break!”

In the next moment, Kleist’s soul-sealing spell, which was designed to be used on those with weak souls, was broken and scattered.

The prismatic crystal between Kleist’s eyebrows suddenly dimmed as his face turned grim. “Damn those seven bastards from the Profound Purity Palace and their Seven Purity Soul-channeling Incantation! If it weren’t for them, Nie Tian would have never been able to break my Soul Imprisonment!”

Feeling a dull pain his forehead, Kleist knew that because he had been forced to spend most of his energy on dealing with the seven Saint domain experts from the Profound Purity Palace, Nie Tian had found a weak spot in his Soul Imprisonment, and had eventually broken it.

Even Luo Wanxiang, who was attacking everyone with profound secret magics, gasped with astonishment. “What?!”

“He managed to erase my star imprint with his three fragmentary star marks!” he thought to himself. “I used to be a Son of the Stars myself. As a sect legacy, fragmentary star marks are passed on through generations. Every Lord of the Stars infuses them with their power...

“So was that Ji Cang’s power? Even though he’s been missing for so many years, the power that he vested the fragmentary star marks with could still erase my imprints?

“Is that the might of a late God domain cultivator? The few wisps of power he left in those fragmentary star marks alone can suppress my aura?”


Under Luo Wanxiang’s control, more and more stars plummeted towards Nie Tian.

Luo Wanxiang let out a cold laugh and further exerted his power. “Whatever! You’re still only at the Soul realm, and you think you can devour my star power? Aren’t you afraid you’ll burst from it?”

All of a sudden, dozens more fragmentary stars, which were composed of essence he refined from the stars in the heavens, plummeted towards Nie Tian.

All of them rapidly disappeared into him.

“AHH!” Nie Tian immediately cried out in agony.