Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1247: Telling Different Stories

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“I’ll get rid of the enemies from without first.” Luo Wanxiang’s thunderous voice echoed out from his towering dharma idol.

“Dead... All of them are dead.” Zu Guangyao muttered in a low voice, as he had spread out his soul awareness, and sensed that none of the fleeing Qi warriors from the Domain of Frigid Depths seemed to have escaped.

It appeared that all of them had been annihilated by Luo Wanxiang!

Luo Wanxiang was at the middle God domain, which allowed him to kill Saint domain cultivators with ease. However, none of those people were even able to secure a wisp of their souls. This came as a major surprise to Zu Guangyao.

“Those starlight streaks seemed to carry wisps of curious power that could easily eliminate souls. I don’t recall any of our sect’s secret incantations that can vest us with such power...” Zu Guangyao pondered the matter, before reaching the conclusion that Luo Wanxiang had come to a deeper understanding of his incantations that allowed him to transcend their sect’s limits.


It wasn’t very long before the streaks of starlight returned and disappeared into the grand banner behind Luo Wanxiang.


At this moment, Grand Patriarch Evil Phantom Kleist’s five evil spirits flew out, roaring.

After rapidly devouring the fragments of discarnate souls in the area, they dashed off to gather the shattered discarnate souls of the Saint domain cultivators killed by Luo Wanxiang.

Having launched that terrifying sword strike, Yin Xingtian looked enfeebled.

Mo Qianfan hadn’t addressed his wounds, in which starlight sparks could still be seen flickering.

The fleeing and deaths of the Qi warriors from the Domain of Frigid Depths had enveloped this area of the starry river in a strange atmosphere.

Having claimed that he would deal with the external enemies first, Luo Wanxiang had aimed his attacks at Yin Xingtian, Mo Qianfan, and the Qi warriors from the Domain of Frigid Depths, instead of Nie Tian.

However, the silver ship from the Profound Purity Palace hadn’t been attacked.

Yu Suying and the seven Saint domain disciples of the Profound Purity Palace simply stood on the giant ship and paid close attention to Luo Wanxiang and everything that happened around them.

Han Wanrong from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace hesitated for a few seconds before stepping forward. She pointed at Yu Suying and said, “The Profound Purity Palace is behind all this, Vice Sectmaster. If they hadn’t instigated and secretly supported the Extreme Coldness Palace and the other local forces, they wouldn’t have dared to rise up against our sect. And just earlier, it was Yu Suying who was stopping us from breaking free from those restrictive spells!”

Intense hatred burst forth from within Xin Qing’s eyes as she said, “The Profound Purity Palace has been scheming to overthrow our sect and take our subordinate domains for their own.”

“The Profound Purity Palace...” Luo Wanxiang’s thunderous voice came from his dharma idol, causing even the starry river to tremble in fear.

Yu Suying looked up at it, which was close to ten thousand meters tall, yet not even the slightest fear could be seen on her face.

“The moment we decided to do this, we knew that we’d have to deal with you and Chu Rui some day. However, what I didn’t expect is that both your strength and cultivation base advanced by leaps and bounds after your recent session of secluded cultivation. Even the sub-grade of your All Manifestations Star Banner was greatly lifted.”

With these words, Yu Suying stepped out of the grand silver ship and flew to Mo Qianfan and Yin Xingtian.


As she casually wove her hands in the air, two streams of murky liquid swirled out of her palm.

Exuding a mysterious soul-cleansing, spiritual sea-nourishing power, they flew towards Yin Xingtian and Mo Qianfan separately.

After going blank for a few seconds, Yin Xingtian and Mo Qianfan exclaimed simultaneously, “Profound Purity Elixir!”

Upon realizing what was happening, the two of them hastily operated their spiritual seas to channel the incoming streams into their dantian regions.

As soon as the murky streams entered their bodies, the streams split. One flowed to their spiritual seas, while the other flowed into their seas of awareness. Then, the healing process started in both places.

The Profound Purity Palace’s Profound Purity Elixir was a very well-known medicinal elixir. Even among the wide array of healing elixirs in the human world, it ranked at the top.

It didn’t matter whether the recipients were at the Saint domain or God domain. As long as they were infused with Profound Purity Elixir in time after receiving a serious injury, they would be able to regain their battle prowess within a short period of time.

Upon taking the Profound Purity Elixir into their bodies, Yin Xingtian and Mo Qianfan sensed with great clarity that they were recovering the spiritual power and soul power they had previously consumed at a shocking rate.

“Profound Purity Elixir!”

The two of them exchanged a glance and saw confusion in each other’s eyes. Apparently, neither of them knew what Yu Suying was up to.

Even the seven Saint domain disciples of the Profound Purity Palace looked deeply baffled. One of them was going to call out to ask her about her intentions, but gave up on second thought.

That was Profound Purity Elixir that she gave away!

Even in their sect, not many had the privilege to have it.

Even the seven of them would only be rewarded with a bottle of Profound Purity Elixir if they risked their lives to serve the Profound Purity Palace.

Just moments ago, Yu Suying had confronted Mo Qianfan and Yin Xingtian. Why would she give them such precious Profound Purity Elixir all of a sudden?

“Sectmaster Yu...” After absorbing the Profound Purity Elixir, Mo Qianfan felt enlivened. Fine lightning wisps could be seen in the depths of his pupils as his divine will was strengthened.

The bloody wounds in Yin Xingtian’s arms also healed as vigor and radiance was restored to his dim eyes.

Yu Suying looked up and said, “He’s a vice sectmaster of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace. Not only is his cultivation base higher than mine, but that Immortal grade divine tool of his has also reached level three, which matches the level of my Heaven-purging Divine Light. And he seems to have made a new breakthrough with his godly power...”

With these words, she turned to face Yin Xingtian and Mo Qianfan. “If we all want to leave in one piece, we’ll have to join up against him.”

If she had come here by herself, considering her cultivation base and the might of her divine tool, she would have no problem extricating herself from the situation.

However, she had to take that large silver ship into consideration, as well as the Profound Purity Palace disciples on it.

She could leave by herself, but how would they escape from Luo Wanxiang?

Considering that Luo Wanxiang had already annihilated all of the fleeing Saint domain cultivators from the Domain of Frigid Depths with the streaking starlight from the All Manifestations Star Banner, she feared that those from her sect would suffer the same fate if she left by herself.

After a moment of hesitation, Mo Qianfan agreed to her proposal. “Alright, let’s work together!”

Yin Xingtian pondered for a few seconds before nodding vigorously, without saying a word.

Two early God domain experts and Yin Xingtian, who was strong enough to contend against an early God domain expert. The three of them decided to join up to fight Luo Wanxiang head-on.

“Hahaha, I didn’t expect you three to come to a mutual understanding so quickly.” With every word Luo Wanxiang said, dazzling starlight sprayed from above, so much so that the frigid mist in this part of the starry river seemed to be expelled completely.

“Vice Sectmaster!” Zu Guangyao called out. “The seventh Son of the Stars, Nie Tian, came to our aid just now. And he’s had that Spirit Pearl for a long time. We don’t think there’s any business between him and the Phantasms. Also, with the sectmaster missing, not a single person has the right to strip a Son of the Stars of his title.

“That’s an issue that requires the assessment of the board of elders and a vote among all of the elders, vice sectmasters, and Sons of the Stars.”

It went without saying that Yin Xingtian and Mo Qianfan were on Nie Tian’s side.

Upon arriving, Nie Tian had started a conflict with the Profound Purity Palace and the Qi warriors from the Domain of Frigid Depths with the purpose of freeing them.

Under such circumstances, it didn’t seem right for Luo Wanxiang to make killing moves against Yin Xingtian or Mo Qianfan.

Furthermore, it was them who had asked Nie Tian to come to Chu Rui’s rescue in the first place. Therefore, they had doubts about what Luo Wanxiang had said.

Luo Wanxiang’s eyes suddenly burst forth with suffocatingly icy starlight. Even the color of his pupils seemed to change slightly. “Are you questioning me?”

“He’s the one who colluded with Kleist,” Nie Tian said with a biting tone. “We rescued Master Pure Metal and Lord Green Wood, along with a few other subordinates of Vice Sectmaster Chu from Lu Qingchen and his Frigid Ice Divine Kingdom, but he killed them all. Who knows when he made a deal with the Phantasms? He’s even practiced their soul incantations.”

“What?!” Xin Qing and the others exclaimed in astonishment.

While Luo Wanxiang claimed that Nie Tian had colluded with the Phantasms, Nie Tian claimed that it was Luo Wanxiang who had been secretly working with the Phantasms. Who should they believe?

“It seems to me that this will have to be settled after we return to our sect and conduct a thorough investigation,” Zu Guangyao said.

Han Wanrong chimed in. “Yeah, that’s the common practice.”

Luo Wanxiang snorted coldly and said with an indisputable tone, “Our sect is in a moment of life or death. Many of our rules shouldn’t apply now. You’ll return to the sect, while I’ll seize Nie Tian and take him back for our board of elders to judge!”

With these words, he flung his sleeve.

Countless sparks condensed into a streak of starlight that carried the dilapidated starship of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace into the distance, along with Zu Guangyao, Xin Qing, Han Wanrong and the others.

Nie Tian, however, was completely uninfluenced, and remained where he was.