Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1246: Intimidation

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The five evil spirits released by Grand Patriarch Evil Phantom Kleist were several hundred meters tall, wreathed in thick Phantasm Qi, and exuded five different kinds of negative energies.

However, the evil gods that had flown out of Nie Tian’s Spirit Pearl were only about a hundred and fifty meters tall, and with half of their bodies submerged in what looked like seas of Phantasm Qi that connected to the Nether Realm.

Judging by their appearances, the evil spirits and the evil gods looked almost identical.

However, anyone would be able to spot the differences between them with a single glance.

Without Blood Essence from Kleist, the evil spirits were even devoid of skin. They were completely illusory and in pure spirit form.

In contrast, even though Nie Tian’s evil gods were only about a hundred and fifty meters tall, they were made of flesh and blood, and didn’t seem illusory at all.

Such a difference was similar to the fundamental difference between the domains of Void domain and Saint domain cultivators.

In spite of this, the Spirit Pearl in Nie Tian’s hand and that in Kleist’s hands were apparently of the same kind.

As Kleist entered people’s sight, he shook unceasingly, with his flesh aura sea filled with bright starlight sparks.

From the look of it, he had sustained serious injuries from Luo Wanxiang, who had been in hot pursuit of him, and the only reason he had done this, risking his life, was to tell Nie Tian to run with him.

All of this suggested that Nie Tian had an indescribable connection to the Phantasms.

The Spirit Pearl and evil gods proved that he practiced Phantasm incantations, which had been made obvious by Kleist. How would he argue otherwise?

Mo Qianfan from the Heavenly Thunder Sect suddenly stepped forward and exclaimed, “Your vice sectmaster, Luo Wanxiang, is the one who’s actually colluding with the Phantasms! As the sectmaster of the Heavenly Thunder Sect and the clanmaster of the Mo Clan, I can testify to that!”


Like a glorious starry river, the All Manifestations Star Banner floated to this area.

A mighty aura that could dominate all heavens and rule myriad realms burst forth from within the wondrous, all-inclusive banner.

In the hands of Luo Wanxiang, who was at the middle God domain and had recently come to a deeper understanding of his incantations, this level three Immortal grade divine tool got to manifest its true might!

All of a sudden, large crystals of blinding starlight started to fly out of the star-dotted banner that was tens of thousands of meters long.

Like dazzling stars, they floated towards Mo Qianfan under the guidance of Luo Wanxiang’s divine will. Each and every one of them carried the profound truths of star power.

Luo Wanxiang swung his large hand in the void and said, “Starfall.”

In the next moment, countless dazzling stars plummeted towards Mo Qianfan, as if an area of the starry river had been emptied.


Mo Qianfan instantly activated his dharma idol. Countless bolts of lightning wreathed its enormous body as his hands wove in the void, manifesting the profound law of lightning he had derived.

Among the illusory images he created, there was one where the Thunder-devouring Whale threw its head back and devoured a thunder pool.


However, no matter what magic Mo Qianfan cast, the plummeting stars could easily shatter them and find their way to his dharma idol.

Letting out pained wails, Mo Qianfan had to cancel his dharma idol.

After rapidly shrinking back to his true form, he bled from his shoulders, abdomen, and neck. Sparkling starlight could be seen in the blood that streamed down those wounds.

Only at this moment did Luo Wanxiang’s cold arrogant voice echo out once again. “The Heavenly Thunder Sect, the Mo Clan... What do they matter?”

His dharma idol floated in the starry void like an ancient god that dominated the entire starry river. The All Manifestations Star Banner behind it looked like a river of stars it could command with a mere thought.

In this grand form, Luo Wanxiang looked down at Mo Qianfan, who had resumed his true form, along with Nie Tian, Yin Xingtian, and the others in the same way a god looked down at a bunch of puny insects.

“If Mo Heng hadn’t rushed to your aid, your sect, your clan, and even yourself would have been destroyed already,” Luo Wanxiang said with a cold, firm tone. “What qualifications does a man like you have to testify to anything? Don’t you think you’re a big deal now just because you made a lucky breakthrough into the God domain.

“You’ve just entered the early God domain, and you don’t even have an Immortal grade divine tool of your own. You’re still far from standing on the highest stage.”


Luo Wanxiang reached out with a huge hand that shone with dazzling starlight.

As he brought it down towards Mo Qianfan, a river of stars in the highest heavens seemed to be channeled.


Not only Mo Qianfan, but Yin Xingtian, Nie Tian, and every Saint domain cultivator from the Domain of Frigid Depths who were in that area gasped in astonishment.

All of them felt as if the enormous hand was pressuring and falling on them!

Even Yu Suying, the sectmaster of the Profound Purity Palace, frowned slightly and said inwardly, “Middle God domain cultivation base and an Immortal grade divine tool... Is this his true might?”

Standing among Zu Guangyao and the other elders, Nie Tian’s face grew deeply grim as he gazed up at Luo Wanxiang, who looked like a god from ancient times, with the All Manifestations Star Banner behind him.

Zu Guangyao, Xin Qing, and Han Wanrong all fell silent after their initial ecstasy.

Luo Wanxiang had displayed such dominating and unmatched power upon arriving. This was something they had never seen before.

The aggressive and unmatched might he now manifested made even them insecure and uneasy.

As he brought his enormous hand down on Mo Qianfan and Yin Xingtian, even they sensed a hint of warning from a distant location.

It was as if as long as Luo Wanxiang wanted to, he could easily crush them with that enormous hand of his at any moment.


Surprisingly, before anything could happen to Yin Xingtian or Mo Qianfan, the domains of two early Saint domain Qi warriors from the Domain of Frigid Depths suddenly exploded.

Interweaving starlight spilled from their shattered domains.

“AHH!” Two misty gray wisps could be vaguely seen in the perished domains, attempting to escape.

However, the interweaving starlight instantly condensed into Starchains that bound the fleeing souls. Then, as the Starchains gradually tightened, the two early Saint domain cultivators of the Domain of Frigid Depths completely perished, body and soul.

“What the?!” The Qi warriors from the Domain of Frigid Depths, who had worked together to trap Zu Guangyao and the others earlier, finally started to panic.


One after another, they morphed into streaks of icy light that shot into the distant starry river.


Numerous streaks of starlight shot from within Luo Wanxiang’s Immortal grade divine tool. Like eagles swooping on sheep, they spread out in pursuit of the Qi warriors from the Domain of Frigid Depths.

“Heavenbreaker!” Yin Xingtian shouted as he gripped and thrust the sword upwards with both hands. A sword light then shot up towards Luo Wanxiang’s huge descending hand like a reversed waterfall.

The flesh on his arms burst open as wisps of extremely pure power were infused into the Heavenbreaker.

After lying dormant for many years, a divine aura within the broken bronze sword that was mighty enough to shatter a realm was now awakened.

As this happened, a fierce sharp cry of the sword soul pierced thousands of kilometers into its surroundings.

Just as the badly injured Mo Qianfan was about to summon power to make another move, he sensed the might of that sword attack, and thus sensibly stopped. “Such strong sword intent!”

“The residual sword intent of Heavenbreaker’s first master, a middle God domain expert...” Yu Suying from the Profound Purity Palace thought to herself as she watched countless wisps of sword intent that only God domain experts could see gather and morph into a beam of ultimate sword intent that shot up off the tip of the sword towards Luo Wanxiang’s descending starlit hand.


Part of the center of Luo Wanxiang’s palm that was translucent and sparkling was shattered like ice.

Apparently, the fierce sword intent from the Heavenbreaker carried ultimate wonders that could penetrate any realm. Piercing through the enormous hand of Luo Wanxiang’s dharma idol, it continued to press upwards.

“The Heavenbreaker is such an amazing blade!” Luo Wanxiang muttered, staring at the incoming sword intent with a grim look in his eye. Then, as he wove his hands, streaks of starlight flew out of the All Manifestations Star Banner behind him.

A total of nineteen streaks slammed into the beam of sword light with great precision.

Only then was the glorious sword light, which was vested with the ultimate sword intent, gradually engulfed and neutralized.

To neutralize this terrifying strike with the residual sword intent left in the Heavenbreaker by its first master, Luo Wanxiang had expended quite some effort and tapped into his divine tool’s might.

Having consumed a significant amount of power, Luo Wanxiang fixed Yin Xingtian with a deep look and said, “If you enter the God domain, even at the early God domain, you’ll be a huge threat to me. Luckily, it was Mo Qianfan who recently entered the God domain, not you.” He secretly congratulated himself.

There were a few in this starry river that were brilliant and talented enough to fight those with higher cultivation bases. Nie Tian and Mo Heng fell into this category, and so did Yin Xingtian.

There had long been rumors about him, a late Saint domain expert, being able to contend against God domain experts with the help of his Heavenbreaker.

This was the highest praise a Qi warrior could get.

Luo Wanxiang had had doubts about it before. However, having witnessed the Heavenbreaker’s terrifying might, he believed it now.

He even felt that if Yin Xingtian could display the full might of the Heavenbreaker, he would be able to defeat Mo Qianfan with ease.


Bloodcurdling screams came from the depths of the frosty mist.

They belonged to the fleeing Qi warriors from the Domain of Frigid Depths that were being pursued by the streaks of starlight.