Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1244: Stubborn Fool

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A strange silence enveloped this area of the starry river.

Zu Guangyao, Xin Qing, Han Wanrong, and many disciples of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace were suppressed and bound down.

Qi warriors from more than a dozen local forces in the Domain of Frigid Depths also waited in silence. They only didn’t cast their spirit tools or form killing spell formations because Yu Suying hadn’t given the final order.

They were also waiting to hear Nie Tian’s decision.

Even though he himself didn’t inspire fear in them, Mo Qianfan, who was now at the early God domain, and Yin Xingtian, who had made his name in the human world long ago, would be extremely difficult to deal with.

Therefore, the best-case scenario would be that they didn’t have to face them in battle.

On another account, Nie Tian had deep connections to the Five Elements Sect and the Void Spirit Society. If he were to die at their hands, would they be held responsible in the future?

With these scruples in mind, they all quieted down and waited for Nie Tian’s decision.


A snapping sound suddenly came from within an early Void domain disciple of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace.

Gradually infiltrated by cold power, the man’s bones were frozen, and they snapped...

Naturally, he let out an agonized wail.

In the completely silent starry river, his wail sounded very untimely and harsh.

Nie Tian immediately laid his eyes on him, his gaze like icy sword light.


In a flash, he took out the Spirit Pearl and unleashed the five evil gods, which flew out roaring and wreathed in torrential Phantasm Qi.

At the same time, the Flame Dragon Armor whizzed out and clad itself on Nie Tian, before bursting into raging flames.

“Come on out!”

The Star Behemoth bone that had lain dormant in his ring of holding for a long time was also brought out. Like an incomparably sharp spear, it floated horizontally in front of him.

“I need your power in this battle, no matter what!”

Nie Tian sent a wisp of soul awareness into the bone in an attempt to communicate with the seemingly-awakened, immense awareness inside of it.

He declared his decision with his actions!

“Stubborn fool!” Yu Suying from the Profound Purity Palace said, the look in her eyes turning icy. “I did everything I could to help you see the truth, yet you still decided to make such an unwise decision. It seems that the seventh Son of the Stars isn’t so smart after all.”

Nie Tian smiled coldly and said, “The Profound Purity Palace, is it? Considering your sect’s reserve power, what you’re trying to do now is like a snake trying to swallow an elephant. It seems to me that you’re the foolish one!”

“Shut up!” The Saint domain experts from the Profound Purity Palace flew into a rage upon hearing this.

Powerful auras burst forth from within them, blasting into their surroundings. The seven of them took a small step towards Nie Tian, and seas of spiritual power of different attributes spread towards Nie Tian with overwhelming momentum.

Without trying to persuade Nie Tian, Yu Suying turned to Mo Qianfan and Yin Xingtian, and asked, “What about you? Is this kid worth dying for? You should be able to see that even the two of you together won’t be able to change the result.”

With a solemn expression, Mo Qianfan said, “Nie Tian helped me enter the God domain. I promised him that the Heavenly Thunder Sect, the Mo Clan, and I would do everything we could to help him.”

Yin Xingtian pondered in silence for a few seconds before saying, “He’ll be the key that’ll determine whether I’ll be able to enter the God domain. If I can’t enter the God domain, I’ll be as good as dead.”

A hint of surprise flashed across Yu Suying’s eyes. “Him? You’ve really pinned all of your hope for entering the God domain on him?”

Mo Qianfan and Yin Xingtian nodded simultaneously.

Yu Suying let out a cold harrumph. “I don’t believe that.”

“Go!” As Nie Tian exclaimed, the Spirit Pearl emanated misty cyan light, and the five evil gods charged into the area where Zu Guangyao and the others were trapped.

Numerous sparkling ice balls, ice swords, and ice pillars could be seen floating in the area, conjuring various peculiar spell formations and misty white cold power wards.

All of them were defenses the experts from the various local sects in the Domain of Frigid Depths had established to trap Zu Guangyao and the others.


With furious roars, the evil gods tore through the wards, smashed the ice balls and ice swords, and ripped the frigid spell formations of ice pillars apart.


Sparkling ice chips and icy lights were sent flying in every direction.

Somewhat surprised, Yu Suying stared at the five evil gods for a few seconds before muttering in a low voice, “Such ancient evil auras. I’ve met Phantasm grand monarchs. But even they didn’t seem to carry such pure, ultimate evil auras. And I can’t believe the auras are coming from some puppets made of flesh and blood. This is so... truly strange...”

“Life Strengthening! Potential Stimulation! Life Blend!”

As one bloodline talent after another was activated, Nie Tian’s robust form transformed in a flash, becoming what looked like an ancient god that was filled with shocking might, though small in size.


Some restriction inside the Star Behemoth bone seemed to burst, before a crimson blood aura that looked like red flames flowed through the entire bone.

The Star Behemoth’s terrifying aura, which was unique to the being that had stood at the top of the food chain during the Primal Era, was born within the bone!

Yu Suying’s bright eyes lit up!


Nie Tian circulated his bloodline power, ignited his Blood Essence, and thrust the exceptionally long Star Behemoth bone at the mysterious spell formations built by powerful experts from across the Domain of Frigid Depths.

A beam of blood-colored light that was as immense as the sea easily penetrated them.

Facing the blood-colored light, the wide array of frigid spell formations, ice pillars, ice-attributed spirit tools, and incantations seemed as fragile as paper.

Spell formations exploded. Spiritual tools were crushed. Frigid spells were reduced to frosty mists that returned to the void.

At the same time, the blood-colored light gradually morphed into a huge, devastating shape that seemed to be able to devour realms and refine the starry river.

As soon as the enormous shape came to form, not only the Qi warriors from the Domain of Frigid Depths, but even Yu Suying, Mo Qianfan, and Yin Xingtian started to sense danger.

Even Grand Monarch Ice Bones, who was at the Frigid Depths, which was countless kilometers away, shuddered violently, as if a strong fear that had been imprinted in the depths of his bloodline was suddenly awakened. “Such aura...”

It was a deep-rooted fear!

At the same time, Kleist, who had been searching everywhere, was startled, his eyelids twitching. “Such a terrifying aura!”

It was as if every single drop of his Blood Essence was screaming in fear.

Luo Wanxiang frowned and looked into the remote distance, as if to see through the starry river. “An extremely powerful and immense aura. Who could it be?”

“It’s no one!” Kleist’s face turned slightly pale. “Not even our grand monarchs, or tenth grade dragons or Ancientbeasts could make me feel this way. This is a kind of fear towards natural banes!”

Luo Wanxiang let out a cold harrumph. “I have no such feelings.”

“That’s because you’re a human,” Kleist said coldly. “You don’t have bloodline imprints. You can’t possibly know what kind of devastating beings once lived in this starry river.”

Luo Wanxiang went blank for a moment before suddenly realizing something. “Are you talking about Star Behemoths?”

“What else could have scared me so with merely a whiff of its aura?”