Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1235: Breaking Ice

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Seeing that something was wrong, Teng Yue, who was the nearest to Nie Tian, opened his mouth. “Nie, Nie Tian...”

But his loud voice was frozen by the chill before it could spread.

Teng Yue paled, and then noticed that the wisps of soul awareness he had emitted changed under the influence of the Frigid Ice Divine Kingdom immediately after leaving his earth domain.

His soul awareness actually materialized in the outside world, becoming motionless ice crystals!

Moreover, the soul awareness of his partner, who practiced water power and was at the early Saint domain beside him, was also frozen into ice crystals.

“Even soul awarenesses are frozen into crystals!”

Teng Yue was panic-stricken as he instantly understood that the Immortal divine weapon of the Extreme Coldness Palace was really unusual. He began to feel regret, thinking that he shouldn’t have stepped into the invincible realm of the Frigid Ice Divine Kingdom with Nie Tian.

“Nie Tian?”

Teng Yue’s interrupted scream caught Yin Xingtian’s attention.

As soon as Yin Xingtian turned his head, he saw Nie Tian frozen into an ice sculpture. “No matter how talented he is, he’s only at the Soul realm, and his soul isn’t strong enough, as it’s far from the formation of a true soul.”

After muttering, Yin Xingtian prepared to help Nie Tian out.

“Cold Abyss Black Ice!”

Inside the Frigid Ice Divine Kingdom, Lu Qingchen, the sectmaster of the Extreme Coldness Palace, suddenly controlled his domain to integrate with the Frigid Ice Divine Kingdom.


The dense cold mist swirling around the Domain of Frigid Depths throughout the year surged abnormally.

In the depths of the cold mist were large realms that looked like cold ice crystals.

At this moment, ice as smooth as a mirror and as hard as a rock popped out from the surface of the ice-crystal realms one by one.

Being pulled by the Frigid Ice Divine Kingdom, the rock ice shot into the area at an unimaginable speed, like fleeting meteors.

Yin Xingtian’s eyes suddenly became solemn. He was in no hurry to rescue Nie Tian now. “Cold Abyss Black Ice! Cold Abyss Black Ice which records the fundamental law of cold power of extremely cold realms. It can only be perceived and extracted by God domain experts!”

He could feel that although Nie Tian was frozen by the ice, his body, aura, and sea of soul awareness had not been penetrated by the cold force, and he would not yet die, at least for a while.

He suddenly looked at Mo Qianfan.

Dozens of pieces of Cold Abyss Black Ice flew toward Mo Qianfan from the surface of the domain stars in the Domain of Frigid Depths. Each piece was covered with natural icy crystal patterns.

Some of the patterns showed serried glaciers, some showed blizzards, and some showed cold pictures of frozen worlds.

Each piece of Cold Abyss Black Ice recorded an extremely cold domain changing over thousands of years due to the penetration of cold air, and the mystery of the Dao of extreme cold.


The Cold Abyss Black Ice, like broken pieces of a collapsing sky, bombarded the thunder pool that had been transformed from Mo Qianfan’s domain.


Suddenly, there were billions of icy lights and countless lightning bolts fighting above the deep, cold thunder pool.

The divine patterns on the ice, the Dao of lightning, and spiritual lightning incantations were all like icy crystals that kept flashing about in that area.

Under the thunder pool, Mo Qianfan, with electric currents covering his body, wore a grim face, and exerted godly force to constantly throw thunder balls as large as millstones at the thunder pool.

“Mo Qianfan! I will use the Frigid Ice Divine Kingdom to break your domain! This Cold Abyss Black Ice was crystallized by cold mist for millions of years outside the realms in the Domain of Frigid Depths!” It seemed Lu Qingchen’s cold voice could freeze everything. No matter where his voice passed, the space, the wind, and other people’s domains seemed overwhelmed, cracking and freezing.

In the giant Frigid Ice Divine Kingdom, there was an illusory soul shadow silently emerging from a crystal rock wall.

The soul shadow silently gazed at Mo Qianfan like a very cold, ancient god.

“The Frigid Ice Divine Kingdom’s weapon soul is the soul of the God domain expert in the Extreme Coldness Palace who gave up the Great Dao. He merged his own soul into the Frigid Ice Divine Kingdom, lingering in the cold mist. Did he do that just for the future of the Palace?” Yin Xingtian thought to himself.


Strings of icy crystal threads suddenly exploded into crystal bits.

Teng Yue and his partner let out miserable groans, blood oozing out of the corners of their eyes.

The broken crystal threads were strands of their soul awareness that had intended to fly out of their domains to sense the soul awareness of the Frigid Ice Divine Kingdom.

After freezing, the strands of soul awareness that had been turned into crystal threads couldn’t be recovered, and could only sit frozen in midair.

Now the sudden explosion forced their strands of soul awareness to scatter.

In an instant, the two men suffered soul trauma.

“If we’re frozen, then… what about Nie Tian?” Teng Yue looked at Nie Tian with a heavy heart, eager to give the latter a helping hand. However, he found that Nie Tian remained motionless under the oppression of the Frigid Ice Divine Kingdom.

His partner’s domain was in even worse shape than his. Not only was his water domain thoroughly crystallized, but his body, like that of Nie Tian’s, gradually froze.

“Get Nie Tian out first.” Yin Xingtian had been watching the battle, and knew that even though he had entered the God domain, it was very difficult for Mo Qianfan to confront the Frigid Ice Divine Kingdom, so he came up with other ideas.


While Yin Xingtian was about to make a move, he heard a slight crack.

The sound came from Nie Tian.


The sound of the cracking ice became louder and louder, and even the Frigid Ice Divine Kingdom’s extremely cold force couldn’t hide it. Yin Xingtian was secretly surprised, wondering, “Can Nie Tian even break free from the Frigid Ice Divine Kingdom’s coldness, which has lasted for millions of years?”


In the depths of Nie Tian’s sea of soul awareness, the starry light of his nine star souls kept changing, forming chains of stars.

The star chains were like a gorgeous starry river floating in the depths of the universe. The twinkling stars smashed the ice flowers in his sea of soul awareness.

Nie Tian’s frozen mind had been unconsciously restored.

“Bloodline, Life Strengthening! Potential Stimulation! Begin!”

Driven by the full force of his life bloodline, a mighty power of Qi and blood roiled and flowed in his body, making the tenacity of his flesh and blood reach its peak.

The ice that covered him was naturally broken by the expansion of his flesh and blood.

After his limbs regained their mobility, he suddenly shook, and all the ice covering him exploded.


Red flames were ignited in an instant, becoming a sea of fire in the blink of an eye.

“Come out!”

With his roar, the Spirit Pearl hung high over Nie Tian’s head, and five evil gods flew out of it with ferocious faces.

Nie Tian pointed, and in a flash, the terrifying, 150-meter-high bodies of the five evil gods were aimed at the Frigid Ice Divine Kingdom.


The five extreme negative emotions were like five invisible seas haunting the Frigid Ice Divine Kingdom. The force that could evoke evil thoughts in the hearts of the people ignored the obstacles of the extremely cold force, and penetrated directly into the Frigid Ice Divine Kingdom.

In the rock ice of the kingdom, the soul shadow, which had emerged in private, immediately faded, as if it had felt fear.

“What the hell is that?”

In the Extreme Coldness Palace, Lu Qingchen’s face turned pale for the first time as he felt instinctively uneasy at the sight of the five evil gods.