Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1234: Mind Frozen

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At this point, many had learned that Nie Tian had helped Mo Qianfan advance to the God domain in the Domain of Endless Thunder.

However, almost no one knew that Yin Xingtian had later arrived in the Domain of Endless Thunder to establish a friendly relationship with Nie Tian.

Before Mo Qianfan’s advance to the God domain, Yin Xingtian had enjoyed a much higher reputation than him. Besides, the Streamcloud Sword Sect’s reserve power wasn’t something the Heavenly Thunder Sect could match.

Even the Extreme Coldness Palace could barely match their profound reserve power!

Furthermore, there had long since been rumors about Yin Xingtian, saying that even though he was at the late Saint domain, he was strong enough to contend against early God domain experts.

Yin Xingtian floated in the middle of a pillar of torrential sword intent, his robe fluttering. He looked up at the sectmaster of the Extreme Coldness Palace in the Frigid Ice Divine Kingdom, and said with a somewhat arrogant tone, “Long time no see, Brother Lu.

“Now that Brother Mo and I are here, why don’t you give us face and release Vice Sectmaster Chu Rui’s subordinates?”


As Mo Qianfan’s dharma idol expanded and then shrank, a sea of lightning came to form around it, giving rise to deafening thunder.

Faint cracking sounds kept coming from certain areas in the magnificent castle made of sparkling ice.

Those were none other than the places where Chu Rui’s Saint domain subordinates were trapped and resisting the Frigid Ice Divine Kingdom’s freezing power with their domains.


The frigid aura the Frigid Ice Divine Kingdom exuded seemed to have frozen the space around it, rendering a large area around it inaccessible.

Nie Tian’s Star Boat had long since stopped plodding forward.

Staring at the Frigid Ice Divine Kingdom, he, who wasn’t using his full strength, couldn’t stop his teeth from chattering. “Cold...”

Lu Qingchen, the late Saint domain sectmaster of the Extreme Coldness Palace, ran his eyes up and down Mo Qianfan and Yin Xingtian. With a grim face, he said, “You want me to give you face? I want to do that too.”

Mo Qianfan then said, “Release the prisoners then.”

“But the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace never gave us face.” Lu Qingchen’s tone suddenly turned cold. “Do you know how many ice-attributed spiritual materials we’ve presented to them as tribute over the years? Why haven’t they made a single disciple of our sect a Son of the Stars?”

Yin Xingtian went blank for a brief moment before saying, “They probably have their rules.”

Lu Qingchen snorted coldly. “Rules? I don’t care about the rules. It’s been far too long since my sect last produced a God domain expert. We’ve been a subordinate sect of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace for so many years, and yet not a single God domain expert was made. But now, we’ve been given a chance...”

“What chance?” Mo Qianfan asked curiously.

“That’s not for you to know!” Lu Qingchen was cold and firm. “Mo Qianfan, Yin Xingtian, I advise you to stay out of our business with the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace! This is the Domain of Frigid Depths. As strong as you may be, you won’t have any advantage if you fight me on my turf!

“Even as we speak, Chu Rui is trapped here. Don’t tell me that you think you’re stronger than him.”

Mo Qianfan laughed derisively and said, “Chu Rui is trapped by Grand Monarch Ice Bones. Do you count him as a power of your sect?”

“Nonetheless, do you have confidence that you’ll be able to defeat us even if we just rely on the Frigid Ice Divine Kingdom and this frosty mist that fills every corner of the Domain of Frigid Depths?” With these words, Lu Qingchen grew very unpleasant. “You’ve just entered the early God domain. Don’t think too much of yourself! Perhaps I wouldn’t be able to handle you if we weren’t in the Domain of Frigid Depths.

“But you’ve come to my territory, which my sect has spent countless years building and perfecting!”

At this moment, Nie Tian joined the conversation. “So you don’t plan on turning back, do you?”

Lu Qingchen finally laid his eyes on Nie Tian. “We’ve never thought about turning back since the moment we started killing Chu Rui’s people.”

Then, with a disdainful look in his eyes, he continued, “I admit that you’re extraordinary. But unfortunately, you’re too young, and still have much growing up to do. Judging by the situation the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace is currently in, perhaps it will perish before you can enter the God domain and become the new Lord of the Stars.”

Mo Qianfan ran out of patience. “Enough talking!”

The sea of lightning around him started spreading towards the Frigid Ice Divine Kingdom, giving rise to waves of devastating lightning.

“Frigid Ice Divine Kingdom! Icebound Heaven and Earth!”

Lu Qingchen stood at the top of the loftiest tower in the divine kingdom, his hands rapidly weaving in the air to form exquisite hand seals.

Icy light flew out from his palms and fingertips to infuse the Immortal grade divine tool with sparkling talismans and spells that were branded with his lifetime understanding of cold power.

Distant, bone-piercingly cold chants then echoed from within the divine kingdom that looked like a magnificent mountain.

They sounded like the whispers of a god.

Each and every syllable seemed to record the profound truths of cold power, as if people would be able to derive a deep understanding of cold power as long as they listened carefully.

Ice phoenixes, Icy Crystal Beasts, Ice Scale Lizards, and Ice Dragons...

Numerous lifelike spirit beasts and insects that emitted cold power quietly appeared within the ice blocks that formed the Frigid Ice Divine Kingdom. Each and every one of them seemed to be providing the divine kingdom with power.

“Damn!” An exclamation suddenly came from behind Nie Tian.

Nie Tian turned around and saw Teng Yue and the other subordinate of Chu Rui slowly approaching, enveloped in their domains.

However, upon seeing the Frigid Ice Divine Kingdom manifest its might, the two of them exclaimed in shock, and started to cower back subconsciously.

However, their earth and water domains were already under its influence.

Waves of divine power from the Frigid Ice Divine Kingdom rapidly froze the vast earth and turned the running water into ice.

Mo Qianfan and Yin Xingtian also frowned as they stared coldly at the Frigid Ice Divine Kingdom.

“It seems that I...” Nie Tian muttered.

Just as he was about to say that he wasn’t feeling any discomfort, he became dumbstruck.

Ice flowers somehow started to fall in his sea of awareness.

Translucent and sparkling, cold and beautiful, they rapidly filled his sea of awareness, causing even his mind to stiffen.

Puzzled, Nie Tian thought to himself, “I didn’t expect it to infiltrate my soul first. Will my mind be frozen? Is this the true might of the Frigid Ice Divine Kingdom?”

He hadn’t expected the Frigid Ice Divine Kingdom to influence his sea of awareness first when it displayed its divine might.

Mo Qianfan, Yin Xingtian, Teng Yue, and that other man were all at the Saint domain or higher.

They weren’t so deeply affected.

Nie Tian, however, was only at the Soul realm. Even though his bloodline had reached the eighth grade, it wasn’t of much help to the strength of his soul.

Therefore, the Frigid Ice Divine Kingdom’s soul-piercing cold power easily put his sea of awareness under significant influence.

Soon, Nie Tian’s vision started to blur, and he couldn’t think straight anymore, as if even his true soul was covered in frost.

Only now did he have a taste of the true might of a divine tool. “Divine tool... This is the true might of divine tool.”


After his sea of awareness was his body.

As the frigid aura gradually infiltrated his body, his exceptionally tough body also froze bit by bit.

It wasn’t long before he turned into an ice sculpture under the strong influence of the Frigid Ice Divine Kingdom.

Neither his body nor his mind could move anymore, as if, without the interference of an external force, he would have to spend eternity in this state.