Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1233: Divine Tool: Frigid Ice Divine Kingdom

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Dharma idols could change infinitely.

Even looking at the bolt of lightning transformed from Mo Qianfan’s dharma idol, Nie Tian couldn’t sense its existence with his soul awareness.

Yin Xingtian’s pupils shrank, anticipation filling his face. “The God domain is extraordinary indeed.”

Even he failed to sense the existence of that bolt of lightning.

This meant that the Saint domain cultivators fighting in the distance wouldn’t be able to detect Mo Qianfan’s arrival either.

Adding in the fact that the bolt of lightning was unimaginably fast, by the time those Saint domain disciples of the Extreme Coldness Palace caught sight of it, it might have pierced into their domains already.

“You couldn’t sense it either?” Nie Tian asked curiously.

Yin Xingtian shook his head slightly. “No. The gap between the late Saint domain and the early God domain is much more significant than you’d think. Reaching the God domain has always been my dream. Once I enter the God domain, I’ll be able to vest every wisp of my sword intent with the Dao of sword that I’ve spent my life pursuing. It’ll be as if they’ve developed their own life and awareness!”

“Perhaps I won’t be able to help you enter the God domain, but I can extend your lifespan for you. That I can promise.” Nie Tian said.

A hint of a smile appeared at the corner of Yin Xingtian’s mouth. “I believe you. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have waited in the Realm of Red Sun for so long. And I definitely wouldn’t have come to the Domain of Frigid Depths with you.”

With a natural smile, Nie Tian said, “Great.”

With these words, the Star Boat accelerated again.

At the same time, the keen perception of his bloodline allowed him to sense the increasingly frigid auras in the distant battle zone. He frowned.


The friction between the Star Boat’s starlight shield and the frigid aura gave rise to sputtering icy light and starlight.

“You’d better be careful,” Yin Xingtian said. “Saint domain disciples of the Extreme Coldness Palace have their unique ways, and may be harder to deal with than those from the Primal Yang Sect. I know that it wasn’t your own strength and cultivation base that earned you that victory in the Primal Yang Sect. That mysterious flame spark you released played a key role in your triumph.”

Nie Tian smiled and said, “You have a keen perception, Senior Yin.”

That flame spark given to him by the Divine Flame had a natural subduing effect on Qi warriors that practiced fire incantations, regardless of their cultivation bases. Even the Primal Yang Heavenly Grand Formation had been vulnerable to its attacks.

Not to mention that the Flame Dragon Armor forged by Shao Tianyang had previously damaged the grand spell formation.

However, it would be different with the Extreme Coldness Palace.

The Extreme Coldness Palace’s disciples practiced cold power. Their battle prowess would be amplified by the frigid aura that pervaded the Domain of Frigid Depths.

Neither the flame spark nor the Flame Dragon Armor had a natural subduing effect on them. Eventually, it would be the difference between their strengths that would determine the result of their clashes.


With a casual fling of his sleeve, Yin Xingtian sent numerous spiritual swords flying out of his cuff.

Fierce sword intent instantly filled the void. Even the rich frosty mist was mangled and shattered where it spread.

Yin Xingtian then overtook the Star Boat and flew into the battle zone in a flash.

“Nine Heavens Profound Thunder! Thunder Crack!” Mo Qianfan’s roar shook heaven and earth. Even the powerful Qi warriors in the nearby sparkling realms of the Domain of Frigid Depths sensed the disturbance in the air.


Seas of lightning and thunder that covered hundreds of square kilometers flew towards the five Saint domain disciples of the Extreme Coldness Palace.

All five of them were enveloped in their ice domains, where vivid ice-attributed spirit beasts could be seen walking in the snow on snow-capped mountains.

However, the seas of lightning and thunder rapidly engulfed their domains that looked like kingdoms of ice and snow.

Furious cries then came from within each of the ice domains.

“Mo Qianfan!”

“Our sect has never done anything to yours. Why are you here in the Domain of Frigid Depths?”

“Mo Qianfan! Do you really think that no one here will be able to take you now that you’ve entered the God domain?”

“If you dare to touch us, our sect will never let you off. After we’re finished with Chu Rui, you’ll be next to die!”

Their ice domains started to show signs of collapsing under the devastating might of Mo Qianfan’s lightning incantation.

In fear, the five of them, who had surrounded Chu Rui’s two Saint domain subordinates, retreated so that they wouldn’t have to face Mo Qianfan in battle.

That was when glorious, multicolored spiritual swords suddenly appeared in their ice domains. At the same time, Yin Xingtian revealed himself and asked derisively, “What’s with the rush?”

In the next moment, the ice domains that were on the verge of breaking shattered completely, filling the void with countless ice shards and a large amount of icy light.

“Yin Xingtian! It’s Yin Xingtian from the Streamcloud Sword Sect!” The five Saint domain disciples of the Extreme Coldness Palace grew even more terrified. As soon as the ice shards and icy light regathered and morphed into ice domains, they fled the area.

The Streamcloud Sword Sect where Yin Xingtian was from had an even longer history than the Extreme Coldness Palace. Their reserve power was more profound as well.

Upon sight of him, the Qi warriors from the Extreme Coldness Palace assumed that the Streamcloud Sword Sect had sent forces here.

“Let’s go! To the Divine Kingdom!”

“Inform the sectmaster!”

The moment the five ice domains reformed, they morphed into streaks of icy light that shot several hundred kilometers into the distant starry river in a split second.


At the same time, frigid auras in the frosty mist seemed to be channeled, and started to converge on something huge and vague in the distance.

Even Mo Qianfan, who was at the early God domain, gasped slightly and didn’t pursue them right away. A concerned look appeared in his eyes. “That’s the Frigid Ice Divine Kingdom!”

A middle Saint domain Qi warrior who practiced earth power was thrilled to see Nie Tian. “Y-you’re the seventh Son of the Stars, Nie Tian, right? My name is Teng Yue! The vice sectmaster is currently trapped by Grand Monarch Ice Bones in the depths of this domain. We, we...”

Nie Tian nodded and said, “Say no more. I know what happened.”

Then, with a grim expression, he looked at the huge vague shadow in the distance and asked Mo Qianfan, “What’s that?”

“That’s the Extreme Coldness Palace’s signature divine tool: Frigid Ice Divine Kingdom,” Mo Qianfan answered.

Nie Tian was taken aback. “A divine tool? I thought the Extreme Coldness Palace didn’t have any God domain experts. Am I wrong?”

Yin Xingtian joined the conversation. “No, you’re not wrong, but they produced a God domain expert once in their sect’s history. This Frigid Ice Divine Kingdom was built by that God domain expert. When he approached the end of his lifespan and realized that he wouldn’t have a chance to enter the middle God domain, he used his own domain as the base, infused it with ice-attributed spirit creatures, vested it with the Extreme Coldness Palace’s secret magic and the wonders of the frosty mist that was everywhere, and made this Immortal grade divine tool.

“Even though its sub-grade is fairly low, it’s still an Immortal grade divine tool. Don’t underestimate its might.”

“Nie Tian,” Teng Yue called out. “Some of us were caught by that Frigid Ice Divine Kingdom. As far as I know, they’re still trapped inside of it.”

Nie Tian snorted disdainfully. “If that’s the case, let’s go and see how mighty this Immortal grade divine tool of the Extreme Coldness Palace really is.”

Yin Xingtian frowned and said, “The Frigid Ice Divine Kingdom has a profound connection to the frosty mist that fills every corner of the Domain of Frigid Depths. And it can only manifest its full might here in the Domain of Frigid Depths. It won’t be easy to deal with. We’d better be careful and try not to get trapped inside of it.”


A magnificent kingdom of ice suddenly appeared, emanating glorious icy light, as if it had been forged from pure ice.

This was where the five Saint domain disciples of the Extreme Coldness Palace had fled to earlier in the form of five streaks of icy light.

At first glance, the sparkling kingdom looked like an enormous castle that was thousands of meters high and hundreds of kilometers wide.

Countless wisps of frosty white aura that looked like strands of soul power could be seen threading within the ice blocks that made the Frigid Ice Divine Kingdom.


When the Star Boat was several kilometers from the Frigid Ice Divine Kingdom, the resistance became so strong that it couldn’t move another inch.

A peculiar feeling of an ancient god living in a sacred, ethereal kingdom suddenly entered Nie Tian’s mind as he looked at the Frigid Ice Divine Kingdom.

At this moment, as strong as his will was, he was overwhelmed by a feeling to kneel before the god of ice.

“Godly might!” Mo Qianfan let out a cold harrumph, and his gigantic dharma idol instantly came to form.

The boundless power of the god of lightning and thunder morphed into countless lightning bolts that hovered around him.

As soon as this happened, eighty percent of the aura spreading from within the Frigid Ice Divine Kingdom was scattered.

Thanks to this, Nie Tian recovered a clear mind.

As a bone-chilling voice came from within the Frigid Ice Divine Kingdom, a figure appeared at the top of the highest tower that overlooked the entire ice kingdom. “Mo Qianfan!”

“Has my sect ever done anything to your sect?” he asked aloud.

“No,” Mo Qianfan answered in a nonchalant manner.

“Then why are you here? Your sect isn’t a subordinate sect of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace either.” He said with a confrontational tone.

“I work for the seventh Son of the Stars, Nie Tian, now!” Mo Qianfan didn’t try to hide the truth. “I’ll take orders from him from now on.”

“Count me in too.” Yin Xingtian joined up.

“You too, Patriarch Yin?!”