Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1231: The Domain of Frigid Depths

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The entirety of the Domain of Frigid Depths was filled with a boundless frigid mist, with its numerous realms scattered in the depths of the mist. Observed from afar, each realm looked like an ice-cold crystal.

Like the realms in the Domain of Endless Snow, where the Heavenly Ice Sect was based, and the Domain of Frigid Frost, where the Ice Soul Divine Sect was based, the realms in the Domain of Frigid Depths were also wreathed in frosty auras.

Engulfed in a boundless white mist, both starships and powerful human experts would have difficulty traveling within the Domain of Frigid Depths.

In comparison, neither the Domain of Endless Snow nor the Domain of Frigid Frost had such widespread frigid mists.

This was a unique feature of the Domain of Frigid Depths.


A bolt of lightning split through the void like an enormous axe that was cast from the distant starry river by a god.

Even the frosty aura was split in two.

Nie Tian, Mo Qianfan, Yin Xingtian, and Han Wanrong appeared in the void, rapidly approaching a starship that seemed to have been berthed there for a long time.

The Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace’s banners could be seen hanging on the starship.

Zu Guangyao and Xin Qing, two elders of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, stepped out from below the deck, surprise filling their faces. “Elder Han! You...”

Upon closer look, they noticed Nie Tian, Mo Qianfan, and Yin Xingtian, and became even more surprised. “Sectmaster Mo, Sectmaster Yin, what are you doing here?”

“I’m here because of Nie Tian,” Mo Qianfan said calmly.

A complicated look appeared in Xin Qing’s narrowed eyes, her heart slightly shaken. “So the rumors are true.”

She knew that Mo Qianfan had made a forced attempt to enter the God domain in the Heavenly Thunder Sect.

However, she had assumed that he was bound to fail.

Who would have thought that Nie Tian would happen to visit the Domain of Endless Thunder around that time and help him enter the God domain?

When she had first learned such news, she had been convinced that it had been false and found it laughable.

Only after Fang Yuan had returned and told her that Mo Qianfan had gone to the Domain of Primal Yang with Nie Tian and described his attitude towards Nie Tian had she started to believe it.

Now, Mo Qianfan had followed Nie Tian to the Domain of Frigid Depths...

“What about you, Sectmaster Yin?” Xin Qing asked.

Before Mo Qianfan had entered the God domain, Yin Xingtian from the Streamcloud Sword Sect had been even harder to deal with than him.

The Streamcloud Sword Sect’s reserve power was also far more profound than that of the Heavenly Thunder Sect.

“I’ll go where Nie Tian goes and do what I can to help him.” Yin Xingtian made his intention clear.

Xin Qing lit up again.

After everyone landed on the ancient starship, Han Wanrong raised her hand and said anxiously, “Alright, let’s talk about the current situation.”

Zu Guangyao and Xin Qing then explained what had happened recently in the Domain of Frigid Depths within the shortest time possible.

According to them, Grand Monarch Ice Bones had been hiding in the depths of the thick frigid mist that pervaded the Domain of Frigid Depths year-round.

Grand Monarch Ice Bones was one of the Bonebrutes’ mightiest grand monarchs.

It was said that Grand Monarch Ice Bones and Grand Monarch Crystal Bones had competed over the position of the high chieftain of Bonebrute race a hundred thousand years ago. Back then, both of them had been at the middle tenth grade.

Eventually, Grand Monarch Ice Bones had lost in battle. Rumor had it that he had been killed by Grand Monarch Crystal Bones.

After that, Grand Monarch Crystal Bones had ascended the throne and become the high chieftain. Shortly afterwards, he had made another advance in his bloodline, and entered the late tenth grade.

That was when Grand Monarch Crystal Bones had joined Grand Monarch Primal Demon, Grand Monarch Nether River, and Grand Monarch Dark Depths as the four strongest outsider grand monarchs.

There hadn’t been any news about Grand Monarch Ice Bones since then.

Everyone assumed that Grand Monarch Crystal Bones had killed him. Perhaps he had even mashed his heart and refined his Blood Essence, which might be the reason why he had been able to break through into the late tenth grade within such a short time.

No one had expected that Grand Monarch Ice Bones had actually holed up in an extremely frigid area in the depths of the Domain of Frigid Depths, where even local Qi warriors didn’t dare to enter.

Not only was he still alive, but his bloodline remained at the middle tenth grade.

At this moment, Vice Sectmaster Chu Rui of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace was trapped in that land of extreme coldness by him.

Meanwhile, many local sects and clans, with the Extreme Coldness Palace as their leader, had come to agreements with Grand Monarch Ice Bones, where they would fight the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace together.

While Chu Rui had been trapped by Grand Monarch Ice Bones, his subordinates were being chased through the Domain of Frigid Depths by Qi warriors from the Extreme Coldness Palace and other local forces.

The Primal Yang Sect had imprisoned Fang Yuan and his subordinate.

Apparently, they had wanted Fang Yuan alive.

However, the Qi warriors from the Domain of Frigid Depths had adopted a completely different strategy, which was to kill every subordinate of Chu Rui they could find without leaving any leeway.

Both Zu Guangyao and Xin Qing looked incomparably grim after relaying the situation in the Domain of Frigid Depths.

“There’s no way for our sect’s relationship with the Qi warriors from the Domain of Frigid Depths to return to how it was before.” With these words, Xin Qing gazed into the distant starry river. “The worst part of this is that we can’t get in touch with the grand elder. And even though we sent word to the other vice sectmaster, he hasn’t given any response. I suppose he’s trying to master some profound incantation, and can’t come out of his secluded cultivation before he does.”

She was referring to Luo Wanxiang.

With Mo Heng and Luo Wanxiang unavailable, the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace had run out of God domain experts to use.

If they couldn’t present another God domain expert, it would be impossible for them to defeat Grand Monarch Ice Bones, who had dared to challenge Grand Monarch Crystal Bones to a duel, with the power they had now.

“Sectmaster Mo...” Han Wanrong fixed Mo Qianfan with an inquiring look, too embarrassed to make the request.

“If it’s indeed Grand Monarch Ice Bones we’re facing...” Mo Qianfan said with a grim expression. “As you know, I just entered the early God domain, while he made his name a hundred thousand years ago. Considering my current cultivation base and strength, I think I’d be crushed if I were to fight him now.”

With these words, he lowered his head and sighed. “As reluctant as I am to admit this, I’m not as talented as Mo Heng.”

Mo Heng had defeated Grand Monarch Bloodlust as soon as he had entered the middle God domain. Immediately after that, he had challenged Grand Monarch Primal Demon to a duel, where he had suffered an honorable defeat.

He knew that he didn’t have Mo Heng’s talent or strength.

“The middle tenth grade Grand Monarch Ice Bones...” Nie Tian pondered hard before saying, “I’m afraid it’ll be very difficult for us to rescue Vice Sectmaster Chu now. Plus, since Vice Sectmaster Chu is at the middle God domain, which matches Grand Monarch Ice Bones’ bloodline grade, even though he’s trapped, I doubt that his life will be in danger anytime soon.”

Both Zu Guangyao and Xin Qing nodded slightly upon hearing this.

“I suppose Vice Sectmaster Chu can hang on for some time,” Xin Qing said.

“Okay, if that’s the case, why don’t we take care of these people from the Extreme Coldness Palace and the other local Qi warriors that are pursuing Vice Sectmaster Chu’s subordinates first?” Nie Tian suggested.

Intense killing intent filled Zu Guangyao’s eyes as he said, “I was thinking the same thing!”

Xin Qing, however, hesitated and said, “Once we make that move, there’ll be no room to maneuver.”

Zu Guangyao snorted coldly. “Maneuver? I bet they haven’t thought about making up with us since the day they laid their murderous hands on Vice Sectmaster Chu’s subordinates.”

Xin Qing nodded somewhat reluctantly. “Alright, let’s do it.”

Han Wanrong pointed into the distant starry river. “Nie Tian, some of Vice Sectmaster Chu’s subordinates fled to the five realms in that direction. The sectmaster and main force of the Extreme Coldness Palace are in that area.”

“Okay, leave them to us,” Nie Tian said.

Zu Guangyao turned his head to face another direction. “We’ll head in that direction. Powerful experts from the other local sects are chasing after another group of Vice Sectmaster Chu’s subordinates over there.”

“Let divide and conquer.”


After a brief communication, Nie Tian took the initiative to head out in the direction Han Wanrong had shown him on his Star Boat.

As soon as he did, Yin Xingtian and Mo Qianfan followed along, one on his left and the other on his right.

Xin Qing sighed. “I’m afraid that the power at the seventh Son of the Stars’ command has already surpassed both our vice sectmasters.”

Zu Guangyao clicked his tongue and marveled. “Even a God domain expert has chosen to follow him. And that Yin Xingtian… He’s no ordinary person. Even though he’s still at the late Saint domain, he’s well-versed in all kinds of sword incantations and has practiced cultivation at such a high level for countless years. It’s said that he’s already powerful enough to fight early God domain experts.”

Gazing in the direction where the three of them had left, Han Wanrong said with a profound look in her eyes, “I heard that Li Wanfa and Zhang Qiling also waited for a long time just to see Nie Tian. Apparently, he’s of great importance to them as well. If one day those two also decide to join Nie Tian...”

“I don’t even dare imagine such a thing!” Zu Guangyao muttered.

Anticipation filled Xin Qing’s face. “Can that Nie Tian really copy what he did with Mo Qianfan and help other late Saint domain experts reach the God domain?”

Zu Guangyao and Han Wanrong fell silent, strange lights flashing across their eyes. They were late Saint domain cultivators themselves.