Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1230: Crisis of the Sect

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In the Realm of Red Sun.

Two weeks later, Nie Tian generated a hundred more drops of Blood Essence with the copious amount of spirit beast meat and outsider corpses Mo Qianfan had brought him.

He had long since exhausted the first batch of meat and corpses the local sects and clans in the Domain of Primal Yang had thought of every possible way to find for him.

The batches that had come later mostly consisted of sixth and seventh grade spirit beast meat, which couldn’t meet his needs for condensing Blood Essence at all.

At this moment, the flame spark had returned to the flame power core, and the Flame Dragon Armor, the Star Behemoth bone, and the Spirit Pearl had been returned to his ring of holding.

According to the Spirit Pearl’s soul, after the recent transformation of the five evil spirits, even it couldn’t command them anymore.

However, Nie Tian still wasn’t clear as to what new wonders these ‘evil gods’ had developed, how mighty they had become, and how he was supposed to use them in battle.

Even now, the five evil gods seemed to be undergoing changes within the heaven and earth inside the Spirit Pearl.


Mo Qianfan arrived in front of Nie Tian, along with Ning Ji from the Primal Yang Sect, Yin Xingtian, Li Wanfa, and Zhang Qiling.

All of the other Heavenly Thunder Sect and Mo Clan members had long since returned to the Domain of Endless Thunder on starships.

“Nie Tian!” Mo Qianfan said anxiously upon arriving. “We just learned that Wu Zhuri and Qi Jiaoyang somehow escaped after being transported to the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace’s headquarters.”

With a bitter face, Ning Ji said, “This is unexpected.”

Nie Tian was taken aback. “What?! Didn’t Fang Yuan and his men escort them to the Realm of Fragmentary Star? How did they manage to escape after reaching the Realm of Fragmentary Star?”

“It seems that someone from within the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace helped them escape,” Mo Qianfan said, looking down. “I don’t know the details either. This is a scandalous event after all. If your sect refuses to share information about it, it’s going to be unlikely that we’ll learn the whole truth.”

Nie Tian grew irritated. “Things have become so chaotic with my sect already?”

“I’m afraid the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace’s status in the human world...” Yin Xingtian said with a strange look in his eyes. “The truth is that of all thirteen of your sect’s subordinate domains, the Domain of Primal Yang is the only one that has been retaken from the rebels. All of the other domains are still in turmoil. Now that Wu Zhuri and Qi Jiaoyang have escaped, even the Primal Yang Sect’s rebellion can’t be considered completely put down.”

Zhang Qiling joined the conversation. “Your vice sectmaster, Chu Rui, also seems to have run into a snag in the Domain of Frigid Depths.”

Yin Xingtian, Zhang Qiling, and Li Wanfa hadn’t sworn allegiance to the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace or any other sects.

The mysterious disappearance of Sectmaster Ji Cang and Grand Elder Mo Heng had caused the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace’s prestige to plunge.

Considering that Yin Xingtian, Zhang Qiling, and Li Wanfa enjoyed lofty statuses in the human world, they most certainly didn’t have much respect for the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace now.

They hadn’t waited patiently in the Primal Yang Sect for so long because they felt the need to give the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace face.

It was all because of Nie Tian!

After pondering for a while, Li Wanfa cut to the chase. “Nie Tian. Do you think you can help me enter the God domain? Even just greatly improving my chances will work.”

Zhang Qiling also fixed Nie Tian with a burning gaze.

This was why they had stayed behind while the others had gone.

Nie Tian shook his head. “No. I can’t help you now. As for the future, I guess it’ll depend on your luck and my situation.”

Zhang Qiling let out a sigh. “If that’s the case… I won’t bother you anymore. However, if you think you can help me enter the God domain one day, please let me know. I’ll go to see you wherever you are.”

With these words, he turned around and flew away without hesitation.

“Me too.” Li Wanfa expressed his attitude and left as well.

All of a sudden, Yin Xingtian from the Streamcloud Sword Sect became the only one that remained.

Nie Tian fixed him with a confused look and asked, “You...?”

“I want to spend some more time with you,” Yin Xingtian said with a serious face. “If you don’t mind, I’d like to stay by your side.”

“Why?” Nie Tian asked curiously.

Yin Xingtian took a glance at Mo Qianfan and Ning Ji, but didn’t say anything.

Seeing this, Mo Qianfan and Ning Ji exchanged a glance and sensibly flew away.

“You activated your bloodline during your battle against Qi Jiaoyang. Your vigorous flesh aura...” Yin Xingtian took a deep breath and continued with an intoxicated expression, “I don’t why, but an indescribable feeling came to me the moment I detected your flesh aura: your flesh aura can help extend my lifespan.”

Nie Tian’s expression flickered. “You probably got it wrong.”

Yin Xingtian’s pupils burst with inch-long fine sword lights. “That’s impossible. Your flesh aura carries the same miraculous power as Fruits of Life do. I’ve consumed a Fruit of Life once. I kept its pit, which shriveled after losing its life power, and refined it into a small device that can detect wondrous power that can extend lifespans.”

With these words, he carefully took out a brown fruit pit from within his inner pocket.

It was wreathed in various kinds of sword intent with a wisp of residual life power sealed at its heart.

As Yin Xingtian held it close to Nie Tian, Nie Tian saw with great clarity that the wisp of life power within it became active and jumpy, giving rise to fizzing sounds.

Nie Tian was taken aback, shaking his head in confusion. “This is...”

“Look. The closer this wisp of life power gets to you, the more active it becomes!” Greatly spirited, Yin Xingtian put the cherished fruit pit away before Nie Tian could reach out and touch it. Then, he cleared his throat and said with a somewhat embarrassed expression, “This pit is all I have left now. I still need it to find more Fruits of Life. Sorry, I can’t risk having it damaged.”

“Perhaps I can find a way to help with your lifespan problem,” Nie Tian said.

Yin Xingtian’s eyes lit up. “I knew it!”

“But not now,” Nie Tian said with a thoughtful expression. “There are lots of troublesome issues for me to take care of at the moment. Perhaps I’ll only have time to help you after I’m finished with them. Besides, my senses tell me that it’ll still be some time before your lifespan runs out.”

“Sure, I can wait!” Yin Xingtian said excitedly.

Nie Tian nodded. “Alright then.”

Just as he was about to talk to Mo Qianfan and Ning Ji, a figure flew over from the direction of the Primal Yang Sect. “Elder Han?”

It was Han Wanrong who spent most of her time overseeing things in the Realm of Remote Heaven.

She had arrived through the teleportation portal that connected the Primal Yang Sect and the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace. Upon arriving, she said with a grim expression, “Nie Tian! What are you still doing here in the Realm of Red Sun? I thought you returned to our sect long ago, after you solved the trouble here.”

“I needed time to recover,” Nie Tian answered.

A complicated expression appeared on Han Wanrong’s face as she laid her eyes on Mo Qianfan and Yin Xingtian. “They are...?”

Before coming here, she had received word that Mo Qianfan’s relationship with Nie Tian had changed after his breakthrough into the God domain, and that Yin Xingtian seemed to want something from Nie Tian as well.

Both Mo Qianfan from the Heavenly Lightning Sect and Yin Xingtian from the Streamcloud Sword Sect were powerhouses who enjoyed lofty statuses in the human world, especially Mo Qianfan, who had recently advanced to the early God domain.

They happened to be the kind of help their sect needed at this time of peril.

If their relationship with Nie Tian was...

“Nie Tian helped me break through into the God domain.” Mo Qianfan was very straightforward. “Plus, my clan has a close connection to your grand elder, so I’m willing to take Nie Tian’s orders and fight for him from now on.”

Yin Xingtian took a moment to ponder his selection of words before saying, “I’ll do what I can to help him as well.”

Greatly spirited, Han Wanrong exclaimed, “Excellent! This is great news! Our vice sectmaster, Chu Rui, met strong resistance in the Domain of Frigid Depths. I’m hoping you’ll provide him with some help.”

Mo Qianfan’s expression flickered with astonishment. “Vice Sectmaster Chu is at the middle God domain. I can’t believe he ran into trouble in the Domain of Frigid Depths. Who could give him trouble?”

Han Wanrong smiled bitterly. “Outsiders. Well, technically, rogue outsiders who have been expelled by their own people. We didn’t expect them to be alive, but they are, and have been hiding in the Domain of Frigid Depths the whole time.”