Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1226: A Thorough Examination

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Utterly isolated, Wu Zhuri and Qi Jiaoyang knew what kind of fate they would suffer if they continued to stay in the Primal Yang Sect.

Therefore, they shot up into the heavens.

Mo Qianfan let out a derisive smile. “Wanna run? Without the protection of the Primal Yang Sect’s grand spell formation or Pang Chicheng’s aid, you really think the two of you can escape from me?”

His dharma idol then soared into the heavens as well.

Eyes narrowed, Nie Tian looked up with rapt attention. Seconds later, he discovered that Mo Qianfan’s dharma idol caught up with Wu Zhuri and Qi Jiaoyang like a bolt of lightning piercing through two suns.

Before Mo Qianfan’s recent breakthrough, his cultivation base had been the same as Wu Zhuri’s. His actual battle prowess might have been even lower than Wu Zhuri’s.

However, things had changed completely now that he had entered the God domain.

Everyone on the ground could see Mo Qianfan’s dharma idol unleash his God domain might to form a sea of lightning and thunder that engulfed Wu Zhuri’s fire domain in an overwhelming manner.

At the same time, engulfed in raging lightning, the drops of golden Blood Essence released by Qi Jiaoyang exploded violently, giving rise to countless sparks.

“It won’t be long before Wu Zhuri and Qi Jiaoyang are captured alive and brought back here.” With this thought, Nie Tian withdrew his gaze, and beckoned for Ning Ji from the Primal Yang Sect to approach him.

Ning Ji scooted over, full of respect. Stopping three meters from the Star Boat, he lowered his head and said, “As an elder of the Primal Yang Sect, I didn’t go all-out to stop Wu Zhuri when he colluded with Pang Chicheng, a traitor of the Five Elements Sect. I’m guilty...”

By confessing voluntarily, he hoped Nie Tian and Fang Yuan would forgive him.

However, his respect, fear, and trepidation were mainly for Nie Tian.

He only took a couple of quick glances at Fang Yuan.

A bitter feeling filled Fang Yuan’s heart, as he understood that since he had been defeated by Qi Jiaoyang under everyone’s gazes, the Primal Yang Sect and many other forces from this domain would never have heartfelt respect for him anymore.

From now on, the elders and disciples of the Primal Yang Sect, represented by Ning Ji, would only revere and fear Nie Tian.

With all seriousness, Nie Tian turned to Fang Yuan and said, “Senior Martial Brother, the mission of putting down the Primal Yang Sect’s rebellion was originally given to you. So why don’t you decide what you want to do with them? Wu Zhuri and Qi Jiaoyang’s fate will be yours to decide too, after they’re captured and brought back here.”

“I...” Fang Yuan wanted to say something, but gave up on second thought.

“It’s settled then,” Nie Tian said before he could finish. “I consumed too much power in my battle against Qi Jiaoyang. I need some time to recover and adjust myself.”

“I can make arrangements for you if you’ll just come with me,” Ning Ji hastily said.

“There’s no need for that.” Nie Tian waved his hand, signaling for him to stop catering to his needs, but instead wait for Fang Yuan’s orders.

Afterwards, he talked to Mo Li, Mo Qinglei, and the other Mo Clan and Heavenly Thunder Sect members, instructing them to obey Fang Yuan while he was gone.


He then turned around and flew off into the distance, leaving his Star Boat to Fang Yuan.

As soon as he did, the raging fireball left the fallen Primal Yang Heavenly Grand Formation and followed him away.

After a while, he stopped in a remote corner of the baked desert far from the Primal Yang Sect’s headquarters.


The fireball exploded, revealing the vigorous, spirited flame spark within it.

At the same time, the Flame Dragon Armor assumed its flame dragon form in front of Nie Tian, only much smaller than it should be.

After pondering for a few seconds, Nie Tian summoned the Star Behemoth bone as well.

“Flame spark, Flame Dragon Armor, Star Behemoth bone...” Nie Tian ran his eyes over them before deciding to communicate with the Flame Dragon Armor first. Without even resorting to soul communication, he simply asked, “Since you’ve regenerated your fleshly body and come back to life in a real sense, what do you plan to do next?”

The flame dragon that was only three meters long and looked like a fire serpent said in the human language, “Umm.. if you don’t mind, I’d like to continue to stay by your side.”

In a sincere way, it added, “My name is Agaz. That Felix you met in the Dead Star Sea was my older brother. Our father is Baptista, the high chieftain of the flame dragon race. I was playful when I was younger. I went to many human domains through spatial tunnels without permission, where I did things as I pleased and didn’t think about the consequences.

“As a result, I was killed. After being stripped of my blood, bones, and soul, I was refined and forged into the ‘Flame Dragon Armor’ by Shao Tianyang through a secret technique.

“Neither Lou Hongyan nor Pang Chicheng were able to resurrect me or help me rebuild my fleshly body. Only you could...”

After explaining his identity and his father’s status in the dragon race, Agaz went on to say that staying with Nie Tian would be helpful to the further upgrade of his bloodline.

Furthermore, the suit of armor still had secrets that he had yet to solve.

Firstly, it could open a portal to that magical land where multiple flame dragon skeletons were buried.

Secondly, the truth of flame power Shao Tianyang had vested the suit of armor with held endless secrets. If he could solve them all, it would also help his flame dragon bloodline to upgrade further. In fact, if he could do that, he might be able to explore a brand new path of bloodline development, which was different from his father’s.

After pondering for quite a while, Nie Tian said, “Now that you’ve decided to stay by my side, you’ll have to go all-out to help me in times of need. I can only promise that I won’t ask you to fight your own kind. Also, I’ll only continue to give you my power if you serve and fight for me.

“If you don’t agree to these terms, considering that we’ve been together for many years, I’ll take you back to your clan.”

Without much hesitation, Agaz said, “I’ll stay by your side.”

Nie Tian nodded. “Good.”

Though resurrected, Agaz’s flame dragon bloodline was only at the eighth grade at the moment. They way Nie Tian saw it, he might only be as strong as a late Void domain cultivator.

However, with the help of his bloodline talent Potential Stimulation, perhaps he would be able to contend against an early Saint domain cultivator.

Then, he turned to fix his eyes on the flame spark.

“Flame spark...”

He had felt striking changes in the flame spark ever since his life bloodline had entered the eighth grade and he used the newly-awakened Life Irrigation bloodline talent on it.

Before, the flame spark had seemed ethereal and intangible. It had possessed nothing but fierce flame power.

However, it now gave Nie Tian a peculiar feeling that it was a living being with flesh and blood.

Life Irrigation could be used on everything in this starry river, tangible or intangible. The recipients didn’t have to be living beings in fleshly form like the Flame Dragon Armor and the Star Behemoth bone.

“I first traded my Blood Essence for this flame spark from that Divine Flame. Now, having been vested with my Blood Essence, this flame spark seems to have transcended...”

Nie Tian examined the flame spark with rapt attention, and felt that it had become more and more similar to the Divine Flame that had destroyed the entire Domain of Flame’s End.

He even had a feeling that if this flame spark continued to grow, it might eventually become a doppelgänger of the Divine Flame and inherit all of its wonders.

Even if the Divine Flame died out one day, as long as this flame spark still existed, the legacy of the Divine Flame would live on.

In the future, the flame spark might become another Divine Flame, or perhaps an even higher existence.

“The Divine Flame was mighty enough to burn down every single realm in the Domain of Flame’s End.” The mere thought of the Divine Flame’s might made Nie Tian marvel inwardly.

“As for you, even though you’re still at an early stage, you can already kill Saint domain Qi warriors and burn their domains away.

“If you continue to grow, later when you encounter God domain experts that practice fire incantations, will you...?”

Having reached this point in his train of thought, Nie Tian suddenly sensed a subtle ripple in his sea of awareness.


He realized that the flame spark was responding to him in a way he couldn’t understand.

He didn’t even sense the existence of a soul inside the flame spark.

However, the flame spark did send him a wisp of aura, an affirmative aura!

“This wisp of flame aura represents your will, doesn’t it?!” Nie Tian was deeply shaken as he learned the flame spark’s attitude from that wisp of aura: As long as it continued to upgrade and become stronger, it would be able to overpower God domain experts that practiced fire incantations!

“Both the Flame Dragon Armor and the flame spark are growing stronger and stronger, so...”

Greatly spirited, Nie Tian fixed his eyes on the Star Behemoth bone. He wanted to communicate with it and see if its soul had awoken from its dormancy.

However, just as he was about to start, the Spirit Pearl flew out of his ring of holding on its own.

It made a demand for the first time.

It expressed its strong desire for Nie Tian to nourish its five evil spirits with his Blood Essence through Life Irrigation.

Nie Tian was confused. “They’re nothing but evil spirits. What good would my Blood Essence do them?”

However, after serious consideration, he took five drops of his Blood Essence and fed them to the five evil spirits through Life Irrigation.

The evil spirits immediately jumped on the five drops of Blood Essence and started devouring.