Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1225: Retaking the Primal Yang Sect

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Pang Chicheng!

The man was the former master of the Flame Dragon Armor, who had killed the Daughter of Flames and taken the Flame Dragon Armor from her.

Later, he had been trapped by other experts, where he had ignited the Flame Dragon Armor in order to escape.

In recent years, Nie Tian had heard his name on many occasions.

When the Thunder Devil Yuan Jiuchuan had been stranded in the space disruption zone and was barely hanging on, it was Pang Chicheng who had lifted him from his crisis, and even helped him make a series of breakthroughs in his cultivation.

Pang Chicheng had even arranged for Yuan Jiuchuan to meet Feng Beiluo from the Heavenly Corpse Sect so that he could become a member of that secret force.

Looking at the Flame Dragon Armor, Nie Tian sent out a wisp of his soul awareness. “You’re not still afraid of him, are you?”

“He’s the reason why I was refined for a second time.” The Flame Dragon Armor answered promptly. “I hadn’t reforged my flesh and blood back then, and his cultivation base hadn’t been very high. And all of my memories about him tell me that he’s a heartless lunatic with a twisted disposition.”

Nie Tian gave a soft chuckle. “I see. Perhaps you’ll see that lunatic again soon.”


Under the flame spark’s control, the fierce fireball eventually burned through the fiery ward of the Primal Yang Heavenly Grand Formation, and created an opening.

“Once an opening appears, it means the grand spell formation is broken,” Mo Qianfan said expressionlessly.

In the next moment, he morphed into a bolt of lightning that shot through the opening.


His dharma idol appeared over the Primal Yang Sect’s headquarters.

It had his exact same appearance, but was a thousand meters tall. With lightning bolts that looked like lightning dragons wrapped around its body and giant thunderballs in its hands, it looked like an ancient god that ruled lightning and thunder.

Many Qi warriors from the Primal Yang Sect and the other sects despaired in the face of Mo Qianfan’s dharma idol.

“God domain!”

“Mo Qianfan actually entered the God domain!”

“What should we do?!”

However, instead of launching attacks right away, Mo Qianfan’s dharma idol floated in midair, holding the Qi warriors from different parts of the Domain of Primal Yang in awe.

At this moment, the early God domain marked the peak strength in the Primal Yang Sect, and even throughout the entire Domain of Primal Yang.

If no other God domain human experts, tenth grade outsider grand monarchs, or Ancientspirits showed up, Mo Qianfan would be unmatched in battle.

The only reason Mo Qianfan hadn’t made any moves was because he was waiting for the Qi warriors from the Domain of Primal Yang to yield. A massacre wasn’t what he wanted.

Trembling, a slender early Saint domain Qi warrior took the initiative to step out of the Primal Yang Sect’s crowd towards Mo Qianfan’s dharma idol. He lowered his head to admit his mistake and said, “W-we, the Meng Yuan Sect, would like to return to the arms of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace! Our uprising was manipulated in the first place!”

“We, the Lu Clan, only came here to support the Primal Yang Sect because we were threatened. And we weren’t there when they attacked and imprisoned the fifth Son of the Stars, Fang Yuan, and his subordinates.” Another person stepped up and lowered his head.

“We...” People yielded one after another due to the breaking of the Primal Yang Heavenly Grand Formation and the appearance of Mo Qianfan’s dharma idol.

In a matter of minutes, six sects and clans from the Domain of Primal Yang recognized what needed to be done, and thus came out and dissociated themselves from the Primal Yang Sect.

Mo Qianfan let out a long laugh. “Good!”

In the blink of an eye, his magnificent dharma idol shifted to the pyramid-shaped mountain peak.


As it made a pulling motion towards the sky, a great chain of banded lightning bolts came to form. In seconds, it extended several kilometers and wrapped around the mountain peak like a whip.

“Godly lighting power! Rise!”

As Mo Qianfan formed a hand seal, countless magical symbols within the lightning chain that seemed to carry the profound truths of lightning power lit up.

The entire mountain peak where Fang Yuan and his subordinates were imprisoned was pulled up into the air by the great lightning chain.


In loud rumbles, the mountain peak slowly flew towards Mo Qianfan’s dharma idol.

At the same time, mighty lightning power eliminated all of the fiery spell formations on the outside and inside of the mountain peak, giving rise to violent explosions.

The explosion of the large cages finally freed Fang Yuan and his subordinates, along with rebels and villains from across the Domain of Primal Yang.


Nie Tian flew through the gradually widening opening in the Primal Yang Heavenly Grand Formation on his Star Boat.

The Star Boat dove to Fang Yuan’s location and caught him.

Fang Yuan’s eyes reddened. “Nie Tian!”

Somewhat ashamed, he said, “I lost our sect’s face. My intention was to talk some sense into the Primal Yang Sect and end their rebellion for our sect. Who would have thought that they would actually dare to imprison me?”

With these words, he shot a glance at Qi Jiaoyang, who was standing by Wu Zhuri in the distance.

With his domain burned away, Qi Jiaoyang’s cultivation base had already dropped to the Soul realm. Affected by the flame spark, his Golden Crow bloodline had also lost its usual might.

A bitter expression appeared on Fang Yuan’s face as he recalled the endless means and explosive power generated by the combination of his domain and bloodline when the two of them had fought.

The man who had defeated him had suffered such a sound defeat from Nie Tian. This was something he could never have imagined.

Had this little martial brother grown to be so powerful already?

“Pang Chicheng!” Wu Zhuri yelled the name into the rhino horn over and over again, hoping that Pang Chicheng would come to his rescue.

However, he didn’t receive a single word in response.

Yin Xingtian, the patriarch from the Streamcloud Sword Sect, frowned and thought hard to himself, “Pang Chicheng... Where have I heard this name? Isn’t he that traitor disciple of the Five Elements Sect for whom they issued a worldwide Flame God Arrest Warrant?”


Members of the Mo Clan and the Heavenly Thunder Sect streamed through the torn Primal Yang Heavenly Grand Formation before stopping by Nie Tian’s side.

Due to the snapping of the law of flame power that had been engraved in the palace walls, the so-called Primal Yang Heavenly Grand Formation had gradually lost its effect.

At this moment, this grand spell formation that had been revered by people from across the human world for hundreds of thousands of years officially perished.

A late Saint domain elder with untied red hair, red eyebrows, and a red beard suddenly stepped forward and called out, “The Primal Yang Sect wishes to resume its status as a subordinate force of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace! It was Wu Zhuri’s personal decision for our sect to rise up against the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace. I’ve always been against that decision.”

Wu Zhuri’s expression flickered drastically. “Elder Ning!”

As a well-respected elder of the Primal Yang Sect, Ning Ji had a grim look on his face as he continued to say to Nie Tian, as if he didn’t even hear him, “It was only because he’s the sectmaster and his voice represented our sect that we had to obey him. I also heard about his collusion with Pang Chicheng, a traitor of the Five Elements Sect.”

Upon hearing this, many members of the Primal Yang Sect who had been sitting on the fence gave up all resistance.

Disciples and elders of the Primal Yang Sect scrambled to jump out and claim that they had nothing to do with Wu Zhuri and Qi Jiaoyang.

“Qi Jiaoyang has an unknown background! We don’t even know where he inherited his Golden Crow bloodline!”

“Sectmaster Wu brought him back from one of his trips. He has nothing to do with the Domain of Primal Yang. We all suspected that he’s the sectmaster’s bastard!”

“I’ve long since noticed that there’s something wrong with Qi Jiaoyang. As a child, he only had the fire attribute. He didn’t awaken his Golden Crow bloodline until he was well into adulthood.”

“The two of them don’t get to represent the Primal Yang Sect. Perhaps they have some sort of connection to Pang Chicheng.”

One after another, they turned around and aimed at Wu Zhuri and Qi Jiaoyang.

After catching Fang Yuan, Nie Tian stood at the prow of his Star Boat. He took a glance around with narrowed eyes, then said to Fang Yuan, “Senior Martial Brother, since you’re free now, why don’t you take over from here?”

“Let’s get out of here!” As Wu Zhuri shouted, he and Qi Jiaoyang shot into the sky.