Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1223: Burning A Domain

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The head of the fire element sect, Shao Tianyang, had visited the Primal Yang Sect many years ago.

He had derived profound enlightenment regarding flame power from their Primal Yang Heavenly Grand Formation. Therefore, in return, he had left a number of fiery spell formations on the palaces in order to further increase the might of the grand spell formation.

It was said that Shao Tianyang was part of the reason why the Primal Yang Heavenly Grand Formation was so well-known.

On the other hand, Shao Tianyang had customized the Flame Dragon Armor for the Daughter of Flames, Lou Hongyan.

Considering that she was his only disciple, it was only natural that he had infused it with his lifetime understanding of flame power and the most profound flame power incantations he knew.

Now, a profound connection magically formed between the spell formations on different carriers, as they had been vested with the same profound truths of flame power by him.


Not only earthflame and sunflame, but large pieces of mysterious fiery patterns also separated themselves from the palaces and rose into the sky, as if they had come to life as well.

Every disciple of the Primal Yang Sect stood aghast upon seeing this.

Standing by one of the palaces, an elder of the Primal Yang Sect looked up and saw the flame dragon roar and charge into Qi Jiaoyang’s fire domain. He couldn’t help but exclaim, “Th-the Flame Dragon Armor was forged by the head of the fire element sect!”

Not everyone was aware of the fact that the Flame Dragon Armor was currently in Nie Tian’s hands.

Furthermore, in his early years, Nie Tian had been worried that the Five Elements Sect would try to take it back. Therefore, he had avoided using it in battle. Later, after the Star Behemoth bone had started to manifest its terrifying might, he had rarely resorted to it.

For these reasons, many disciples of the Primal Yang Sect had assumed that the Flame Dragon Armor was still missing.

The tips of Nie Tian’s eyebrows rose. “Flame Dragon Armor?!”

Even as its master, he was deeply surprised after examining the Flame Dragon Armor’s flesh aura with his bloodline power.

In his senses, instead of a spiritual tool, the Flame Dragon Armor seemed to have transformed into a living flame dragon in flesh and blood.

In a sense, the rapidly growing flame dragon had actually come back to life!

The Blood Core was its heart. The continuous infusion of his Blood Essence had allowed it to regenerate its Bloodline Crystal Chains and start beating again. Adding in the nourishment it had received from his bloodline aura, this flame dragon had finally come back to life in a real sense.

As for why the flame dragon still hadn’t left the suit of armor, part of the reason was because part of the suit of armor had been forged from its bones.

The rest of the armor had been forged from various types of fire-attributed metals Shao Tianyang had gone to great lengths to collect and infuse with his lifetime understanding of flame power.

The flame dragon yearned to derive enlightenment from such profound knowledge and merge it with its bloodline.

Furthermore, if it stayed with Nie Tian, it would continue to receive the nourishment of his flesh power and be gifted Nie Tian’s Blood Essence from time to time.

Nie Tian’s Blood Essence and flesh power had turned out to be extremely helpful, as they had greatly increased the speed at which its bloodline upgraded.

Now, it had already entered the eighth grade. It wouldn’t be long before it advanced to the ninth grade.

If it continued to receive Nie Tian’s Blood Essence and gather more flame power, it might even have a chance at breaking through into the tenth grade.

Having accompanied Nie Tian for many years and watched him grow, it knew better than anyone that Nie Tian’s bloodline was the most incredible!

For these reasons, it had even refused to return to its clan with its clan members on the floating continent.


Clad in wondrous armor, the flame dragon released fierce explosive flames upon charging into Qi Jiaoyang’s fire domain.

Immediately afterwards, the enlarged Three-legged Golden Crows and the flame dragon engaged in a battle within Qi Jiaoyang’s fire domain, where they clawed, bit, and cast bloodline magics at each other.

“In my domain, I’m the king!” Qi Jiaoyang roared.

As he wove his hands in the air, the suns hanging in the heavens of the Realm of Red Sun started to spray scorching sunflame, as if to burn the flame dragon to ashes.

Fighting the seven Three-legged Golden Crows single-handedly within Qi Jiaoyang’s domain, the flame dragon was already covered in golden flames.

Now, as sunflame poured down from the heavens, it felt an increasingly strong discomfort, even though it was an enormous fire-attributed being. At that moment, the mysterious fiery patterns on the flame dragon’s armor that Shao Tianyang had previously left on the palace walls were suddenly activated, and started to help the flame dragon defend against the sunflame and earthflame.

The flame dragon threw its head back and let out a roar!

The residue of Nie Tian’s Blood Essence in the deepest part of its heart then interacted with Nie Tian in a mysterious manner.

Nie Tian instantly received a message.

He snorted derisively. “Fire domain, Golden Crow bloodline... what else do you have?”

“I also have the assistance of the Primal Yang Heavenly Grand Formation!” Qi Jiaoyang answered aloud.

As he spoke, numerous flame clouds suddenly rose from the cluster of majestic palaces, each of which as large as the domain of a Void domain cultivator and filled with raging flames.

After they rose into the sky, it looked as if the entire heavens were burning. However, they continued to move about, as if they were going to form a certain secret formation.

Looking at the glowing red heavens, Mo Qianfan sensed the might of the grand spell formation, and had a peculiar feeling that subtle changes were even happening to the earth’s core and the heavens in this part of the realm.

“That’s a manifestation of the might of the Primal Yang Heavenly Grand Formation: the Sun-burning Red Clouds!”

Even he sensed danger.

“Flame power... Violent flame power...” However, as Nie Tian gave another cold snort, a tiny flame spark flew out from the tip of his left index finger.

As soon as it did, the temperature in the Realm of Red Sun changed.

The tiny orange flame spark shot skywards into the midst of the Sun-burning Red Clouds.

Upon contact with the orange flame spark, the Sun-burning Red Clouds, each of which as mighty as a Void domain cultivator, started to shrink at an alarming rate.


At the same time, numerous fiery strings shot out of the orange flame spark.

Any Sun-burning Red Clouds that were pierced by the fiery strings shrank rapidly, as if they were being drained of their flame power.

Within a very short period of time, every last Sun-burning Red Cloud that had risen from the Primal Yang Heavenly Grand Formation under Qi Jiaoyang’s command disappeared.


The orange flame spark suddenly expanded and split, morphing into a huge fireball.

As soon as the transformation finished, it shot towards Qi Jiaoyang and entered his fire domain in a flash.

Qi Jiaoyang, who was at the middle Void domain and carried the bloodline of the Three-legged Golden Crows, let out agonized wails as soon as the fireball broke into his domain.

Trembling, he attempted to escape from his own domain. However, it was already too late.

He could only watch the fireball burn and reduce his fire domain to pieces of burning rags that scattered in the wind.

Just like that, his domain was shattered.


Then, the fireball flew away. As a thought entered Nie Tian’s mind, it shot towards an early Saint domain elder of the Primal Yang Sect.

That elder also failed to stop the fireball from entering his domain.

Therefore, like Qi Jiaoyang’s domain, his domain was also destroyed in a short time. Before he could even struggle, every solid part of his domain was reduced to ashes.

The terror on the man’s face was even more intense than that on Qi Jiaoyang’s. “No!”

The large man attempted to run for his life. However, a tiny spark from the fireball touched him and set him on fire. No matter what he did, he couldn’t put the fire out.

Within seconds, the Saint domain expert was burned to ashes.

“Divine Flame! That’s the aura of the Divine Flame from the Domain of Flame’s End!”

Wu Zhuri from the Primal Yang Sect let out hysterical cries, ordering all the disciples of his sect to retreat into the Primal Yang Heavenly Grand Formation and hold fast.