Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1222: A Reborn Flame Dragon!

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As Qi Jiaoyang rose into the sky, his fire domain naturally spread out.

He was at the middle Void domain.

After his fire domain expanded to its full extent, seven suns could be seen within his illusory domain!

They were identical to the suns that were baking the Realm of Red Sun!


The seven Three-legged Golden Crows that had been branded on Qi Jiaoyang’s skin seemed to crow as his fire domain spread out.

At the same time, a subtle connection seemed to be established between the seven Three-legged Golden Crow totems and the seven suns within his domain.

The golden crow totems represented Qi Jiaoyang’s special bloodline: the Three-legged Golden Crows’ bloodline.

Void domain Qi warriors’ inner domains were refined and transformed from their spiritual seas, and all had different wonders. However, for Qi Jiaoyang, his bloodline and domain seemed to have formed a perfect combination.

At the palaces below that were protected by the Primal Yang Heavenly Grand Formation, experts from the other local sects in the Domain of Primal Yang exclaimed adoringly as they watched Qi Jiaoyang rise into the sky.

“No wonder the Primal Yang Sect refers to him as their unmatched chosen one! He’s bound to become a God domain expert some day!”

“Only someone like him can fight Sons of the Stars and win!”

“Qi Jiaoyang! Victory will be yours!”

The Primal Yang Sect wasn’t the only cultivator force in the Domain of Primal Yang. It was just that all of the other sects and clans acknowledged the Primal Yang Sect as their leader.

It was with their support that the Primal Yang Sect had imprisoned Fang Yuan and his subordinates. They had witnessed Qi Jiaoyang defeat Fang Yuan, and been convinced that the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace’s day had passed.

What they believed even more was that Qi Jiaoyang, who carried the bloodline of the Three-legged Golden Crows, was bound to become another God domain expert of the Primal Yang Sect.

Perhaps he would even become a God domain expert with a tenth grade bloodline!

That was because the Three-legged Golden Crows belonged to the Ancientbeast race, and the limit of their bloodline was the tenth grade!

Once Qi Jiaoyang’s bloodline advanced to the tenth grade and his cultivation base entered the God domain, who throughout the countless human domains would be able to suppress him?

The four great sects?

They might not even exist by then!

Astonishment filled Mo Qianfan’s face as he shook his head slightly and said, “The attributes of his bloodline and cultivation base match perfectly. And there seems to be a profound connection between his Three-legged Golden Crow bloodline and his fire domain. I’m afraid there isn’t another hybrid like him throughout this starry river.”

He couldn’t help but take a glance at Nie Tian, a worried look appearing in his eyes.

To this day, Nie Tian’s bloodline remained a mystery. However, everyone knew that he practiced star power, flame power, and wood power simultaneously.

Apparently, his bloodline didn’t agree with his cultivation attribute perfectly.

After all, there were three different types of spiritual cores in his spiritual sea.

However, what he didn’t have, Qi Jiaoyang had: a perfectly-matched bloodline and cultivation attribute!

Furthermore, as a hybrid, Qi Jiaoyang’s bloodline seemed to be at the seventh grade, and not far from entering the eighth grade.


All of a sudden, true earthflame and sunflame poured from the palaces that formed the Primal Yang Heavenly Grand Formation into Qi Jiaoyang’s domain, allowing it to expand further!

Yin Xingtian’s expression flickered. “He’s tapping into the Primal Yang Heavenly Grand Formation’s power already!”

A hint of worry appeared in his eyes as he turned to take a look at Nie Tian.

Li Wanfa, Zhang Qiling, and all of the Heavenly Thunder Sect and Mo Clan elders fell silent.

Not only was Qi Jiaoyang’s cultivation base higher than Nie Tian’s, but as a hybrid, his bloodline attribute agreed with his cultivation attribute perfectly. On top of that, he could draw power from the Primal Yang Heavenly Grand Formation.

He had so many advantages. Would Nie Tian be able to defeat him?

A derisive laugh escaped Nie Tian’s mouth. “Intense, violent flesh power and a seventh grade Three-legged Golden Crow bloodline... Your bloodline and golden crow totems allowed you to reforge your fleshly body. I can see that your body is exceptionally tough, and you have golden flames running through your meridians. I’ve got to say that I’m impressed.”

Looking surprised, Qi Jiaoyang fixed Nie Tian with a cold stare. “Keen perception.”

Nie Tian pointed at this chest, placing his finger on the Flame Dragon Armor with complicated mysterious patterns, and said, “This suit of armor is also of the fire attribute and came from an extraordinary background too. Wanna see if you can handle it?”


The Flame Dragon Armor suddenly separated itself from Nie Tian and rose into the air.

As it did, the suit of armor morphed into a burning crimson flame dragon that was close to a thousand meters long.

“The Flame Dragon Armor’s blazing aura is much fiercer now, after it has been repeatedly stimulated by my Blood Essence and absorbed a significant amount of flame power,” Nie Tian thought to himself. “It gives me a feeling that it’ll enter the ninth grade before long. Most importantly, it’s a suit of armor forged by the current head of the fire element sect. The countless profound fiery patterns engraved on its surface agree with it perfectly!”

The Flame Dragon Armor’s eighth grade flesh power roughly matched the spiritual power of a Void domain human cultivator. Adding in the wonders the head of the fire element sect had vested it, he believed that it would be able to break into Qi Jiaoyang’s fire domain.


The flame dragon transformed from the Flame Dragon Armor suddenly let out an explosive roar.

Even its scales could be seen with great clarity. Each and every one of them shone dazzlingly under the suns.

Some Heavenly Thunder Sect Qi warriors with fairly low cultivation bases stared unblinkingly at the flame dragon, baffling looks filling their faces. “Wasn’t it transformed from a suit of armor?”

Eyes narrowed, Yin Xingtian sensed with rapt attention and said, “It seems that suit of armor has stopped being just a spiritual tool long ago. Not only does it already have the soul aura of a flame dragon, but its flesh aura too. That core in the middle of its chest is probably the heart of a flame dragon, which has regenerated Bloodline Crystal Chains!

“A flame dragon’s soul aura, flesh aura, and heart! With all three of them, that suit of armor can be very well viewed as a reborn flame dragon!”

“You’re right! It can!” Mo Qianfan chimed in.


After coming to a place where it was a hundred meters away from Qi Jiaoyang, the thousand-meter-long flame dragon suddenly breathed forth a stream of flames.

Earthflame Crystal Strings and its bloodline power mixed, allowing numerous fiery patterns to appear in the stream of flames, as if to vest it with an ancient bloodline talent. “Flame Dragon’s Breath!”

Many fiery clouds within Qi Jiaoyang’s fire domain scattered and disappeared upon contact with the steam of flames.

At the same time, strange whistling sounds came from his fire domain as the illusory suns that looked like huge burning lanterns flickered strongly.

Seeing this, Mo Qianfan said in a low voice, “Flame dragons are a strong branch of the dragon race. For different branches, Dragon’s Breath has different wonders. The flame dragons’ Dragon Breath seems to have a strong subduing effect on humans’ domains. It’s just that the Three-legged Golden Crow bloodline is just as extraordinary.”

Almost as a response to his words, all of the seven Three-legged Golden Crow totems on Qi Jiaoyang’s body assumed a position where they spread their wings and prepared to soar into the sky.

At the same time, as Qi Jiaoyang stimulated his bloodline power, golden flames started to burn within his fire domain.

Sparkling golden spots gradually revealed themselves.

Upon first glance, they looked like drops of burning golden blood.

They were none other than Qi Jiaoyang’s Blood Essence!

The Blood Essence floated in eight different corners of Qi Jiaoyang’s fire domain, as if to stabilize it.

Immediately afterwards, Qi Jiaoyang’s fire domain recovered from the turbulence created by the Flame Dragon’s Breath.


All of a sudden, the seven Three-legged Golden Crows separated themselves from Qi Jiaoyang and flew out.

As soon as they did, the seven floating suns miraculously merged with them, allowing them to expand severalfold in size. Each and every one of them was god-like and full of wonder.

“It’s as if they’ve come to life!” Someone couldn’t help but exclaim, staring at the enlarged Three-legged Golden Crows. They felt as if a flock of Three-legged Golden Crows that had only existed in ancient times had somehow returned to this heaven and earth.

At this moment, the flame dragon opened its mouth and let out a long cry.

As everyone took a closer look at the flame dragon, they discovered that it was not only made of flesh and blood, but also clad in a set of naturally-formed armor.

The surface of the armor was engraved with extremely mysterious fiery patterns that seemed to carry the profound truths of flames.

The most surprising of all was that many fiery patterns on the walls of the palaces that formed the Primal Yang Heavenly Grand Formation seemed to be channeled by the flame dragon’s armor.

True earthflame and sunflame started to fuse into the flame dragon, greatly enhancing its might.

Wu Zhuri from the Primal Yang Sect shrieked. “How is this possible?!”

Then, he suddenly realized something. “The Flame Dragon Armor! The Flame Dragon Armor was forged by the head of the fire element sect! He helped add flame power spell formations to some of the palaces in order to increase the might of the Primal Yang Heavenly Grand Formation!”

A complicated look appeared on Yin Xingtian’s face. “Interesting.”