Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1221: Golden Crow Bloodline!

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Fang Yuan called out Nie Tian’s name repeatedly.

However, since he was too weak and exhausted, his voice was almost too weak to hear.

Besides, since the Saint domain experts from the Primal Yang Sect were talking aloud above the Primal Yang Heavenly Grand Formation, it was only natural that Fang Yuan’s voice was drowned out.

Nie Tian, who was looking down, suddenly jerked his head up to glare at Wu Zhuri, who was berating him on and on, and said, “Shut up!”

Wu Zhuri looked deeply insulted, with the flames of fury burning in the depths of his eyes. “How dare you talk to me with such an attitude? Even Chu Rui and Luo Wanxiang wouldn’t dare to treat me like this, not to mention you!”

The Primal Yang Sect possessed profound reserve power. As the sectmaster, he had been treated with respect whenever he had visited the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace.

Earlier, when Fang Yuan had first arrived, he had also greeted him humbly and treated him with the courtesy of a junior treating a senior.

However, as another Son of the Stars and the one that ranked the last, Nie Tian had commanded the Heavenly Thunder Sect starships to bombard their realm upon arriving.

Now, he actually told him to shut up?

Wu Zhuri was instantly enraged.

He was so furious that he actually laughed. “Good! What a tough guy you are!”

All of a sudden, his domain that was connected to the Primal Yang Heavenly Grand Formation changed, as if it suddenly became filled with blazing suns.

His burning domain continued to draw sunflame and earthflame power from the Primal Yang Heavenly Grand Formation.

The flame power within his domain blended with his soul awareness, condensing into fire-attributed spirit beasts, such as Heaven Flame Beasts, Earth Flame Beasts, Vermilion Birds, and Flame Spirit Birds, within his fire domain.

Some galloped, while others flew. All of them looked so lifelike and fierce that they seemed to be about to devour the heavens and split the earth.


One fire-attributed bird after another flew out of Wu Zhuri’s domain, dragging devilishly beautiful crimson light behind them.

“Sectmaster Wu, you’re at the late Saint domain. Isn’t it a bit inappropriate for you to make a move against Nie Tian?” With a cold smile, Mo Qianfan made a grabbing motion in the air. In the next moment, a cluster of lightning as large as a table condensed in midair.

Following a profound law, numerous lightning bolts interwove into a mysterious pattern within it, vesting it with an aura that was mighty enough to annihilate all lives.

“No need to help me.” With these words, Nie Tian suddenly flew past Mo Qianfan on his Star Boat, and came face-to-face with Wu Zhuri.


The Flame Dragon Armor flew out and clad itself on Nie Tian, torrential flame power rushing out of the flame spark and his flame power core into his ten fingers.

“Flaming Finger Swords!”

Numerous finger swords that were a condensation of flame power instantly shot towards the fiery birds that had flown out of Wu Zhuri’s domain.

Nie Tian’s understanding of the profound mysteries of flame power seemed to vest the mixture of flame power from the Flame Dragon Armor, the flame spark, and his own flame power with its own awareness.

Like divine weapons wielded by gods, the slender finger swords slashed forward.

As the finger swords slashed across the air, one fiery bird after another was shredded and reduced to sparks that filled the air, but soon perished.

“Hmm?!” A soft exclamation escaped Mo Qianfan’s mouth as he fixed Nie Tian with a flabbergasted look while holding the cluster of lightning.

Yin Xingtian, Li Wanfa, and Zhang Qiling all stood aghast. “This is...”

Only after all of the fiery birds vanished did they come out of their daze and exchange a glance with one another.

The three of them had never seen Nie Tian fight.

All they knew about him they had acquired from rumors.

This was the first time they had seen Nie Tian fight, and his opponent turned out to be the sectmaster of the Primal Yang Sect, Wu Zhuri!

Not only did the late Saint domain Wu Zhuri fail to severely injure Nie Tian with the flame souls he had been cultivating within his fire domain, but his flame souls ended up being annihilated by Nie Tian’s finger swords!

What was going on?


A heaven-shattering, earth-toppling flame aura suddenly erupted in the depths of Wu Zhuri’s fire domain, soon filling his domain with swirling streams of fiery light that seemed to carry the profound truths of flame power.

The flame souls within his domain then let out furious roars, as if they were undergoing a transformation.

“Enough!” Mo Qianfan suddenly let out a cold harrumph and took a step forward.

As he did, the space between him and Wu Zhuri seemed to collapse, giving rise to loud rumbles and countless lightning wisps that awed Wu Zhuri.

“With your seniority and cultivation base, you’re actually going all-out to fight Nie Tian? Aren’t you shameless?” Mo Qianfan shouted.

“Yeah.” Li Wanfa chimed in. “Sectmaster Wu, I heard that you have a peerless chosen one in your sect named Qi Jiaoyang. It’s said that he was the one who defeated Fang Yuan and gave your rebellion against the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace a push. It seems to me he should be the one to fight Nie Tian, not you.”

Zhang Qiling also nodded. “I think so too.”

The Heavenly Spirit Sect and the Ancient Law Sect were every bit as powerful as the Primal Yang Sect.

In fact, Zhang Qiling and Li Wanfa’s cultivation bases were even higher than Wu Zhuri’s. Otherwise, Wu Zhuri’s Primal Yang Sect wouldn’t have chosen to become a subordinate force of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace.

At the same time, Yin Xingtian from the Streamcloud Sword Sect also frowned and fixed Wu Zhuri with a despising look.

Wu Zhuri was well-aware of Yin Xingtian’s strength. He was even harder to deal with than Zhang Qiling and Li Wanfa.

Wu Zhuri grew hesitant. “The three of them are usually rather lofty, and even dare to refuse to give face to the four great sects sometimes. What made them come here together this time?”

Withholding his attacks, he looked down at Qi Jiaoyang, who was sitting atop the pyramid-shaped mountain peak. “Will he be able to handle Nie Tian?”

Without his brief engagement with Nie Tian, he would have believed with all his heart that Qi Jiaoyang would emerge victorious.

However, Nie Tian had managed to obliterate his flame souls. The flesh aura he sensed from Nie Tian’s finger swords even made him insecure and uneasy.

This made him start to question Qi Jiaoyang’s abilities.

“You’re right. Nie Tian’s opponent should be me.” Qi Jiaoyang said with a chuckle as he slowly rose into the air.


At the same time, the fiery patterns that covered his exposed upper body rapidly condensed and took the shape of spirit birds.

Upon a closer look, they seemed to be three-legged golden birds.

Yin Xingtian’s expression flickered with astonishment. “Those are Three-legged Golden Crows, an Ancientbeast race!”

A grim look appeared on his face for the first time. “Their bloodline power is even closer to the true power of the sun than the star power the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace studies! It’s said that the Three-legged Golden Crows have long since died out. Who would have thought...”

Mo Qianfan was also shocked by this. “I can’t believe the bloodline of an Ancientbeast race would appear in a human!”

As Qi Jiaoyang rose higher and higher, golden flames burned on him.

A total of seven Three-legged Golden Crow patterns came to form one after another on his chest, back, and abdomen.

Each and every one of them shone with golden light and burned with golden flames.

The most surprising of all was that a profound connection seemed to suddenly form between him and the seven suns that baked the Realm of Red Sun, as the originally dim sky suddenly lit up.

It was as if he was condensing the scattered sunflames into streaks of flames that fell from the heavens.

“Sun-channeling! This is a unique bloodline talent of the Three-legged Golden Crow!” Yin Xingtian exclaimed as he suddenly started to worry for Nie Tian. He suspected that the seven Three-legged Golden Crow patterns on Qi Jiaoyang’s exposed upper body had some sort of connection to the seven suns in the Realm of Red Sun.

Or perhaps the seven Three-legged Golden Crow patterns were totems Qi Jiaoyang had created by channeling and mixing the true flame from the suns with his own bloodline.

Perhaps that was why he was able to use them to activate a unique bloodline talent of the Three-legged Golden Crows and interact with the suns.

“Unbelievable!” Many members of the Mo Clan and the Heavenly Thunder Sect marveled, and suddenly realized that it made sense that Fang Yuan, as a Son of the Stars, would lose to him.

He carried the bloodline of the Three-legged Golden Crow. Then, as a hybrid, he had the same cultivation base as Fang Yuan. Besides, the battle had taken place in the Realm of Red Sun, where he could channel power from the seven suns with his bloodline talent. It seemed to have been a guaranteed loss for Fang Yuan.

However, would Nie Tian, who was recently in the limelight, be able to defeat him?

Qi Jiaoyang charged through the Primal Yang Heavenly Grand Formation. Bathed in blazing sunflame, he shouted with an imposing manner in a voice as resounding as a giant bell, “Nie Tian!”