Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1220: The Primal Yang Heavenly Grand Formation

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Thick pillars of lightning blasted from the pointy prows of the Heavenly Thunder Sect and Mo Clan starships.

Like lightning dragons from ancient times that shook off their shackles, they slammed directly into the sea of aura that was protecting the Realm of Red Sun.

Under the bombardment of the lightning pillars, the sea of glorious aura, which was the realm barrier of the Realm of Red Sun, turned out to be as fragile as paper, as it instantly became riddled with holes.

In the Realm of Red Sun...

A sea of lightning and thunder seemed to inundate the heavens, with devastating lightning bolts constantly flashing overhead.

In different parts of the realm, lightning bolts that were dozens of meters thick and thousands of meters long struck down from the heavens, as if to pierce through the entire realm.


All of a sudden, lands shook and mountains were rocked in every corner of the Realm of Red Sun.

In remote areas that were unprotected by the Primal Yang Sect’s palaces, the lands were charred by the lightning strikes, and lofty mountain peaks toppled as they were bombarded.

Vast open lands became riddled with deep holes.

Many of the fire-attributed spirit beasts and fowl the Primal Yang Sect had brought back from other domains over the past hundreds of thousands of years were engulfed in lightning and reduced to ashes.

Agonized whines filled every corner of the Realm of Red Sun.

Atop the pyramid-shaped mountain peak, Wu Zhuri trembled with anger. “The Heavenly Thunder Sect! How dare they?!”

Wisps of true sunflame flew out of the corners of his eyes to wreath him in raging flames.

The elders of the Primal Yang Sect gasped with astonishment as they looked at the sky.

When Fang Yuan had first arrived with his subordinates, he had tried peaceful means before resorting to force.

Who would have thought that the seventh Son of the Stars Nie Tian would dare to order his starships to bombard the Realm of Red Sun upon arrival, while they had Fang Yuan and his subordinates as their prisoners.

Such unscrupulous bombardment would most likely undermine the foundation of the Realm of Red Sun!

Since the Realm of Red Sun was the base on which the Primal Yang Sect had been built, if irreversible damage were to happen to it, the whole foundation of the Primal Yang Sect might be shaken.

Wu Zhuri went berserk as he put his hands in the air and ordered, “Fight back! Fight back!”

Immediately afterwards, starships that belonged to the Primal Yang Sect rose into the sky from the vast open desert where the Primal Yang Sect’s headquarters was located.

All of them had been forged from precious fire-attributed spiritual materials and had exquisite spell formations built within them, which not only allowed them to channel flame power from the suns and the core of the earth, but run on fire-attributed spirit stones as well.

Each and every starship was wreathed in raging flames as they sailed into the sky.

In the starry river, Mo Qianfan’s expression didn’t flicker in the slightest as he looked through the ripped realm barrier at the incoming starships that looked like giant fireballs. “The Primal Yang Sect has launched a counterattack.”

Off to the side, Yin Xingtian, Li Wanfa, and Zhang Qiling remained silent.

They couldn’t help but glance at Nie Tian from time to time.

A hint of apprehension and unease appeared in the depths of their eyes.

Originally, they had thought that Nie Tian would first try to pressure the Primal Yang Sect into releasing the prisoners and resuming their status as a law-abiding subordinate force with Mo Qianfan’s God domain might.

Who would have thought that he would give such a ruthless order before even setting foot on the Primal Yang Sect’s lands?

Complicated feelings rose in Yin Xingtian’s heart. “The Domain of Primal Yang was one of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace’s thirteen subordinate domains. By doing this, is he trying to force the Primal Yang Sect down this road of rebellion?”

Li Wanfa took a sideways glance at Nie Tian, and also thought to himself, “Such ruthless means... This is quite different from all the rumors about him.”


After accelerating for a while, the Primal Yang Sect starships finally entered the firing range of the Heavenly Thunder Sect starships.

Needless for Nie Tian to give instructions, Mo Qianfan, who had made up his mind, gave the order, “Fire at them!”

Pillars of lighting power then shot off the prows of the starships.

The starships from the Heavenly Thunder Sect and the Primal Yang Sect drew power through their built-in spell formations and bombarded each other with raging lightning and fire.

The disciples of the Primal Yang Sect gazed skywards, and saw a sea of lightning clashing with clusters of flames in the depths of the heavens, giving rise to violent explosions.

It was glorious, but full of danger.

As the starships exchanged attacks, Nie Tian summoned his Star Boat and jumped lightly onto it. “To the Primal Yang Sect.”

In the next moment, the Star Boat shot towards the Primal Yang Sect’s headquarters.

Mo Qianfan, Mo Li, the other Saint domain experts from the Heavenly Thunder Sect and the Mo Clan, along with Yin Xingtian, Li Wanfa, and Zhang Qiling, all activated their domains as they charged through the starship engagement zone towards the Primal Yang Sect’s headquarters.

After these experts’ domains spread out, they automatically neutralized and protected them from the blast waves created by the clashes between the starships.


Like falling stars and burning meteors, one blurry figure after another plunged from the heavens, enveloped in their domains.

Wu Zhuri’s expression flickered as he raised his arms and shouted at the top of his lungs, “Primal Yang Heavenly Grand Formation!”

As soon as he did, the majestic palaces that sat in the middle of a desert turned as red and scalding as heated iron.

Strange rumbling sounds came from the depths of the earth.

Deep underneath the earth’s surface, torrential flames roared through certain channels into the palaces.

At the same time, the fierce sunflame the palaces had taken in over the past thousands of years burst forth.

Earthflame and sunflame met and blended inside the palaces.

A red light that looked like morning glow rapidly rose and enveloped the entire Primal Yang Sect.

Though glorious, such light was a mixture of various types of destructive flame power, and was mighty enough to reduce anything in this world to ashes, tangible or intangible.

Mo Li sensed with his soul awareness as he plummeted towards the desert. In the next moment, fiery sparks sputtered in the depths of his eyes. “Such terrifying flame aura!”

His expression flickered with astonishment as he hastily withdrew his soul awareness and exclaimed, “The Primal Yang Heavenly Grand Formation is mighty indeed! I only tried to sense it with a wisp of my soul awareness, and my mind was scalded!”


Many Saint domain experts of the Heavenly Thunder Sect and the Mo Clan had to draw power from their domains to suppress the bizarre flame power invading their seas of awareness.

Like Mo Li, they had also attempted to sense the grand spell formation as they plunged from the sky.

“Don’t attempt to grasp the profundity of the Primal Yang Heavenly Grand Formation with your soul awareness!” Mo Qianfan called out. “This grand spell formation was built by a peerless patriarch of the Primal Yang Sect ages after his advance to the God domain. He was a prodigy in spell formations to start with. The grand spell formation established by him is bound to be exceedingly mighty!

“Even I don’t have total confidence in contending against this unmatched wondrous formation, much less you!

“This grand spell formation is part of the reason why the Primal Yang Sect dared to rise in defiance against the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace.”

The experts from the Heavenly Thunder Sect and the Mo Clans all nodded to show that they understood.

At this moment, Wu Zhuri rose into the sky from the top of the pyramid-shaped mountain peak, enveloped in his fire domain.“That’s close enough!”

He came to a stop in midair, where the bottom of his fire domain remained connected to the dome of the Primal Yang Sect’s ancient grand spell formation, and he faced Mo Qianfan, Nie Tian, and the others horizontally.

After him, other experts also rose up, enveloped in their fire domains.

All of them were Saint domain elders of the Primal Yang Sect with noble statuses.

Their fire domains also floated on the Primal Yang Heavenly Grand Formation, while remaining connected to it, as if they were tapping into the divine power of the grand spell formation.

“Hmm?” Mo Qianfan’s eyes suddenly widened, dozens of electric arcs flying out of his eyes to circle around Wu Zhuri and the Primal Yang Sect elders, as if they had their own awareness.

“No wonder this grand spell formation is famous throughout the human world, and even the four great sects marvel at its wonders.” Mo Qianfan was generous with his praise. “It’s said that even the head of the fire element sect once visited your sect and pointed out its unmatched wonders. Before, instead of me coming here, you usually went to the Domain of Endless Thunder. Even though this is not my first time visiting your sect, it’s the first time you’ve activated the grand spell formation for me.”

In earlier years, Mo Qianfan had visited the Primal Yang Sect many times in attempts to prevent the two sects from becoming as incompatible as fire and water.

Since he had been at the Saint domain back then, the Primal Yang Sect hadn’t even felt the need to activate the grand spell formation.

They had assumed that if Mo Qianfan had dared to try anything, their powerful experts would have been strong enough to overpower him.

Wu Zhuri let out a cold harrumph and said, “Anyone who hasn’t entered the God domain isn’t worthy for us to activate the Primal Yang Heavenly Grand Formation. As you know, the might of this grand spell formation was accumulated over a very long period of time, so we normally won’t use it unless it’s absolutely necessary. Congratulations on your advance to the God domain, Sectmaster Mo. I’ve got to say that you did a good job showing your strength, marching on my sect as soon as you entered the God domain!”

Mo Qianfan pointed at Nie Tian. “I came here because of him.”

Hearing this, Wu Zhuri and the others, who had long since seen Nie Tian, turned to fix their eyes on him.

However, Nie Tian, who was standing on his Star Boat, didn’t look back at them.

Instead, he looked down through the glorious dome at Fang Yuan, who was imprisoned close to the top of the pyramid-shaped mountain peak.

“Nie Tian.” Fang Yuan tried to shout his name, but the voice that came out of his mouth turned out to be as low as the buzz of a fly.

Having been forced to take spiritual sea-suppressing pills and scorched by the suns for so long, he had become extremely weak.