Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1215: Ice Soul Divine Sect

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Nie Tian waited for Mo Qianfan’s cultivation base to stabilize in the Heavenly Thunder Sect’s headquarters.

Many major sects in the neighboring domains had long since learned that Mo Qianfan had been seeking to break through into the God domain.

Many of them had been keeping a close watch on everything that happened in the Heavenly Thunder Sect.

Some of the minor sects and clans in the Domain of Endless Thunder were happy to keep secret connections with them.

Therefore, they had received word of Nie Tian’s sudden arrival in the Heavenly Thunder Sect via different ways shortly after it had happened.

Later, Nie Tian had charged into the heavens and activated the Nine Heavens Profound Thunder Divine Formation with a Profound Truths Crystal, allowing Mo Qianfan, who had been hanging by a thread, to stabilize his lightning domain. Then, with the help of the Nine Heavens Profound Thunder Divine Formation and the violent lightning power he channeled from the thunder pool, Mo Qianfan had finally finished the transformation of his domain and entered the God domain.

News like this spread like wildfire.

Not only the domains that were geographically close, but also those that had close connections to the Domain of Endless Thunder soon learned about it.


A starship that seemed to be a thousand meters long and forged from crystalline ice suddenly sailed through the realm barrier and appeared in the heavens. Sparkling with intoxicating icy light, it slowly sailed towards the Heavenly Thunder Sect’s headquarters.

On the mountaintop, the expressions of Mo Li, Mo Qinglei, and the other elders of the Heavenly Thunder Sect and the Mo Clan flickered.

“A starship from the Ice Soul Divine Sect!”

“It’s the Ice Soul Divine Sect from the Domain of Frigid Frost!”

“Why are they here?”

Many other Qi warriors from the Domain of Endless Thunder also noticed the starship in the sky, and watched it slowly approach.

Even Nie Tian was taken aback. “The Ice Soul Divine Sect, the Domain of Frigid Frost… I’ve heard of them. They seem to be a very powerful force in the human world.”

With a grim face, Mo Li said, “The Ice Soul Divine Sect’s understanding of cold power leads the entire human world. They’ve produced three remarkable God domain experts in their long history. One of them even reached the middle God domain. In their times, the Ice Soul Divine Sect’s influence was second only to the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, the Void Spirit Society, the Five Elements Sect, and the Heaven Span Pavilion.

“However, those God domain experts have long since passed. And the Ice Soul Divine Sect’s influence in the human world has fallen far behind the four great sects.

“But as the saying goes, a lean camel that dies of starvation is still larger than a horse. They’re still much more powerful than our sect.

“That’s because they have three late Saint domain experts.

“Besides, they haven’t sworn allegiance to any sect since the day they were founded. Even now, when they’re at their weakest, the four great sects aren’t strong enough for them to submit willingly.”

Mo Qinglei chimed in. “The Ice Soul Divine Sect never got along with the Primal Yang Sect. Even now, when they’re at their weakest, they’re still stronger than the Primal Yang Sect. In fact, the Primal Yang Sect only chose to become a subordinate sect of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace because they were suppressed and driven to despair by the Ice Soul Divine Sect.

“Without the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace backing them, the domain where the Primal Yang Sect is located would have been absorbed by the Ice Soul Divine Sect long ago...”

The two of them took turns to explain the Ice Soul Divine Sect’s profound reserve power to Nie Tian.

Nie Tian frowned slightly. “Is it okay for them to sail their starships to your sect in such an unscrupulous manner?”

Mo Li smiled bitterly and said, “They’re stronger than us after all. And unlike the Primal Yang Sect, we don’t have ancient great sects like the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace at our back.

“How’s your sect’s relationship with them?” Nie Tian asked.

“We each mind our own business and keep out of each other’s affairs,” Mo Li answered.


The enormous icy starship came to a stop in the vast open sky over the mountains where the Heavenly Thunder Sect’s headquarters sat.

At this moment, the Nine Heavens Profound Thunder Divine Formation had already stopped working, leaving only the thunder pool in the heavens being channeled of its lightning power by Mo Qianfan.


A graceful, cold beauty that had the quality of a snow lotus flew lightly from the berthed ice-forged starship.

As soon as she appeared, all of the elders and disciples of the Heavenly Thunder Sect, the Mo Clan, and the other local forces in the Domain of Endless Thunder felt as if their world suddenly lit up.

Almost every male Qi warrior had intoxicated looks on their faces.

At the same time, all of the talented young women from across the Domain of Endless Thunder who had great confidence in their appearances and charms felt outshone.

People started to whisper in each other’s ears.

“So many years have passed, and she’s still so glorious!”

“It’s like wherever she goes, all the other women will pale in comparison!”

“Exactly. That’s the Ice Soul Divine Daughter, Ling Bingyun!”

Even Nie Tian couldn’t help but turn to look at her.

He saw the cold beauty, like a goddess from a painting, escorted by several white-robed young female disciples of the Ice Soul Divine Sect in the same way the moon was surrounded by stars as she flew over from the starship.

At the same time, pleasant music echoed out from the starship as translucent, sparkling snowflakes fell from the heavens.

All of a sudden, the heaven and earth where the Heavenly Thunder Sect was located seemed to turn into a world of ice and snow, completely subject to the influence of her domain, power, and will.

Ling Bingyun, a late Saint domain expert, was only one step away from entering the God domain.

Even though she wasn’t a young woman anymore, her appearance hadn’t changed at all over the past thousands of years. Who knew how many powerful male experts from across the human domains had pursued her.

Many were even willing to die for her just to win a few words of approval or appreciation from her.

The term ‘dangerous beauty’ was used to describe women like her.

“Ling Bingyun, the sectmaster of the Ice Soul Divine Sect, is said to be the human expert with most profound understanding of cold power,” Nie Tian muttered to himself, gradually recovering from his astonishment.

He had to admit that this Ling Bingyun was the most beautiful woman he had seen his entire life.

Technically speaking, Ling Bingyun was from the same generation as Mo Qianfan, Mo Li, and Mo Heng.

However, as Nie Tian secretly examined her with his life bloodline, he discovered, to his surprise, that she was actually much younger than Mo Qianfan or Mo Li.

Ling Bingyun came to a stop on a lotus made of crystalline ice and said, “I was passing through the Domain of Endless Thunder when I heard that Sectmaster Mo’s breakthrough into the God domain turned out to be a success, so I came here to give you my congratulations.”

With her icy bright eyes, she first glanced up at the heavens, then ran her gaze over the crowd, as if she were looking for someone.

Seconds later, her icy gaze landed on Nie Tian and stopped there.

In a natural manner, an icy aura flew out of her eyes to fill the part of heaven and earth where Nie Tian was standing.

Even Mo Li and Mo Qinglei, who were standing close to Nie Tian, were startled, and jumped back subconsciously.

In the next moment, Mo Li realized what was happening and exclaimed, “Sectmaster Ling! You’re welcome if you’re here to congratulate our clanmaster. However, the one you’re looking at is our honored guest! How do you dare to be so disrespectful? Do you attach no significance to the Mo Clan or the Heavenly Thunder Sect?”

Still calm and composed, Ling Bingyun said, “To be honest, I didn’t attach any significance to the Heavenly Thunder Sect before. But since Mo Qianfan has entered the God domain, I suppose your sect’s strength matches mine now. Besides, do you think I don’t know who that is?”

“If you do, then why are you doing this?” Mo Li asked sternly.

“I’m only curious about how extraordinary and unique Nie Tian, whose name has recently spread throughout the human world, actually is,” Ling Bingyun said.

With these words, a frosty light flashed across her eyes as an exquisite incantation took effect.


The frigid power in her eyes froze Nie Tian’s robust body bit by bit.

In a matter of seconds, Nie Tian was completely frozen and trapped in a huge block of ice that exuded a terrifying frosty aura.

Frozen in the ice, Nie Tian couldn’t close his eyes, and thus remained in the stance where he stared back at Ling Bingyun.

A hint of disdain appeared in Ling Bingyun’s icy eyes as she said, “I heard that the seventh Son of the Stars defeated Patriarch Pure Heaven in the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries shortly before coming to the Domain of Endless Thunder. I met Patriarch Pure Heaven, who’s at the middle Saint domain, once ages ago. I know how strong he is, and what kind of person he is.

“So I refused to believe that Patriarch Pure Heaven lost when I received the word.

“I bet he finally understood that his Pure Heaven Sect was in an irresistible trend, where he had no choice but to join Nie Tian’s force as the rest of the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries did.

“So he lost intentionally.”

Ling Bingyun shook her head slightly, convinced that Patriarch Pure Heaven had lost intentionally for the sake of his sect.