Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1213: Achieving God Domain

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Nie Tian took a breath and grinned. “Your clan’s affairs are for you to deal with. I’m not here to listen to you say these things.

“You’re not at the end of your rope yet! It’s your lucky day. I happen to have a lightning-attributed Profound Truths Crystal on me. Now that I’m here in the Domain of Endless Thunder, and you’re in the middle of your attempt to enter the God domain...”

Mo Qianfan was baffled. “What are you talking about?”

“I’m saying that I’m here to help you enter the God domain,” Nie Tian said, smiling.

Instead of being ecstatically taken aback, Mo Qianfan frowned.

He didn’t believe a single word that came out of Nie Tian’s mouth.

Even the late God domain sectmasters of the four great sects most likely didn’t have the ability to help him enter the God domain, much less Nie Tian.

Perhaps only that middle God domain former sectmaster of the lightning element sect would have been able to work such a miracle with his lightning-attributed divine tool.

However, he had died long before Zheng Yi had assumed power.

Nie Tian knew that if he didn’t take the powerful magical treasure out, Mo Qianfan wouldn’t believe him no matter what he said, so he did, and said, “This Profound Truths Crystal was refined from the Bloodline Crystal Chains of a tenth grade Thunder-devouring Whale’s heart. The tenth grade Thunder-devouring Whale was a lightning-attributed Ancientbeast. With its flesh aura, it created a small heaven and earth, with which it had devoured and refined numerous thunder pools.

“The depths of its bloodline are branded with the most profound mysteries of lightning power, along with its lifetime enlightenment.

“It’s the crystallization of its whole life.”

With these words, the Profound Truths Crystal flew in Mo Qianfan’s direction.

Surprisingly, as soon as it left Nie Tian’s palm, it seemed to establish a wondrous connection to this part of heaven and earth.


Instead of flying directly towards Mo Qianfan, the mysterious crystal shot upwards, and merged with the thunder pool that took up this area of the sky.

Immediately afterwards, a heaven-shaking, earth-shattering rumble rose from the mountains where the Heavenly Thunder Sect’s headquarters was located.

One lofty mountain peak after another was wreathed in cyan lightning bolts. Enveloped in dazzling light, pillars of lightning blasted skywards!


Even the mountaintop where Mo Li, Mo Qianfan, and many others were gathered was overtaken by wondrous changes.

The cyan stones they were standing on became translucent and filled with lightning, as if they had turned into cyan jades that carried the lightning attribute.

A pillar of blinding light shot skywards from the mountaintop filled with cyan stones. As people looked down, they could see complicated networks of lightning bolts within the stones that looked like human meridians.

Mo Qinglei’s expression flickered drastically, his whole body trembling nonstop, as if he was facing something extremely unreal. “It’s our sect’s most ancient grand spell formation that’s said to never have been activated again: the Nine Heavens Profound Thunder Divine Formation!”

Mo Li was confused. “What? What divine formation?”

The Mo Clan had only assumed a firm foothold in the Domain of Endless Thunder after Mo Qianfan had become the sectmaster of the Heavenly Thunder Sect.

Before that, the Mo Clan hadn’t had any connections with the Heavenly Thunder Sect.

The Heavenly Thunder Sect had a rather long history, in which they had even produced a God domain expert once.

While Mo Qinglei knew the Heavenly Thunder Sect’s top secrets, Mo Li, as a member of the Mo Clan but not the Heavenly Thunder Sect, didn’t.

An elder of the Cao Clan, which also had a long history in the Domain of Endless Thunder, exclaimed, “It’s the Nine Heavens Profound Thunder Divine Formation! The divine formation was built by the third sectmaster of the Heavenly Thunder Sect, who was the Heavenly Thunder Sect’s one and only God domain expert!

“He was also the only one who could activate the grand spell formation.

“Ever since his death, the Nine Heavens Profound Thunder Divine Formation has lain dormant. None of the sectmasters after him were able to break through into the God domain. They thought of every possible method, but all of their efforts to activate the divine formation failed.

“If they were able to activate it when Zheng Yi from the lightning element sect and the Thunder Devil Yuan Jiuchuan invaded the Heavenly Thunder Sect, those two would have probably been bombarded to death already!

“It’s said that this divine formation is mighty enough to annihilate middle God domain experts. However, it can only manifest its full might if it’s activated and controlled by a middle God domain expert who understands the profound truths of lightning power!”

Mo Li gasped with astonishment. “The Nine Heavens Profound Thunder Divine Formation! Then how come this spell formation was suddenly activated for no reason?”

“Nie Tian is the reason!” Mo Qinglei exclaimed.

Mo Li hadn’t sensed it when the Profound Truths Crystal that was branded with the profound truths of lightning power had charged into the thunder pool in the heavens. However, Mo Qinglei, who was well-versed in lightning power and held a powerful lightning-attributed treasure, had sensed it.

He knew that something had left Nie Tian’s palm and flown into the thunder pool.

Immediately afterwards, the Heavenly Thunder Sect’s legendary Nine Heavens Profound Thunder Divine Formation, which could only be activated by God domain experts, burst into life.

In the surrounding mountains, numerous lightning pillars rose into the heavens, connecting to the thunder pool and binding this area of space.

Countless wisps of translucent, sparkling lightning auras gathered power from the thunder pool and the lightning pillars, gradually morphing into the tenth grade Thunder-devouring Whale’s bloodline imprints and condensing into thick Bloodline Crystal Chains. Then, like lightning bolts, they struck down onto Mo Qianfan’s lightning altar and vanished into his body.

Sitting on the lightning altar, Mo Qianfan shook violently.

In the depths of his widened, ecstasy-brimmed eyes, forked lightning bolts could be seen flashing from time to time.

Upon a closer look, those forked lightning bolts were actually made of countless fine Bloodline Crystal Chains that had been refined from the tenth grade Thunder-devouring Whale’s heart.

They carried the profound truths of lightning power the Thunder-devouring Whale had derived in its lifetime!

Mo Qianfan, who was sitting in the lotus position, sprang to his feet! “The essence of a mighty tenth grade Thunder-devouring Whale!”

The moment he did, every Qi warrior and spirit beast from every corner of the Domain of Endless Thunder that practiced lighting power sensed something.

A god of lightning and thunder was born in this heaven and earth!

The God domain was achieved!

No words were needed. Every Qi warrior that practiced lightning incantations knew that Mo Qianfan had broken through into the God domain.

After Mo Qianfan rose to his feet, heaven and earth changed. Every thundercloud and every piece of lightning-wreathed land throughout the Domain of Endless Thunder seemed to become his to command.

It was as if with a thought, he would be able to cause violent changes in those wondrous places.

“That’s it! That’s the feeling!” Mo Qinglei shouted in a distorted voice.


Mo Qianfan reached out with one hand, and the shrunken Profound Truths Crystal was peeled from the thunder pool in the heavens.

After falling in his palm, the crystal blossomed with countless Bloodline Crystal Chains that were as fine as hairs. Then, he quickly pressed it onto his forehead, allowing it to fuse into his mind, where he continued to derive enlightenment from it.

Immediately afterwards, the thunder pool in the sky and the lightning pillars that were shooting from the mountaintops all gathered into his lightning domain.

As this happened, his domain underwent changes. Rings of misty divine light gradually condensed over the lightning altar. As the rings shrank, changes took place within Mo Qianfan.

“Dharma idol! He’s forging his dharma idol by relying on his newly-derived enlightenment about lightning power!”

“Only after entering the God domain can a cultivator condense his dharma idol! I really didn’t expect Sectmaster Mo to be able to enter the God domain and become a god of lightning and thunder in his lifetime!”

“Wasn’t he about to fail just now?”

“Didn’t things go wrong with him merging with the thunder pool? He was clearly failing, yet the situation was miraculously turned around, with even the Nine Heavens Profound Thunder Divine Formation activated... Was that all because of that Son of the Stars?”

“Who else can it be?”


At this moment, Nie Tian plunged from the heavens and landed between Mo Li and Mo Qinglei.

Without any hesitation, Mo Qinglei got down on one knee and bowed his head towards Nie Tian. “Allow me to thank you on behalf of my father, the Heavenly Thunder Sect, and the Mo Clan! If it weren’t for you, not only would my father have failed to enter the God domain, but he would have died beyond salvation.

“Both the Heavenly Thunder Sect and the Mo Clan owe you a big favor. On my father’s behalf, I promise that from now on, we’ll answer your summons and do everything within our power if you ever need us!”

Mo Li joined in. “The same goes for the Mo Clan!”

Upon hearing these words, all of the experts from the local forces from the Domain of Endless Thunder gasped with astonishment.

Even though Mo Li and Mo Qinglei didn’t say that they would become Nie Tian’s subordinates, how was what they had promised different from them becoming Nie Tian’s subordinates?

As long as Nie Tian said the words, the Heavenly Thunder Sect and the Mo Clan would do everything they could for him!

Their promises meant that Nie Tian now had a very strong pull on both the Heavenly Thunder Sect and the Mo Clan.