Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1208: Evil Spirit Chant

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It was because the Divine Flame had burned down the entire Domain of Flame’s End that the Divine Flame Sect had been named after it.

Their founder had been from the Domain of Flame’s End and had frantically worshiped that mysterious Divine Flame.

As the current sectmaster of the Divine Flame Sect, Zhongli Jian had read many ancient records kept in their sect. From their description, he had learned about that Divine Flame’s unique aura.

They referred to the Divine Flame as the spirit of flames.

The flame spark the Divine Flame had gifted Nie Tian carried the Divine Flame’s unique aura. Now, as Nie Tian vested it with his Blood Essence through Life Irrigation, the flame spark seemed to be raised to a whole new level, so much so that it could now manifest the Divine Flame’s might to a certain extent.

Life Irrigation, which had been awakened after Nie Tian’s bloodline had entered the eighth grade, and Life Grant, which had been awakened after Nie Tian’s bloodline had entered the seventh grade, were basically two different methods leading to the same result.

One major difference was that Life Grant could only be used on living beings in flesh and blood. For instance, it could be used to extend the lifespan of humans like Master Blood Spirit.

When used on hybrids with exceptionally tough bodies like Pei Qiqi, it could help refine their bodies, expand their acupoints, and improve their bodily strength.

Life Irrigation, however, could further refine his Blood Essence before using it on magical objects like the Nine Stars Flower, the Godspirit Tree, and the flame spark.

Under the wondrous effect of this bloodline talent, the potential of the Nine Stars Flower, the Godspirit Tree, and the flame spark would be pushed to the limit. Even their growth and upgrade speed would be accelerated.

This was what made Life Irrigation truly amazing.

If the Godspirit Tree was a Heaven Nourished grade spiritual material, then Life Irrigation would be able to help it develop its intelligence and induce fundamental changes within it.

The same went for the flame spark.


The flames released by the Flame Dragon Armor, Nie Tian’s flesh aura, and the flame spark had merged in a profound manner.

The raging flames enveloped Nie Tian like a sea of crimson flames. Like a god of flames, he suddenly stared at one of the incoming Pure Heaven Arcane Orbs.

“Flame Dragon’s Cry!”

A blazing current that looked like a lava river rapidly condensed in the sea of crimson flames and morphed into a lifelike roaring flame dragon.

The flame dragon twisted its body as it rammed into the arcane orb with enough power to split the heavens.


The mighty collision gave rise to countless fiery sparks, along with waves of gray energy that spread far and wide.

The vacant space above the Seven-star Blue Sea seemed to suddenly collapse, as curious lights fell into the sea like a meteor shower.

The collision even created huge waves on the azure sea once again.

“Flaming Finger Swords!”

As Nie Tian exclaimed in a deep voice, ten blazing sword lights shot out of his fingers towards the other Pure Heaven Arcane Orbs like heaven-reaching pillars of crimson flames, with enough power to burn down realms and reduce living beings to ashes.

Under the amplifying effect of the flame spark and the Flame Dragon Armor, this Earth grade magic manifested unmatched might.

Every observer gasped with astonishment upon seeing the endless wonders and changes Nie Tian displayed with his exquisite magics and incantations.


Bombarded by Nie Tian’s devastating fiery magics, the Pure Heaven Spell Formation Patriarch Pure Heaven had formed with his eight Pure Heaven Arcane Orbs could no longer endure.


The eight arcane orbs clashed with each other a few times before suddenly flying back to Patriarch Pure Heaven.

Patriarch Pure Heaven panted heavily, his face taking on a shade of unhealthy red.

Grayish-brown currents started flying about chaotically within his misty gray domain, so much so that he had to stabilize it with his spiritual power and soul power.

Sensing the turbulence within his domain and the great changes within the eight Pure Heaven Arcane Orbs that had profound connections with his domain, Patriarch Pure Heaven marveled inwardly, “As I expected, the kid does possess extraordinary power!”

Even though Nie Tian hadn’t entered the Void domain yet, he was already strong enough to contend against him by relying on his bloodline power, the might of the Flame Dragon Armor, and the wonders of the flame spark.

Plus, Nie Tian hadn’t even used the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace’s many secret magics yet.

“Spirit Pearl!” Nie Tian exclaimed softly, summoning the uncanny pearl he had obtained from the Phantasms.


The five powerful evil spirits flew swirling out of the pearl, like devils that had long since perished in the long river of history and been worshiped by the Phantasms for countless years that were now summoned.

Waves of grudges, fear, despair, bloodlust, and rage, the five extreme negative emotions, immediately spread through heaven and earth.

In the Shatter Battlefield, the five evil spirits had captured and devoured numerous vicious discarnate souls within the Star Behemoth’s head, strengthening themselves to a great extent.

Therefore, their strength had already risen to a terrifying new level.

Now as Nie Tian looked at them with rapt attention, he discovered that they seemed to actually have some sort of connection to the ancient evil spirits worshiped by the Phantasms.

In the blink of an eye, the five of them charged into Patriarch Pure Heaven’s domain.

Patriarch Pure Heaven’s domain had been forged with his refined spiritual power, soul power, his understanding of various incantations, and a wide array of precious materials.

As soon as the five evil spirits entered Patriarch Pure Heaven’s domain, he felt as if his sea of awareness was being gnawed at.

He instantly lost his composure, so much so that he forgot all about forming spell formations with his Pure Heaven Arcane Orbs, but instead focusing all of his soul awareness and soul power on dealing with the five evil spirits.

Even though the five evil spirits weren’t flesh and blood, their soul bodies were a few hundred meters tall.

Like five gigantic monsters from the Desolate Antiquity Era, they ravaged Patriarch Pure Heaven’s domain, especially targeting every wisp of his soul awareness.

The five negative emotions stormed Patriarch Pure Heaven’s mind like huge waves.

Fear, grudges, bloodlust, rage, and despair flashed across the depths of his pupils.

Soon, before he knew it, his mind was sacked under the five evil spirits’ waves of soul attacks.


The Spirit Pearl floated ethereally towards his domain. The pearl’s soul, which was the strongest of all, finally got to work.

Misty cyan light fell out of the sky on Patriarch Pure Heaven.

Patriarch Pure Heaven slowly closed his eyes, as if his true soul was gradually tied down by the Spirit Pearl’s strength.

Then, remote chants that only Nie Tian could hear came from the Spirit Pearl one after another.

It was as if the Phantasms’ ancient ancestors, generations of evil gods, had been resurrected, and let out soul-suppressing chants simultaneously.

This was a soul magic the Spirit Pearl hadn’t been able to use before: Evil Spirit Chants!

Like countless butterflies, the Phantasms’ most ancient magical symbols flew in the depths of Patriarch Pure Heaven’s sea of awareness. Each and every one of them was branded with profound incantations from Phantasm scriptures and the profound truths of soul power.

Muddleheaded, Patriarch Pure Heaven had long since lost himself and forgotten who he was.

Even though Zhongli Jian, Dong Qisong, and the others who were observing from afar couldn’t hear the Evil Spirit Chants, they experienced mild stabbing pain in their minds.

It was as if only by looking at the Spirit Pearl, they were influenced by the misty cyan light it released.

They forced themselves to avert their eyes from the Spirit Pearl.

Eyes narrowed, Zhao Shanling muttered, “It’s no longer necessary for this battle to continue.”

Then, he cleared his throat and called out to Nie Tian, “Patriarch Pure Heaven has already lost himself. If this battle goes on, he may even lose his soul.”

Upon hearing his words, everyone looked at Patriarch Pure Heaven with rapt attention, and discovered that Zhao Shanling was right.

Patriarch Pure Heaven seemed to have already lost control of his soul and looked like a different person.

“Alright then.” Nie Tian lifted his hand to withdraw the Spirit Pearl. As he did, the five evil spirits morphed into streaks of gray light that flew out from the depths of Patriarch Pure Heaven’s domain.

The experts from the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries broke into a clamorous discussion. Each and every one of them looked shocked and baffled.

“Patriarch Pure Heaven lost just like that?”

“That was far too easy, wasn’t it?!”

“He’s at the Saint domain! Even now, he’s probably still the strongest Qi warrior throughout the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries!”

“Nie Tian is already strong enough to defeat Saint domain experts? But he’s only at the late Soul realm. He hasn’t even entered the Void domain yet!”

Among them, Mu Biqiong had a rather complicated look in her eyes as she gazed off at Nie Tian.

She had considered Nie Tian her strongest opponent the whole time. For this reason, she had been working hard and never slacked off.

She had believed that with the help of the mysterious coexisting flowers inside her, her future achievements might not necessarily be lower than his if she gave her best.

However, at this moment, she felt deeply powerless and frustrated.

Battered out of her wits, she mumbled to herself, “I can’t believe a legend that has lasted thousands of years in the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries, Patriarch Pure Heaven, lost just like that… That guy is such a freak... will I ever be able to catch up to him?”

“I really didn’t expect that bastard to have already become so powerful,” Qiao Yunxi from the Divine Flame Sect muttered. Mixed emotions rose in her heart.

Even Yin Yanan smiled bitterly and shook her head. “It seems I underestimated him again. I thought that with the help of my Frost Blood Python, I’d be able to handle him in battle... Hmm... I was being too naive.”