Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1206: Unusual Scene at Sea Bottom

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Even enveloped in the divine light released by the Voidspirit Pagoda, Zhao Shanling found it extremely hard to sink to the depths of the sea.

Spatial power condensed into wisps of dazzling light that swam around him like a shoal of sparkling fish.


However, the wisps of light were disappearing at an alarming rate, as if something were refining them.

He had anxiety written all over face. His worry for Nie Tian filled his eyes.

Nie Tian was taken aback.

Enveloped in the glowing blue sphere, he withdrew his focus from his bloodline aura in his heart and glanced at the deep sea around him with rapt attention.

Strange scenes caught his eyes.

Illusory images that seemed like mirages would appear in the deep sea around him from time to time. They were usually distinctive when they first appeared, but would then rapidly blur and fade away.

There was an illusory image of a quiet arcane realm dotted with clear lakes that looked like emerald jades.

Another image presented a heaven and earth filled with dazzling golden light. The mountains, plains, and heavens were all bathed in divine golden light, as if the entire realm was forged from gold.

There was also an image of a fiery realm where lava rivers stretched thousands of kilometers. Even earth and heaven seemed to be burning. A mere look at them would make one feel scorched.

Another image presented a gruesome realm where raging Demon Qi pervaded the land, corpses were piled up into mountains, and the howls of evil spirits filled the air.

However, of all of the illusory images, Nie Tian found one the most astonishing. It was an image of a heaven and earth where thunder pools floated in the sky, filling the air with lightning and thunder.

It was none other than the small dimension that had transformed from that tenth grade Thunder-devouring Whale’s flesh aura!

However, hadn’t that dimension fallen apart and sunken into the Seven-star Blue Sea?

Just earlier, he had watched the thunder pools vanish, as if they had dissolved and fused into this vast mysterious sea surrounded by seven dead stars.

Why would the perished dimension reappear in the depths of the sea?

“If that dimension has actually reappeared in the depths, what does it make the illusory images of the other mysterious realms?” After pondering for a moment, Nie Tian’s expression flickered. “Don’t tell me that all of these heaven and earths that look like mirages existed once, but have perished and become a part of this sea!”

A violent shudder ran through Nie Tian.

“Taking perished arcane realms and small dimensions into itself... Can this Seven-star Blue Sea be more mystical? Those Stone Golems came from somewhere at the bottom of the Seven-star Blue Sea. Upon their sudden appearance, they charged through the sea’s surface and off to the Shatter Battlefield.

“The Stone Golem race had disappeared for countless years. Where had they been all this time?

“Is it possible that there are special tunnels at the bottom of the Seven-star Blue Sea that connect to other parts of the starry river?

“Could there be an entrance to the ‘new world’ the Heavenly Corpse Sect, the Nether Spirit Society, and other crooked sects talked about at the sea bottom?”

Questions and thoughts exploded in Nie Tian’s mind. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t comb through them.

At this moment, he suddenly noticed that Zhao Shanling seemed to have reached his limit, and couldn’t descend another inch.

Wielding the Voidspirit Pagoda, he stopped in a place about a hundred meters above him, and repeatedly beckoned for him to leave the depths of the sea.

Seeing this, he stopped descending in the glowing blue sphere.

As more and more Bloodline Crystal Chains formed within his heart, a second bloodline talent was on the verge of being awakened.

That was when he noticed a large bright spot in the distance. After flickering a few times, it suddenly exploded, sending out waves that he could only see, but not feel.

However, for some reason, a strong sense of danger overtook him the moment the blindingly bright spot exploded.

He had a peculiar feeling that Saint or even early God domain experts would perish, body and soul, if they were in that bright spot when it exploded.

“That must be what’s been worrying Zhao Shanling.” He instantly realized what was happening, his expression flickering. “Such devastating power... If I was close to it, I’d probably die a miserable death. At least considering my current strength, I won’t be able to survive an explosion so mighty.”

Upon coming to this realization, he attempted to move his arms and legs and circulate his bloodline aura.

A few dozen crimson flesh auras then flew out of him to slowly pull him upwards.

Everything happened smoothly.

Enveloped and protected by the glowing blue sphere, he floated towards the sea’s surface.

The closer he came to the surface, the fainter the blue sphere grew.

The transparent sphere seemed to be the last remainder of the Thunder-devouring Whale’s flesh aura essence, which instinctively served as a protective shield because of the existence of the Profound Truths Crystal refined from the Thunder-devouring Whale’s heart.

It wasn’t Nie Tian it was protecting, but rather the Profound Truths Crystal that carried the Thunder-devouring Whale’s bloodline imprints and profound understanding of lightning power.


Nie Tian finally rose to Zhao Shanling’s side.

The glowing sphere around him popped with a mild boom.

“Let’s get out of here!” Under Zhao Shanling’s command, the Voidspirit Pagoda enveloped Nie Tian with its divine light.

Even though it was extremely difficult to sink any further, rising turned out to be much easier.

Carried by the Voidspirit Pagoda, Zhao Shanling and Nie Tian rose faster and faster, and soon charged through the surface of the mysterious azure sea.

The two of them joined the others that were floating above the Seven-star Blue Sea.

However, the small heaven and earth transformed from the Thunder-devouring Whale’s flesh aura, along with the thunder pools, had become a part of the Seven-star Blue Sea, and could not be found again.

“I can’t believe this sea can actually take small perished dimensions into itself...” Dong Li was rendered speechless.

Upon seeing him, Zhongli Jian, Dong Qisong, and many other powerful experts from the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries gathered to bow respectfully towards him.

“Nie Tian!”

“Greetings, Nie Tian!”

Nie Tian glanced around at the many faces, some familiar and some not, and then nodded slowly.

Eventually, he laid his eyes on Patriarch Pure Heaven. Somewhat taken aback, he asked, “Hmm? How come you’re here too? Does this mean you’ve come around?”

An awkward expression appeared on Patriarch Pure Heaven’s face. “Umm...”

He had claimed that he would only bend his knees and swear allegiance to Nie Tian if Nie Tian could defeat him in battle by relying on his own strength.

Even now, faced with so much pressure from within and without his sect, he stood by his words.

However, as Nie Tian, whose bloodline had entered the eighth grade, now surfaced from the Seven-star Blue Sea, he secretly examined his cultivation base and power level, and somehow felt a strong sense of danger.

He was no stranger to such a feeling...

It was a feeling he would only feel when facing an opponent that was as strong or even stronger than him.

However, Nie Tian was clearly only at the late Soul realm now.

His cultivation base was separated from his by an entire level: the Void domain.

Then what was with this strong sense of danger he was now getting from Nie Tian?

He didn’t doubt the keenness of his feeling.

He was convinced that Nie Tian’s battle prowess had risen high above the Soul realm!

“Nie Tian, the Seven-star Blue Sea can’t be taken lightly!” After surfacing, Zhao Shanling held the Voidspirit Pagoda in his hand with a deeply grim look on his face, as if he had learned something about the Seven-star Blue Sea through the Voidspirit Pagoda, as well as his own understanding of spatial power, and he was eager to share it with him.

“Hold on!” Dong Li exclaimed.

Zhao Shanling fixed her with a confused look.

Dong Li straightened her face, and moved to Patriarch Pure Heaven. “Sorry, you don’t have a place here. You’re not one of us, so we can’t allow you to listen to what we’re going to discuss next. I know this is a bit impolite, but I have to ask you to leave now!”

Patriarch Pure Heaven’s expression grew even grimmer.

Nie Tian didn’t say anything, but only looked at Patriarch Pure Heaven.

Dong Qisong, Zhongli Jian, and the other experts from the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries also fixed their eyes on Patriarch Pure Heaven, as if they were enjoying this scene.

“My sect has always been a member of the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries, and the Seven-star Blue Sea was first discovered by us...” Master Pure Heaven said in a low, furious voice.

“That was before.” Dong Li interrupted him. “If you want to talk about history, the outsiders were the first masters of the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries. Your sect wasn’t founded a very long time after the outsiders left. There aren’t any indigenous humans in the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries.”

Patriarch Pure Heaven was at a loss for words.

At this moment, Nie Tian rubbed his chin and said, “I just remembered what you said before.”

As he spoke, he examined his heart, and saw the brand new bloodline talent that had just been awakened. His confidence soared. “You said that you’d swear your allegiance to me if I could defeat you by relying on my own strength. Do you still stand by that statement?”

Everyone present gasped with astonishment upon hearing this.

Patriarch Pure Heaven’s expression flickered. He braced himself and exclaimed, “Of course I do!”

Nie Tian nodded. “Good! I want to give it a shot, right here, right now!”

Patriarch Pure Heaven’s heart was filled with surprise, excitement, and a strong anticipation that had been suppressed for many years. “Are you sure?”

Nie Tian nodded with great force. “I’m sure.”

A clamor instantly burst through the space over the Seven-star Blue Sea. All of the Qi warriors from the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries were flabbergasted. Some hastily advised Nie Tian against doing such a reckless thing.