Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1204: Realm Fusing into Sea

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Sitting in the lotus position, Patriarch Pure Heaven had been observing the Seven-star Blue Sea from a nearby dead star, hoping to see through its secrets.

The Seven-star Blue Sea was a vast azure sea that floated in the void, surrounded by seven dead stars.

Patriarch Pure Heaven hadn’t had a good time recently.

The Pure Heaven Sect had been the most powerful sect in the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries before Nie Tian had come along and shown his extraordinary talents.

Back then, he himself had been the strongest Qi warrior of this domain, only a step away from entering the Saint domain.

Later, he had actually become the first from the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries to enter the Saint domain.

However, now as many years had passed, the situation in the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries had long since gone through radical changes.

Both Dong Qisong from the Beast-controlling Sect and Zhongli Jian from the Divine Flame Sect had managed to break through into the Saint domain. Even Yue Yanxi had started attempting to advance to the Saint domain after obtaining a copious number of precious materials.

The Pure Heaven Sect’s status in the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries had become far lower than before. The other sects had even started to repel them.

All of this was because Master Pure Heaven had stubbornly refused to join Nie Tian and become his subordinate force as the Beast-controlling Sect, the Divine Flame Sect, and the Bliss Mountain Sect had.

All of the other sects and their powerful seniors had made fortunes from the battles they had fought alongside Nie Tian. Their sect’s reserve power had improved significantly.

However, not only had the Pure Heaven Sect not become stronger, but they had even grown weaker and weaker.

Now, more than half of their members deemed the decision Master Pure Heaven had made years ago to be wrong, so much so that the implementation of many of his orders would often meet great resistance.

To change all this and prove himself to be right, he could only make himself stronger.

He was eager to break through into the middle Saint domain so he could prove to everyone that he was still the strongest person in the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries.

As the most mysterious place in the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries and the place where the Stone Golems had first emerged, the Seven-star Blue Sea had then become his primary target of exploration.

In fact, he had already spent quite some time wandering among the nearby dead stars, but failed to reach the depths of the Seven-star Blue Sea with his soul awareness, much less discover its secrets.

At this moment, he suddenly noticed a small dimension appearing in a corner of the Seven-star Blue Sea. He saw a ray of hope.

He shot forth with full speed!


Inside the collapsing dimension, Zheng Yi and Yuan Jiuchuan’s lightning domains and their Thunder God’s Wings and Thunder King Seal clashed madly, giving rise to endless lightning and rolling thunder.

As the Thunder-devouring Whale’s heart continued to lose its flesh power and shrivel, this whole heaven and earth was on the verge of disappearing and becoming a part of the Seven-star Blue Sea.


The Voidspirit Pagoda suddenly burst forth with blindingly bright light, ripping the heavens open.

Then, Dong Li, the black tortoise, Yin Yanan, and the Frost Blood Python followed Zhao Shanling out of the broken heaven and earth, dragging the imprisoned Han Sen with them.

In the storm of lightning and thunder, the thunder pools crashed towards the earth.

Zheng Yi and Yuan Jiuchuan cursed and roared at each other as they also flew out of the perishing heaven and earth, giving rise to loud whooshes.

Upon emerging from the sea, Zheng Yi shot off into the distance, his Thunder God’s Wings that seemed to be made of pure lightning dragging a tail that extended dozens of kilometers.

However, blood could be seen dripping from the bright wings as he flew away.

Apparently, he had sustained heavy injuries.

The Thunder Devil Yuan Jiuchuan, however, seemed to be full of vigor as he dashed off after Zheng Yi, along with his Thunder King Seal that had expanded a hundred times like a lightning-wreathed mountain peak.

In the blink of an eye, the two of them vanished from the Seven-star Blue Sea like two bolts of lightning.

Their battle carried on in the vast open starry river in the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries, as if it would only end when one of them died.

After approaching, Patriarch Pure Heaven suddenly spotted the two. “The head of the lightning element sect! The Thunder Devil, Yuan Jiuchuan!”

His face turned pale with fright as he hastily came to a stop. He didn’t dare to stop them, so he simply watched them fly away.

In the next moment, he noticed Yin Yanan and the Frost Blood Python.

His resounding voice echoed out. “It’s you! Aren’t you supposed to be seeking new breakthroughs in your cultivation in a blessed land of the Beast-controlling Sect?”

Yin Yanan went blank briefly before smiling and saying in a manner that was neither overbearing nor servile, “I didn’t think I’d see you here, Patriarch. The perishing small heaven and earth is the ‘blessed land’.”

If it had been before, she would have humbled herself in front of Patriarch Pure Heaven.

However, as her Frost Blood Python had now entered the ninth grade, Dong Qisong had entered the Saint domain, and her relationship with Nie Tian and many other powerful experts deepened, Patriarch Pure Heaven, the former number one Qi warrior in the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries, couldn’t inspire fear in her anymore.

Perhaps her Frost Blood Python alone wouldn’t be strong enough to defeat him, but it still would be able to give him a strong headache.

Not to mention that she also had Dong Qisong from the Beast-controlling Sect behind her.

Dong Qisong and the Frost Blood Python together possessed enough power to overtake the Pure Heaven Sect. They wouldn’t even need help from the Divine Flame Sect, the Bliss Mountain Sect, the Trisword Sect, and the other allied sects.

What would Patriarch Pure Heaven rely on to contend against them?

Let’s not forget they also had Nie Tian and the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace as their strongest backers.

Patriarch Pure Heaven shrewdly discovered the change in Yin Yanan’s attitude. However, he didn’t say anything about it.

No matter how stubborn he was, he understood that the times had changed. He and the Pure Heaven Sect were no longer the rulers of the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries.

After a moment of silence, he asked, “What’s with that collapsing dimension? Also, why was the head of the lightning element sect fighting the Thunder Devil? I heard that they went to the Domain of Endless Thunder and attacked the Heavenly Thunder Sect together not long ago.”

Yin Yanan didn’t give him face, and said, “I can’t tell you that. After all, you and your Pure Heaven Sect chose not to join us.”

Patriarch Pure Heaven’s face froze.

At that moment, Dong Li snorted disdainfully. “Nie Tian gave you face by allowing your sect to continue to exist in the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries. You should be grateful.”

Fixing her with a confused look, Patriarch Pure Heaven asked, “You are?”

He had spent most of his time practicing secluded cultivation and had thus never met Dong Li in person.

“Dong Li, Nie Tian’s fiance.”

“So it’s you.” Patriarch Pure Heaven instantly realized what was going on. He frowned deeply and fell silent.

Dong Li snorted derisively and said, “You should know that you and your Pure Heaven Sect are really nothing. Even the Water Moon Sect, the most powerful sect in the Domain of Vast Darkness, has chosen to become Nie Tian’s subordinate force. Their sectmaster Xie Qian, who’s at the late Saint domain, is far stronger than you. You can take a look at how fast the Divine Seal Sect, the Golden Vast Sect, and the Thousandsword Mountain Sect’s strength have grown after they joined Nie Tian’s force.

“The Beast-controlling Sect and the Divine Flame Sect saw their first Saint domain experts, and there’ll be more to come.

“You should be well-aware of the reason. If you had agreed to become Nie Tian’s sword as they did, you probably would have entered the middle Saint domain long ago, instead of placing your hope in the Seven-star Blue Sea and working so hard to find an opportunity to make the breakthrough.”

Dong Li pointed out how stubborn and foolish Patriarch Pure Heaven was without mincing words.

After hearing her words, Patriarch Pure Heaven’s face turned very grim. However, since he didn’t know how to argue, he could only pant heavily while remaining silent.

At this moment, Zhao Shanling interrupted them, looking somewhat worried. “Nie Tian is sinking towards the bottom of the Seven-star Blue Sea along with that collapsing heaven and earth. That arcane dimension transformed from the Thunder-devouring Whale’s flesh aura seems to be rapidly merging with the Seven-star Blue Sea. I find this very strange.”

Yin Yanan’s expression flickered with astonishment. “Nie Tian... will be able to get out of there, right?”

“What do you mean?” Dong Li asked with a frown.

“Don’t you know that many in the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries, who had great confidence in themselves, have attempted to explore the depths of the Seven-star Blue Sea,” Yin Yanan explained. “However, I never heard any of them who were able to come back alive.”

“There’s one person who came back alive,” Patriarch Pure Heaven suddenly said.

Yin Yanan was taken aback. “Who?”

Patriarch Pure Heaven laid his eyes on Zhao Shanling and asked, “You found that Voidspirit Pagoda in the depths of a space disruption zone, right?”

Zhao Shanling didn’t deny it. He nodded and said, “Nie Tian and I fought people from the Bliss Mountain Sect and the Trisword Sect so that I could obtain it.”

“The owner of the Voidspirit Pagoda, Master Voidspirit, was a powerful expert from the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries,” Patriarch Pure Heaven explained. “I had many talks with him when he was alive. He once told me that he had managed to reach the depths of the Seven-star Blue Sea, where he had derived profound enlightenment of spatial power.

“Soon after he had come out, he left for that space disruption zone, hoping to enter the Saint domain there. However... he failed.

“According to him, I’m the only one he ever told about his experience of reaching the depths of the Seven-star Blue Sea, but he didn’t explain the details. Because of this, I’ve been trying to see if I can derive some enlightenment by sending my soul awareness into the Seven-star Blue Sea, and therefore get the courage to enter the depths myself.”

After an exclamation, Dong Li rapidly calmed down. “I can’t believe it was Master Voidspirit! However, it’s actually not so surprising that he was able to return from the depths of the Seven-star Blue Sea alive. After all, he’s that one’s...”

Master Voidspirit had been the only son of the Void Spirit Society’s current sectmaster. Due to their differences, he had left the Void Spirit Society and come to the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries by himself.

Since he had mastered the Void Spirit Society’s various profound incantations and held the Void Spirit Pagoda, it actually made sense if he had been able to come back from the depths of the Seven-star Blue Sea alive.

After pondering for a moment, Yin Yanan asked, “Where’s Nie Tian now? Do we go down there and see if we can help him?”

“You stay here. I’ll go down there and see if I can get him out.” Zhao Shanling said with determination.

Then, before Dong Li and Yin Yanan could say anything, he plunged towards the Seven-star Blue Sea like a flash of lightning, wielding his Voidspirit Pagoda.