Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1203: Refinement

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Yin Yanan, who was from the Beast-controlling Sect in the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries, gazed beyond the broken curtain of the heavens at the unfathomable azure sea. An exclamation escaped her mouth. “The Seven-star Blue Sea! I can’t believe we’re in the Seven-star Blue Sea!”

This was a place she was very familiar with.

The Seven-star Blue Sea was considered the most mysterious place in the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries. For hundreds of thousands of years, countless people had come to explore it. However, no one seemed to have solved its secrets.

The Stone Golems had first surfaced in the Seven-star Blue Sea before setting out on their path to the Shatter Battlefield.

There had been many rumors about the Seven-star Blue Sea in the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries since ancient times. Some had said that somewhere at the bottom of the Seven-star Blue Sea was a path to a vast, unexplored world.

However, no one seemed to have ever reached the very bottom of the Seven-star Blue Sea to find the answers.

Therefore, the fact that the small dimension transformed from the Thunder-devouring Whale’s flesh aura was actually located or somehow connected to the Seven-star Blue Sea came as a great surprise to Yin Yanan.

Glancing around, Zhao Shanling said, “This sea in the void is special indeed. That outsider’s secret teleportation portal was located by the Seven-star Blue Sea as well. The spatial fluctuations in its surrounding areas are more intense than any other area in the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries, which makes it easy to create spatial tunnels that connect to other heaven and earths.”

With these words, he looked into the Seven-star Blue Sea’s dark blue depths.

“This heaven and earth transformed from the Thunder-devouring Whale’s flesh aura must have risen from there, the very bottom of this strange sea. The Seven-star Blue Sea is a vast azure sea that floats among seven dead stars. The lightning power the Thunder-devouring Whale released earlier was clearly of the same color as the Seven-star Blue Sea.

“Don’t tell me that the tenth grade Thunder-devouring Whale has something to do with the Seven-star Blue Sea.”


While people were carried away in thought, the heaven and earth transformed from the Thunder-devouring Whale’s flesh aura became riddled with holes. The azure water of the Seven-star Blue Sea flowed in through some of them.

The small heaven and earth shook violently as it began to descend towards the bottom of the Seven-star Blue Sea.

Dong Li shifted to Han Sen in a split second. Fixing him with cold look, she asked, “How did you get here? Did you know that this small heaven and earth transformed from the Thunder-devouring Whale’s flesh aura is located right in the Seven-star Blue Sea?”

Deeply frozen in a block of ice, Han Sen couldn’t move or use his bloodline.

However, a wisp of his soul awareness morphed into a wisp of lightning that flew from within the ice. “No, we didn’t know that. We came here through a hidden teleportation portal we found. After examining it carefully, we were convinced that it had something to do with a Thunder-devouring Whale, so we came.”

Zhao Shanling smiled arrogantly, putting his mind at ease. “If we’re in the Seven-star Blue Sea, that’ll make things much easier. No worries. If I want to, I can take you out of here at any moment. But since this heaven and earth is slowly disappearing, we still have time.”

“Is this because Nie Tian’s refining the Thunder-devouring Whale’s heart?” Yin Yanan asked curiously.

Dong Li nodded slightly. “The tenth grade Thunder-devouring Whale’s heart rules this heaven and earth. I suppose this small world will perish after Nie Tian refines it completely.”

“The tenth grade Thunder-devouring Whale’s heart!” Han Sen cried inwardly.

The Thunder-devouring Whale’s heart was why he had come here. If he obtained it, with its help, his lightning bloodline might be able to break through into the eight or even the ninth grade!

After all, lightning-attributed Ancientspirits like this Thunder-devouring Whale were the treasures that could provide his lightning bloodline with the most help!

In his eyes, it would be a huge waste for Nie Tian to refine it.

However, this wasn’t for him to decide.


Washed by the sea water from the Seven-star Blue Sea, the mire started to dissolve, its mud growing thinner and thinner.

In the depths, where the Thunder-devouring Whale’s ribs had established a shelter for its heart, the electric arcs and lightning power wreathing the dried azure bones were no longer raging.


It was as if all of the lightning power and electric arcs were being dissolved by the Seven-star Blue Sea.

Even the thunder pools in the heavens were slowly descending, as if they would soon become a part of the Seven-star Blue Sea as well.

At the same time, the Thunder-devouring Whale’s heart continued to shrivel as the tenth grade Ancientbeast’s most fundamental flesh power essence was gradually drained and refined by Nie Tian with Life Drain.

In Nie Tian’s heart, however, drop after drop of Blood Essence came to form.

“Fifty... A hundred... Two hundred... Three hundred.”

The maximum amount of Blood Essence he had been able to retain when he had been at the seventh grade was fifty drops.

However, as the Thunder-devouring Whale’s flesh aura was rapidly drained and refined, more and more Blood Essence condensed at an incredibly fast speed.

It wasn’t long before three hundred drops of Blood Essence that looked like crimson diamonds came to form in his heart.

While extremely vigorous life force gradually filled every inch of his body, his meridians, bones, internal organs and flesh also became stronger and stronger, being baptized by lightning power.

Furthermore, the birth of numerous Bloodline Crystal Chains made Nie Tian realize that brand new bloodline talents were about to be awakened!

Anticipation filled Nie Tian’s heart. “How many bloodline talents will be awakened this time? What will they be?”

After entering the seventh grade, not only had he awakened Potential Stimulation and Blood Essence Transcendence directly, but he had also entered his Blood Realm, where he had acquired two wondrous bloodline magics: Life Shackle and Life Erosion.

He was very curious about what his bloodline would bring him after advancing to the eighth grade.

Therefore, while continuing to refine the Thunder-devouring Whale’s flesh aura, he paid close attention to his upcoming brand new bloodline talents.

At the same time, he also yearned to enter his Blood Realm again to acquire more profound bloodline magics.

Eventually, the Thunder-devouring Whale’s huge heart’s shriveled heart wall collapsed on him.

With a casual slash of his hands, he freed himself from the Thunder-devouring Whale’s sagging heart. Even so, numerous blood strings were still attached to and channeling flesh power from the heart.

At this moment, the Thunder-devouring Whale’s calls had long since stopped.

Nie Tian could tell that the Thunder-devouring Whale’s soul awareness would soon dissipate as its heart was completely drained of its flesh power.

He sighed inwardly. “A mighty tenth grade existence went to such great lengths to gather flesh power so it could come back to life. What a pity.”

All of a sudden, he sensed that the thunder pools were falling out of the heavens at an alarming speed.

He glanced around with rapt attention, and discovered that there was azure sea water outside the Thunder-devouring Whale’s ribcage.

He went blank, even though the sea water gave him a sense of familiarity. After taking a moment to think, he suddenly realized what was happening, his expression flickering violently.

“The Seven-star Blue Sea! The mysterious Seven-star Blue Sea in the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries! The Stone Golems came from the bottom of the Seven-star Blue Sea before entering the Shatter Battlefield!”

With this thought, he jerked his head downwards.

He suddenly sensed that the Thunder-devouring Whale’s ribcage, along with its shriveled heart and him, were sinking slowly.

They were sinking towards the bottom of the Seven-star Blue Sea!

At this moment, numerous Bloodline Crystal Chains within his bloodline aura interwove and burst forth with glorious light, awakening his first new bloodline talent!

“The Seven-star Blue Sea!” Patriarch Pure Heaven from the Pure Heaven Sect, who was in the vicinity, sensed anomalies, and thus dashed over.

As he did, his eyes lit up. “A collapsing dimension that’s filled with Ancientspirit flesh aura!”