Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1202: I’m Not Leaving!

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Normally speaking, bloodlines at higher grades would hold an overwhelming advantage over bloodlines at lower grades.

The Thunder-devouring Whale was at the tenth grade, which was equal to the grade of an outsider grand monarch.

Even though it only had a heart left, the Bloodline Crystal Chains produced by its heart were at the tenth grade.

In comparison, Nie Tian’s bloodline was only at the eighth grade, not to mention that he had just made the breakthrough, and hadn’t awakened new bloodline talents yet.

Normally speaking, the Thunder-devouring Whale’s tenth grade Bloodline Crystal Chains should be able to tear apart and devour Nie Tian’s eighth grade Bloodline Crystal Chains effortlessly.

However, nothing was for certain.

Nie Tian activated Life Drain as soon as his Bloodline Crystal Chains engaged in a tangled battle against the Thunder-devouring Whale’s.

As drop after drop of his Blood Essence burned, the might of his Life Drain improved rapidly.

He examined himself with his soul, and saw with great clarity that the azure Bloodline Crystal Chains that belonged to the Thunder-devouring Whale started to break into tiny sparkling pieces, sputtering off electric arcs.

The flesh power essence within them was actually channeled by his Bloodline Crystal Chains and pulled towards the center of his heart.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

His heart, which was countless times smaller than the Thunder-devouring Whale’s, pounded vigorously, giving rise to heaven-shaking, earth-toppling thumps.

Even the Thunder-devouring Whale’s heartbeat was drowned out!

Let’s not forget that he was currently inside the Thunder-devouring Whale’s heart.


Hundreds of thousands of crimson flesh auras flew out of his every pore and extended towards the Thunder-devouring Whale’s heart wall like red lightning bolts that carried the profound truths of life.

The Thunder-devouring Whale’s heart was seemingly being pumped, and losing its rich flesh power essence at an alarming rate.

The enormous heart seemed to have shrunk in a matter of moments.

Thunderous roars and rolling thunder echoed through the spacious heart cavity. Not only did the force binding Nie Tian vanish completely, but another force even started to push Nie Tian, as if it was eager to throw him out of the heart.

The Thunder-devouring Whale was clearly scared.

Even though there wasn’t any verbal or soul communication, Nie Tian knew that it was now trembling with fear.

It’s tenth grade Bloodline Crystal Chains actually failed to overpower Nie Tian’s eighth grade Bloodline Crystal Chains.

This was absolutely against common sense!

The tenth grade Thunder-devouring Whale possessed highly-developed intelligence, which was every bit as developed as that of an outsider grand monarch.

Its lifespan also outlasted that of outsider grand monarchs. During its unusually long life, there had been very few things that could overturn its cognition and make it so scared.

However, there were simply too many things about Nie Tian that made it fearful.

Just earlier, it had been apprehensive about that Star Behemoth bone in Nie Tian’s possession, since it had sensed the aura of its natural enemy from it.

Luckily, since the Star Behemoth bone had been in dormancy, it hadn’t been able to manifest its wonders.

That was why it had been able to pull Nie Tian into its heart while excluding the bone.

Originally, it had assumed that it would be able to devour and refine Nie Tian as soon as he was dragged into its heart. It had long since sensed Nie Tian’s mysterious flesh aura and found it tasty and extremely helpful to its speedy resurrection.

Who would have thought that Nie Tian, who it had viewed as a lamb to which it would be able to do whatever it wanted, would actually be so terrifying after he bore his fangs?!

Watching its Bloodline Crystal Chains, with which it had hoped to devour Nie Tian’s Bloodline Crystal Chains, snap, and its flesh power essence it had spent countless years accumulating flow uncontrollably towards Nie Tian, it finally gave in to its fear.

It decided to put an end to this.

Nie Tian smiled derisively. “Hey. Is this the way to treat a guest? You took me in. I haven’t even warmed up yet, and now you’re so eager to throw me out? How convenient is it for you? I’m not someone at your beck and call. Now that I’m here, I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon.”


Even more crimson blood strings flew out of him and pierced into the Thunder-devouring Whale’s heart wall.

Life Drain allowed Nie Tian to feel torrential flesh power pouring through the crimson blood strings and into his heart, where it was used to further his body refinement.

“No!” Nie Tian seemed to hear a remote soul plea from the Thunder-devouring Whale.

However, after going blank for a brief moment, he resumed draining the Thunder-devouring Whale’s pure flesh power with Life Drain, pretending that he didn’t even hear it.

The Thunder-devouring Whale’s huge heart started to shrivel at a visible rate.

On the outside...


Heaven fell and earth rent, numerous holes appearing in the sky. It seemed as if this special heaven and earth ruled by the Thunder-devouring Whale was going to perish.

The floating thunder pools went out of control once again.

However, it wasn’t a part of scheme against Zheng Yi this time.

After fighting Yuan Jiuchuan for so long, Zheng Yi, who had summoned the Thunder God’s Wings, started to show signs of exhaustion, so much so that a small portion of the pure lighting power he used to attack Yuan Jiuchuan would be absorbed by him.

Having been schemed against by the Thunder-devouring Whale and having his thunderstorm vortex destroyed by Nie Tian and the others under Yuan Jiuchuan’s instructions, Zheng Yi had already sustained serious injuries.

Even more damage had been caused by the flesh aura the Thunder-devouring Whale had left behind to gradually dissolve his domain from within.

Zheng Yi was now at a disadvantage in his battle against the Thunder Devil.

In another part of the sky, Han Sen had already been frozen into a sculpture by the frost power breathed by the Frost Blood Python.

Trapped in the block of ice, he would release flickering lightning arcs from time to time. However, they would be immediately stifled by the frost power, making it impossible for him to break free from the Frost Blood Python’s restrictive frost power spell.

Zhao Shanling and Dong Li’s faces grew grim as they looked up at the increasingly unstable heavens and the battle between Zheng Yi and the Thunder Devil in the distance.

They couldn’t sense Nie Tian’s aura from where they were, and didn’t know what he had encountered.

Zhao Shanling frowned. “I’m afraid this special heaven and earth transformed from the Thunder-devouring Whale’s flesh aura is going to collapse soon. Now, I wonder if this heaven and earth is located in our human world, or somewhere else. I wonder where we’ll end up, and whether we’ll be able to find our way back if this place blows up.”

“I’ve got to go down there and check on Nie Tian!” Dong Li said anxiously.

However, just as she was about to plunge down, the black tortoise that had shrunk to its normal size rubbed itself against her leg and established soul communication with her.

Dong Li’s eyes suddenly lit up. “Are you serious?”

The black tortoise nodded.

With a baffled expression, Zhao Shanling asked, “What did it say to you?”

Having calmed down, Dong Li said, “It said that the Thunder-devouring Whale’s aura is being transformed. Nie Tian seems to have found and started a battle against the Thunder-devouring Whale’s heart in the depths of the earth. Now, he seems to be gradually absorbing and refining its rich Blood Essence, and using it on his own bloodline.”

Zhao Shanling gasped with astonishment. “So Nie Tian won?”

“That’s right,” Dong Li answered, smiling like a blossoming flower.

At the same time, a cluster of surging azure aura suddenly appeared in the Seven-star Blue Sea in the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries.