Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1201: Clash of Bloodlines

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Azure bones exploded as Nie Tian drilled towards the depths of the earth. As azure electric arcs spread in every direction, an open area suddenly entered his sight.

The vast open area seemed to be the inside of the Thunder-devouring Whale’s chest, which was filled with raging lightning power. In Nie Tian’s senses, this place was much more fear-inspiring than Zheng Yi’s thunderstorm vortex.

The dried azure bones were none other than the dead Thunder-devouring Whale’s rib cage.

Fine lightning wisps could be seen roaming inside the spacious ribcage and flying past the enormous, vigorously-beating heart, as if they had their own awareness.

The Thunder-devouring Whale’s heart was so large that it easily took up acres of land. It was blue-violet, and wreathed in azure electric arcs.


The heart pounded with great force. Within it, countless Bloodline Crystal Chains that were as fine as hairs seemed to carry its bloodline talents and profound understanding of lightning power, which it had spent its lifetime deriving.

However, as soon as Nie Tian entered the ribcage, it was the gigantic azure bones that first caught his eyes.

The gigantic arced bones protected the heart like a spacious, naturally-formed cage.


All of a sudden, hundreds of azure electric arcs shot out of the heart.

Like ropes, the electric arcs twisted up and wrapped around Nie Tian’s waist, arms, legs, and neck in a split second, and started squeezing.


Upon contact, the flames released by the Flame Dragon Armor clashed with the electric arcs thousands of times.

However, as fierce as the Flame Dragon Armor’s flame power was, it failed to neutralize the electric arcs right away.

Face calm as ever, Nie Tian examined the electric arcs with rapt attention, and discovered that they carried more restraining force than destructive force.


Every time the Thunder-devouring Whale’s heart beat, it was as if a devastating thunderball was going to fly out of it.

Those thunderballs seemed to carry splitting power that could destroy every living thing in their surroundings.

Nie Tian frowned and sensed the environment with rapt attention. “It seems that you gave permission for me to enter. This is a forbidden area that’s used to shelter your heart. Normally speaking, I shouldn’t have been able to enter so easily. Anyways, now that I’m here, you...”

Looking at the Thunder-devouring Whale’s heart, he had a feeling that he would be able to communicate with it barrier-free, even though he didn’t know how for the time being.


A strong attractive force was suddenly born within the Thunder-devouring Whale’s huge throbbing heart.

As that happened, Nie Tian started being pulled towards it by the lightning shackles that had bound him.

At this moment, Nie Tian shrewdly sensed the Thunder-devouring Whale’s strong desire for his flesh power!

No form of communication was necessary. All he did was look at the Thunder-devouring Whale’s heart, and he came to realize this.

“My life bloodline!” It suddenly occurred to Nie Tian that the Thunder-devouring Whale’s heart might have set its mind on him since the moment he had entered this special heaven and earth and the mire had captured a wisp of his flesh power.

Perhaps in the Thunder-devouring Whale’s eyes, neither Yin Yanan nor her ninth grade Frost Blood Python were worth mentioning as sources of flesh power.

Only his flesh aura that carried mysterious life power was what it truly yearned for, since it could help accelerate its resurrection and even continue to provide it with power after its resurrection!

“You want to devour me with that huge heart of yours?”

Face grim, Nie Tian summoned his bloodline power. Numerous blood-colored patterns suddenly started swaying on the Flame Dragon Armor’s surface, releasing even fiercer flames.


At the same time, more lightning bolts flew out of the dried azure bones in an attempt to annihilate the crimson flames on him.

“Potential Stimulation! Life Strengthening!”

As drops of Blood Essence started to burn within his heart, his body burst forth with an explosive force that could shake the heavens and move the earth.


He grabbed and snapped the azure lightning shackles that had wrapped around him by relying on nothing but fleshly power.

As he did, the broken lightning shackles rapidly morphed into fragmented Bloodline Crystal Chains that could be seen by the naked eye. Like tiny bits of azure crystal, they seemed to carry the profound truths of lightning power.

They fell and fused back into this unique space, as if the Thunder-devouring Whale’s heart took them back.

At the same time, lightning power seethed in the floating thunder pools as mighty lightning bolts struck madly down in the pouring rain, before disappearing into the vast mire.

It was as if the lightning bolts were rapidly turning the mire into the largest, most devastating thunder pool!

Nie Tian looked up from the bottom of the mire, his expression flickering with astonishment.

He was struck by a feeling that there was a smaller, even more wondrous heaven and earth inside this heaven and earth.

The smaller heaven and earth was filled with the Thunder-devouring Whale’s flesh power, along with the lightning power it had accumulated over the past hundreds of thousands of years.

Compared to Zheng Yi’s power, such power was purer, more straightforward, and more explosive.


A thick pillar of lightning suddenly shot down from overhead and struck Nie Tian’s left shoulder.

Feeling sore and numb all over, Nie Tian hastily dashed forward, stumbling as he did.

That was when hundreds of lightning bolts shot from the huge heart, twisted, and wrapped around him like ropes, and before he could react, pulled him into another heaven and earth that was brimming with salty, fishy-smelling flesh power: the Thunder-devouring Whale’s heart!

While Nie Tian was dragged into the huge heart, clad in the Flame Dragon Armor, the Star Behemoth bone was bound by countless electric arcs and kept outside.

It was as if even the Thunder-devouring Whale was very apprehensive of it, even though the soul within the bone hadn’t awoken yet.

Upon entering the Thunder-devouring Whale’s heart, Nie Tian saw nothing but sparkling azure Bloodline Crystal Chains that formed a crisscross network, inside of which he felt that he had shrunk many times.

As he was amazed by the scene, numerous azure Bloodline Crystal Chains suddenly pierced towards him like a rain of steel needles.

Surprisingly, his unusually tough body failed to resist the piercing Bloodline Crystal Chains, and was instantly penetrated.

In the next moment, his whole body was covered in flickering lightning wisps, which dashed towards his heart at an alarming speed, carrying the Thunder-devouring Whale’s flesh power.

The green aura within Nie Tian’s heart, which was still in the middle of its upgrade and forming more Bloodline Crystal Chains born within it, was suddenly stirred.

His life bloodline seemed to be enraged!

Bloodline Crystal Chains flew pouring out of the green aura like ruthless, violent predators that preyed on all living things.

Nie Tian’s Bloodline Crystal Chains and the Thunder-devouring Whale’s Bloodline Crystal Chains instantly began fighting in the middle of his heart.

Like thousands of vicious dragons and bloodthirsty pythons, their Bloodline Crystal Chains started fighting, devouring, and neutralizing each other in the inch of space that was his heart!