Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1199: Counterattack!

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On the outside.

It had stopped raining, but the sky was still dark.

Channeled by Zheng Yi, the bright thunder pools floated in midair around his lightning domain like huge glorious plates.

In front of the thunder pools and his lightning domain that was filled with raging lightning power was the enormous thunder vortex where Nie Tian and the others were trapped.

Like devastating lightning dragons, more than a dozen streams of lighting extended from the thunder pools to the thunder vortex.

At this moment, Zheng Yi was still enhancing the intensity of the lightning power within the storming vortex.

Heart filled with dread, Han Sen stayed as far as he could from him.

He had a feeling that after Zheng Yi killed Yuan Jiuchuan and the others with the help of those thunder pools and refined this heaven and earth transformed from the Thunder-devouring Whale’s flesh aura, he might be able to enter the God domain. If that happened... his existence would become unnecessary.

Originally, Zheng Yi had hoped that Han Sen would be able to enter the God domain someday and reshape the lightning element sect’s reputation.

However, if Zheng Yi could enter the God domain himself and push the limit of his lifespan forward, Han Sen’s life or death wouldn’t mean anything to him.

Realizing this, Han Sen had a complicated feeling.

Having learned from Zheng Yi for so many years, he was well-aware of his vicious nature, and that he would go all the way with something as long as he considered it to be helpful to him.

Meanwhile, he didn’t have what it took to contend against Zheng Yi yet. It would be every unwise for him to show his discontent over Zheng Yi’s decisions at this moment and get himself killed.

“I just hope that he doesn’t succeed. Only if he fails will I have a chance...” Han Sen said inwardly as he subconsciously backed farther away with his eyes fixed on the frenzied Zheng Yi and his thunderstorm vortex.

“People call Yuan Jiuchuan the Thunder Devil. His cultivation base is only slightly lower than my master’s. If he can get Nie Tian and the others to work with him, they should be able to hold on for a bit longer, right?

“Also, where the hell is the Thunder-devouring Whale’s heart hiding itself? That’s the reason why I came here. If I can obtain it, my lightning bloodline will see a significant breakthrough.”

With these thoughts, he glanced around and carefully sensed the vicinity with his bloodline power.

However, not only was the Thunder-devouring Whale’s heart nowhere to be seen, but even its aura had vanished completely.

From the look of it, the Thunder-devouring Whale had abandoned this heaven and earth that was the result of its flesh aura and energies of heaven and earth mixing together.

It seemed that his master, Zheng Yi, had replaced the Thunder-devouring Whale, and become the ruler of this special heaven and earth.

“The Thunder-devouring Whale was a tenth grade Ancientbeast. Its intelligence must be every bit as developed as ours. I bet it has its reasons for letting another tamper with its private realm.”

Han Sen soon came to the conclusion that the Thunder-devouring Whale was merely sitting on the mountaintop and watching the tigers fight. (Idiom: watch in safety while others fight, then reap the rewards when both sides are exhausted)

Han Sen let out a cold harrumph and said inwardly, “You have nothing but your heart to rely on now. So what if you used to be a mighty tenth grade existence? If my master actually breaks through into the God domain with the help of those thunder pools, everything in this heaven and earth, including you, will become a part of his lightning domain and materials he’ll use to forge his dharma idol!

“That’s not what you want, right?!”


As Han Sen exclaimed inwardly, he was surprised to notice that lightning bolts in some areas of the thunderstorm vortex were being twisted and ripped apart.


A gigantic foot of the black tortoise suddenly poked through the interweaving lightning bolts and stuck out of the vortex.

In another location, that mysterious bone of Nie Tian’s, which was sharp enough to pierce anything in this world, also ripped through the lightning wall.

A pagoda that was wreathed in countless spatial blades also stuck out in a third location.

As soon as the foot, the bone, and the pagoda ripped the thunderstorm vortex in three particular spots, the lightning element sect’s most profound lightning formation was undermined.

Astonished and skeptical, Han Sen muttered to himself, “This spell formation isn’t so easily broken. Those holes should be easy to fix.”


However, just as he thought that his master, Zheng Yi, was going to fix the damaged parts with some secret magics, the thunder pools floating in the air suddenly started to shake.

It was as if some force was calling and channeling them from the depths of the earth.

Since the thunder pools were all connected to Zheng Yi’s lightning domain, the increasingly violent shaking of the thunder pools caused even his lightning domain to shake.

Zheng Yi intended to fix the tears caused by the black tortoise, Nie Tian, and Zhao Shanling at the first moment. However, the sudden change in the thunder pools stopped him from doing so.


The thunderstorm vortex, into which he had infused his lightning power, soul awareness, and the power from the thunder pools, suddenly grew very unstable. Explosions kept happening within it.

The thunder pools were originally tied down by the lightning chains Zheng Yi had created by twisting and binding multiple lightning bolts together.

At this moment, as the thunder pools were pulled down by a strong attractive force, many of the lightning chains snapped.

Zheng Yi’s face turned grayer with every lightning chain that snapped.

By the time all of the lightning chains snapped, he lost control of all of the thunder pools he had gone to great lengths to link to his lightning domain.

After shaking the chains off, the thunder pools descended towards the mire below.


Zheng Yi coughed up a mouthful of blood.

His glittering eyes suddenly went dim.

The lightning chains had carried his soul power and the most refined lightning essence from his domain. Their snapping inflicted serious damage upon him.

Meanwhile, as he did everything within his power to stabilize the thunder pools, Nie Tian and the others broke through his thunderstorm vortex.


Thousands of lightning bolts escaped his control and shot in every direction.

Nie Tian, Zhao Shanling, and the others easily flew out of the damaged lightning spell formation and returned to this heaven and earth.

As soon as they did, they saw the thunder pools breaking free from Zheng Yi’s control.

They seemed to be descending into the mire. However, as soon as they escaped Zheng Yi’s control, they scattered and floated back up into the heavens, and started to provide this special heaven and earth with power again.

Han Sen looked down at the empty mire, his face gray. “This, this is...”

He suddenly realized that since his master was at the late Saint domain, and his lightning power could be amplified in this unique environment, the Thunder-devouring Whale had viewed him as its greatest enemy.

Therefore, it had secretly schemed against his master, where it had first given him a taste of victory. After he had been under the impression that he had gained full control of the thunder pools, it had secretly worked with Nie Tian and the others to deal him a critical blow.

His master had always been the Thunder-devouring Whale’s primary target!

With a nasty grin and an icy look in his eyes, Yuan Jiuchuan said, “You seem to have suffered heavy injuries, Zheng Yi. Perhaps it’s about time you died.”