Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1196: Body Refinement with Lightning Power

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One thunder pool after another was channeled by Zheng Yi and descended from the heavens.

Like a god of thunder, he stood at the heart of his vast domain, where he wielded lightning and thunder and controlled the huge vortex of raging lightning.


As heaven and earth shook, dragon-like lightning bolts continued to shoot out of his domain, where lightning interwove to strengthen the might of the rapidly spinning vortex.

Fearful, Han Sen kept a certain distance from Zheng Yi, as if he was afraid that he might become so relentless that he would sacrifice him to his cause as well.

“After all, entering the God domain has been his lifetime aspiration,” he thought to himself. “He only placed all of his hope in me because he didn’t think he had a chance to fulfill it himself. However, now that he’s found these thunder pools that contain extremely pure lightning power in this heaven and earth transformed from the flesh aura of a tenth grade Thunder-devouring Whale… If he can refine these thunder pools, along with this unique heaven and earth, he might actually be able to enter the God domain.

“If he sees a chance to make the breakthrough himself, I’ll lose my value to him.”

With these thoughts, Han Sen put an even greater distance between himself and the lightning-wreathed Zheng Yi, whose pupils gradually filled with insanity.

However, Zheng Yi didn’t seem to pay any attention to him.

Instead, he put all of his attention on the thunder pools and his thunderstorm vortex.

Zheng Yi let out a cold harrumph. “Even though Yuan Jiuchuan is also at the Saint domain, and the incantations he practices are vicious and dreadful, his understanding of lightning power is still inferior to mine.”

With this thought, he channeled every lightning bolt in the vicinity with his soul, and cast different incantations that carried the truths of lightning power, which he had spent tens of thousands of years deriving.

“Thunder Strike from the Highest Heavens!”

As soon as Zheng Yi let out another explosive roar, the thunder pools that had been channeled by his domain and descended from the heavens began to seethe.

Like dazzling chains of lightning, his soul awareness linked all of the thunder pools together.

A profound ancient lightning spell formation instantly came to form.

The thunder pools were the cores of the spell formation, while Zheng Yi, who had established the connection among them, was its controller.


Each and every thunder pool seethed and shook violently, as if they could easily annihilate realms, along with every single living being in them. A terrifying soul-crushing aura burst forth from within the thunder pools, as well as their controller, Zheng Yi, who was looking increasingly frenzied.

All of a sudden, Zheng Yi’s eyes changed drastically!

Countless wisps of lightning shot from the depths of his eyes towards the center of the vortex of thunderstorm, like swords that could annihilate souls.

Engulfed in the vortex of raging lightning power, Nie Tian and the others felt light-headed, and thus enveloped themselves in all kinds of protective wards and shields.


Thousands of heavenly lightning bolts struck down on Nie Tian and the others, causing their faces to turn grim.

The heaven-destroying, earth-extinguishing lightning power continued to build up in the huge vortex.

At this moment, the Thunder-devouring Whale’s heart seemed to have disappeared completely. Even its unique aura couldn’t be detected.

From the look of it, the extremely intelligent Thunder-devouring Whale intended for Zheng Yi to fight Nie Tian and the others to the death, while it holed up somewhere safe.

Even the mire had stopped channeling flesh auras.

The thunder pools it had gathered with its unique bloodline talent ages ago were also abandoned.


However, due to the tenth grade Thunder-devouring Whale’s withdrawal, Yin Yanan’s ninth grade Frost Blood Python was finally relieved.

As it flicked its forked tongue, its body that was covered in mysterious black and white rings blossomed with wondrous light.


Frigid power spewed from its mouth, sending out a frosty mist that carried countless ice blades, ice shards, and rays of icy light towards the numerous slithering lightning bolts in front of it.


The icy light and frost power clashed with the inside of the vortex that was like a wall of slithering lightning bolts, giving rise to glorious sparks.

Dong Li was standing on the back of the enlarged black tortoise, which didn’t seem very frustrated inside the thunderstorm vortex. As mighty lightning bolts struck down, they only gave rise to tiny sparks on its incredibly solid shell.

The discomfort they caused only made it shake its body briefly, but didn’t cause it any serious damage.

At the same time, its dark flesh aura enveloped Dong Li’s curvaceous body. Adding in the assistance of the dark stone in her spiritual core, she was protected from the bombarding lightning bolts by a thick, ink-black ward.

In comparison, Zhao Shanling, who had failed to escape the vortex in time using spatial power, was completely surrounded by thunder and lightning.

He summoned his Voidspirit Pagoda. Even with its help, he shifted about in the densely interweaving lightning bolts with difficulty.

Every once in a while, he would be struck by the lightning bolts.

He didn’t even dare to activate his space domain. If he did, he would become an even larger target. His domain would be subject to a baptism of furious lightning and thunder.


A cyan lightning bolt struck down once again.

Standing unwavering in the spinning vortex of lightning and thunder, Nie Tian activated his bloodline talent: Life Strengthening.

As soon as he did, his muscles bulged, his body expanded to a large extent, and a hard, scale-like layer formed all over him.

After the four stages of Heavenly Wood Heal, which were Bone Crystallizing, Internal Organ Nourishing, Meridian Toughening, and Flesh Tempering, his body had become much tougher than before.

Furthermore, after lying dormant for many years, his bloodline had finally turned a new leaf.

Even though he still hadn’t awakened new bloodline talents, he knew that his bloodline had officially entered the eighth grade.

At this moment, brand new Bloodline Crystal Chains were still being born in his bloodline aura. Only after this process came to an end would his new bloodline talents be finalized.

However, as what would usually happen to powerful Ancientspirit and outsider races, his bloodline upgrade seemed to have initiated a new round of body-strengthening.

He sensed that the flesh power essence hidden in his bones, meridians, flesh, and blood had become unusually active.

Even his Blood Essence started to seethe and wash his body with torrential flesh power.

He had a strong feeling that his body was becoming more unbreakable with every passing second!

Therefore, he stopped protecting himself with the ward of flame, star, and wood power in the thunderstorm vortex.

He simply let the explosive lightning bolts bombard him.

Nie Tian grinned and watched lightning bolts pierce towards his chest like sharp blades, only to leave slight blackened marks on his skin. “Let this lightning power purge me and help me in this new round of body refinement. Lightning strikes at such a level can’t cause me any damage.”

As soon as he circulated his flesh aura, the blackened marks on his chest faded away.


Thunderballs bombarded him in an overwhelming manner. However, Nie Tian looked like a mountain that had stood unwavering for thousands of years.

Upon contact, the lightning power quietly infiltrated him.

However, in Nie Tian’s senses, as the destructive lightning power wandered inside of him, it seemed to be hammering his meridians, bones, and flesh like iron fresh out of a forge.

Such hammering would only make him stronger, and put his body in a state that was similar to the Demons’ Indestructible Form and the Bonebrutes’ Impregnable Form.

“He’s tempering his body with lightning power!” An astonished exclamation suddenly echoed out.

Yuan Jiuchuan, the Thunder Devil, had been struggling to resist the spinning thunder vortex after being sucked into it. Only now did he notice what an incredible thing Nie Tian was doing.

Eyes narrowed, he watched the raging lightning bolts bombard Nie Tian under Zheng Yi’s control.

He realized that Nie Tian’s aura was undergoing subtle changes, as if he was using the bombarding lightning bolts to temper his body and make it even tougher.

“Even pure-blooded Demons and Bonebrutes at his bloodline grade probably wouldn’t be able to withstand a bombardment of such mighty lightning bolts!” Yuan Jiuchuan cried inwardly.