Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1195: The Head of the Lightning Element Sect

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Zheng Yi was the name of the head of the lightning element sect.

Not long ago, he, Han Sen, Yuan Jiuchuan, and a few others had shown up in the Domain of Endless Thunder and killed numerous Qi warriors there who had practiced lightning incantations. For that reason, his name had been crossed from the Five Elements Sect.

This was the limit of Nie Tian’s knowledge of the incident.

Before, Zheng Yi’s greatest dream had been to cultivate a God domain expert of lightning power, so that the lightning element sect would be included in the Five Elements Sect’s major sects.

That was why he had made Han Sen.

However, the two of them had ended up defecting from the Five Elements Sect.

The Five Elements Sect had spread word that he and Han Sen no longer had anything to do with the Five Elements Sect or the lightning element sect.

But strangely, when they had stirred up trouble in the Domain of Endless Thunder, the Five Elements Sect hadn’t sent their powerful experts to kill them at the first moment.

Instead, it was Mo Heng who had answered Mo Qinglei’s request and rushed over there from the Shatter Battlefield.

Shortly afterwards, Mo Heng had vanished from the Domain of Endless Thunder. No one had seen him since.

Meanwhile, due to Mo Heng’s arrival, Zheng Ye, Han Sen, Yuan Jiuchuan, and the others had also disappeared, leaving no trace.

As Nie Tian laughed wildly and confronted Zheng Yi, Zhao Shanling narrowed his eyes and examined their enemies with rapt attention. He could generally sense Yuan Jiuchuan’s and Han Sen’s cultivation bases and bloodline grade. “Yuan Jiuchuan is at the middle Saint domain. Han Sen is at the Void domain, and his bloodline seems to be at the sixth grade...”

Zhao Shanling’s face gradually grew grim.

If they were still in the space disruption zone and Pei Qiqi were with them, he would be confident in winning another encounter with Yuan Jiuchuan and Han Sen.

However, this wasn’t the space disruption zone, which was his most ideal battleground.

Instead, this was a unique heaven and earth that had been transformed from a Thunder-devouring Whale’s flesh aura, which made it agreeable to people like Yuan Jiuchuan and Han Sen.

Not to mention that they had Zheng Yi, the head of the lightning element sect, who had entered the late Saint domain ages ago, with them this time.

With these thoughts, Zhao Shanling started to consider how to get Nie Tian and Dong Li out of this place once they were in an unfavorable situation.

As for Yin Yanan, he didn’t take her safety into consideration. He was even prepared to sacrifice her to save the others.


Another thick bolt of lightning struck down from the heavens with incredible might and disappeared into the mire like a lightning dragon.

As heavy rain continued to pour, lightning flashes illuminated heaven and earth from time to time. Face bleak, Zheng Yi took a deep look at Nie Tian with his large eyes. “The seventh Son of the Stars of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace... Your name pierces the ear like thunder.” (Idiom: someone with a high reputation)

As he spoke, countless wisps of lightning that carried his soul awareness flew out from the corners of his eyes.

They rapidly flew into the thunder pools that were high in the heavens, where lightning bolts were slithering like snakes, as if he was searching for something using some profound lightning magic.

Nie Tian’s face was cold, but he didn’t feel much fear.

He was still sensing the subtle changes the green aura in his heart was going through, knowing that it wouldn’t be long before his bloodline finished its upgrade.

He started to grow excited as he watched the numerous drops of Blood Essence in his heart that were as translucent and sparkling as red diamonds.

An increasingly strong and more profound bloodline aura was building up in that green aura.

Even though his bloodline upgrade wasn’t complete, he was surprised to discover that the strong attractive force the mire had for flesh auras didn’t have any effect on him anymore!

Even though the Thunder-devouring Whale’s heart had shrunk back into the depths of the mire, the mire was still channeling flesh power from the Frost Blood Python, Yin Yanan, and the new arrival, Han Sen.

However, he didn’t feel any discomfort anymore!

A fierce look suddenly appeared in Zheng Yi’s eyes as he said, “I didn’t expect that it’s really just the few of you.”

He had only remained silent until now because he had released his soul awareness to scan this heaven and earth that had been transformed from the flesh aura sea of a Thunder-devouring Whale.

He had been convinced that Nie Tian’s Saint domain subordinates were here as well.

Not long ago, Xie Qian, Master Blood Spirit, Jing Feiyang, and many other experts had stood by Nie Tian when he had confronted Luo Wanxiang in the Domain of Forbidden Heaven, which had demonstrated his strength to a great extent. Even he had heard about it.

Therefore, fearing that Nie Tian’s Saint domain subordinates were in the vicinity, he had refrained from making an actual move.

But now, he was absolutely certain that none of Nie Tian’s Saint domain subordinates were here.

All Nie Tian had beside him were Zhao Shanling, Dong Li, and Yin Yanan.

With these words, Zheng Yi grinned, revealing his gruesome white teeth. “Everything about this Thunder-devouring Whale is ours. As for you, we’ll capture you and take you with us. Lightning domain!”


Thousands of lightning bolts slithered high in the heavens, rapidly interweaving into a domain of raging lightning and thunder.

The thunder pools the Thunder-devouring Whale had gathered from unknown places were attracted, and moved slowly towards it from different directions.

Seeing this, Zheng Yi yelled with a frantic look on his face, “If I can fuse all of these thunder pools into my domain, I might be able to break the cultivation shackles that have held me down for a hundred thousand years, and eventually advance to the God domain!”

Reaching the God domain was his lifetime pursuit.

Both Yuan Jiuchuan, the Thunder Devil, and Han Sen, who he had created, had strange looks on their faces as they watched the enormous thunder pools be channeled and move towards his domain.

Zheng Yi suddenly assumed a serious face and said, “Han Sen, these thunder pools won’t be very helpful to you if you want to upgrade your bloodline. The Thunder-devouring Whale’s bones, heart, or blood will be the treasure you’ll need to make rapid advances in your bloodline. Don’t worry. Everything we get from the Thunder-devouring Whale will be yours.”

Upon hearing this, Han Sen, who seemed to have doubts, smiled and scratched his nose. “Many thanks, Master.”

Yuan Jiuchuan let out a snort and asked, “What about me?”

“Considering the incantations you practice, we’ll have plenty of lightning power sources for you later. Don’t you worry.” As he spoke, Zheng Yi channeled numerous dazzlingly bright lightning bolts to interweave into a grand spell formation that contained the profound truths of lightning power in the vast heaven and earth in front of him.

“Heaven-shaking Thunderstorm!”

As Zheng Yi exclaimed, heaven-shaking, earth-shattering rumbles came from the peculiar, mysterious spell formation that covered dozens of acres of land.

Immediately afterwards, the grand spell formation turned as blindingly bright as the sun.


Every last wisp of lightning was channeled from its surroundings. Even the lightning bolts that had disappeared into the mire were pulled out and fused into the blindingly bright lightning spell formation.

“All of you shall tremble before my power!”

As Zheng Yi formed a profound hand seal in front of his chest, the peculiar spell formation instantly turned into a thunderstorm that looked like a huge vortex of lightning and thunder, which swallowed everyone, including Nie Tian, in the blink of an eye.


Surprisingly, even Yuan Jiuchuan, the Thunder Devil, flew uncontrollably into the vortex.

“Zheng Yi! You dare to betray me!” Yuan Jiuchuan roared furiously.

Han Sen’s expression flickered drastically as he saw this.

Zheng Yi, however, ignored Yuan Jiuchuan’s roars with an expressionless face. He turned to Han Sen and said, “You’ve already mastered the incantations he practices. With you around, there’s no point in keeping him alive anymore. Besides, the stronger he becomes, the more likely he’ll think about draining me of my power. So I might as well strike first.”

After a moment of silence, Han Sen nodded and said, “You’re right, Master.”