Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1194: Enemies Meeting on A Narrow Road

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Divine cyan light burst forth from within the green aura.

Numerous sparkling, cyan Bloodline Crystal Chains that were as fine as hairs were born within it.

The birth of every Bloodline Crystal Chain meant new bloodline wonders, new bloodline talents, and a brand new breakthrough in the grade of his life bloodline.


His heart pounded strongly, as if to echo the Thunder-devouring Whale’s thumping heart below.

Nie Tian knew that once his bloodline went through such changes, the upgrade of his bloodline and awakening of new bloodline talents would happen naturally.

However, sometimes, instead of happening right away, they might happen shortly after the changes took place.

At this moment, he put the changes to his bloodline aside, and focused on infusing the Star Behemoth bone with his flesh aura and piercing the Thunder-devouring Whale heart with it.


A peculiar crimson aura suddenly burst forth from within the Star Behemoth bone, which had grown exceptionally long.

An aura that was unique to Star Behemoths rapidly pervaded the entire area.

It was the flesh aura of an enormous race that had stood at the top of the food chain, preyed on titans, dragons, and Ancientbeasts, and consumed realms for nourishment.

The Thunder-devouring Whale’s heart apparently sensed the unusual aura right away.

Torrential blue flames instantly burst forth, wreathing the huge heart.

“No, no...” Nie Tian heard remote desperate cries that seemed to come from the heart.


The entire heaven and earth experienced a violent shake.

Then, the earth shattered and collapsed towards the depths in the area where the Thunder-devouring Whale’s heart was.

At the same time, thunder pools that had countless lightning bolts interweaving in them appeared in the highest heavens like seas of blazing lightning and thunder.


Raging lightning bolts that were ten meters thick and a thousand meters long struck down like a waterfall of lightning, giving rise to deafening thunderclaps.

This was the full extent of the power the tenth grade Thunder-devouring Whale could summon at this moment by relying only on its heart.

Dong Li’s expression flickered slightly. “Such explosive thunder and lightning power!”

She hastily jumped onto the enlarged black tortoise and called out to Zhao Shanling, “Be careful! Even though the lightning bolts aren’t targeting us, we’ll still be in serious trouble if we let them touch us.”

“Don’t worry,” Zhao Shanling said proudly. “I’m skilled in spatial power.”

Yin Yanan, however, had a very grim look on her face as she curled up under the Frost Blood Python’s belly, taking shelter behind its strong scales.

However, both she and the Frost Blood Python were losing their flesh power at an alarming rate.

Even though the ninth grade Frost Blood Python matched the strength of an outsider grand patriarch, it was overwhelmed with fear facing the Thunder-devouring Whale’s bloodline attacks, not showing even the slightest intent to fight back.

This was what frustrated her the most.

The Frost Blood Python was the hybrid offspring of a Frost Python and a Blood Stripe Python. Its strength ranked at the top among all of the Beast-controlling Sect’s pet spirit beasts. However, why would it seem so utterly useless in front of the heart of a tenth grade Thunder-devouring Whale?

Dong Li beckoned for Yin Yanan to join her and the black tortoise. “Why don’t you come here to me?”

However, the Frost Blood Python was so scared that it couldn’t even move.

At this moment, the blazing thunder pools seemed to set this entire heaven and earth on fire.


All of a sudden, a streak of glorious light flashed across the storm of raging lightning and thunder.


The Thunder-devouring Whale’s enormous blue flames-wreathed heart suddenly shrunk into the depths of the earth like a loach drilling into the mud as Nie Tian dashed down towards it, clutching the Star Behemoth bone.

That was when voices came from the depths of the sky, accompanied by thunderclaps and violent lightning strikes.

They were human voices!

“Thunder pools! More than a dozen of them!”

“Such mighty thunder pools should have only existed in the depths of the heavens in certain realms that are filled with lightning power.”

“Thunder pools that contain such explosive lightning power are almost impossible to find!”

“Perhaps only Ancientbeasts like Thunder-devouring Whales can release thunder pools they have absorbed and confine them to a certain place with their flesh auras.”

“That tenth grade Thunder-devouring Whale must be here. I can even sense its immense aura now.”

“Tenth grade, equal to a grand monarch! Even if it’s dead, as long as we can find anything that remains of it, this trip will be well worth it!”

“That’s right!”

Voices continued to come from the heavens where lighting bolts slithered and thunder rolled.

The strange thing was that Nie Tian, Zhao Shanling, and Dong Li found some of the voices familiar.


Numerous thick lightning bolts struck past Nie Tian and slammed into the mire below like huge whips wielded by the god of thunder. After that, they seemed to be absorbed by something in the mire, and disappeared.

As that happened, several figures flew through a gap between the thunder pools in the sky.

Yuan Jiuchuan, the Thunder Devil, and Han Sen...

Beside them, there was an old man with a stern face, who was at the late Saint domain and also well-versed in lightning power. All three of them stared at Nie Tian and the others, surprise filling their faces.

“It’s you!” After being surprised by the sight of Nie Tian, Zhao Shanling, and Dong Li, Yuan Jiuchuan and Han Sen felt a headache over the situation.

Not long ago, Nie Tian, Zhao Shanling, Dong Li, and Pei Qiqi had first captured Yuan Jiuchuan, and then forced Han Sen to submit to them.

Only because of Feng Beiluo from the Heavenly Corpse Sect had Yuan Jiuchuan been released.

Later, at the heart of the Shatter Battlefield, Nie Tian had heard that Yuan Jiuchuan, Han Sen, and a few others had invaded the Domain of Endless Thunder, where they had almost wiped out the Heavenly Thunder Sect.

This had even caused Mo Heng to stop guarding him and leave for the Domain of Endless Thunder, where he had later disappeared.

Who would have thought that they would meet again in this peculiar heaven and earth that had been transformed from the flesh aura of a Thunder-devouring Whale mixed with energies of heaven and earth?

While they were at a loss, Nie Tian found their encounter hard to believe as well.

Dong Li let out a cold harrumph. “Thunder Devil, Han Sen! What are the odds of us meeting again so shortly after our last separation? Are you here for the Thunder-devouring Whale?”

The late Saint domain old man who also practiced lightning power asked, “Han Sen, who are they?”

“Sectmaster, that’s Nie Tian from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace. And that one who practices spatial power, I met him in the space disruption zone...” Han Sen introduced Nie Tian, Zhao Shanling, and Dong Li to him one after another, burying his face out of respect.

A complicated expression appeared on Nie Tian’s face. “Sectmaster? The head of the lightning element sect?”

Shortly after his return from the Shatter Battlefield, he had asked about Mo Heng, and learned that the head of the lightning element sect had been among those who had invaded and stirred up trouble in the Domain of Endless Thunder.

The head of the lightning element sect was nothing like the other five sect heads of the Five Elements Sect.

All of those five were God domain experts.

Even though the head of the lightning element sect might match them in seniority, he was only at the late Saint domain, and was about to reach the end of his lifespan, which meant that he wouldn’t have a chance to break through into the God domain.

Han Sen was a hybrid he had gone to great lengths to make. His hope was for him to enter the God domain.

With a proud look on his face, the head of the lightning element sect asked, “Nie Tian, right? Did you see the remains of the Thunder-devouring Whale? Has it reforged its heart? Everything in this heaven and earth belongs to us. I suggest that you three tie your own hands and wait to be captured. (Idiom: allow oneself to be seized without putting up a fight) We’ll take you out of here and put you in the hands of another.”

Nie Tian laughed wildly. “You’re nothing but a traitor of the Five Elements Sect, and you dare to threaten me? How laughable!”