Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1192: A Reforged Tenth Grade Heart

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Rain poured down on a mire.

At the same time, long, winding lightning bolts that looked like dragons struck from the heavens, rapidly disappearing into the mire.

The mire was rather vast. Nothing could be seen in its surroundings. The only two things that hovered over it were the Flame Dragon Armor and the Spirit Pearl.


A spatial rift ripped the void open.

Everyone, including Nie Tian, Zhao Shanling, Yin Yanan, and Dong Li, arrived through it.

They all subconsciously looked down at the mire.

The mire was filled with grayish-brown mud, giving everyone an indescribably strange feeling.

Heavy rain and lightning bolts continued to fall into the mire.

Upon arriving, Nie Tian noticed that both the Spirit Pearl and the Flame Dragon Armor swayed in the air, as if they were attracted by the mire, and struggling not to plunge into it.

“My flesh aura and the Frost Blood Python...” Yin Yanan’s well-built body suddenly shook violently in the air, before she was pulled downward by a mysterious force.


Like a falling star, the Star Boat dashed downwards and caught her.

Face grim, Zhao Shanling sensed the strange environment. “Human spiritual tools don’t seem to be affected. As long as something doesn’t contain rich flesh power, it won’t be pulled down towards the mire.”

He wasn’t a hybrid, nor did he practice body-refining techniques like Yin Yanan did.

Therefore, he didn’t feel any attraction or discomfort floating in the air.

Like him, Dong Li also looked calm and composed.

The black tortoise beside her only shook its body a few times before adjusting to the mysterious attractive force the mire had for beings with vigorous flesh auras.

Even though Nie Tian also felt a strong attractive force, it was neutralized by his Star Boat.

Yin Yanan and her ninth grade Frost Blood Python were the only ones that were pulled from the sky and almost devoured by the peculiar mire.

“Come!” Nie Tian lifted his hand, and the Spirit Pearl and the Flame Dragon Armor dashed back to him.

Strangely, while the Spirit Pearl and the Flame Dragon Armor were subject to the mire’s attractive force, the Star Boat wasn’t.

After recovering from her astonishment, Yin Yanan said, “The mire is disturbing my flesh aura flow. And the same is happening to my Frost Blood Python. Without any control of our own, wisps of our flesh auras are leaving our bodies and flying down towards the mire. There must be something special down there.”

Eyes narrowed, Nie Tian looked down at the mire, standing at the prow of the Star Boat.

Zhao Shanling and Dong Li also looked down with rapt attention.

“Bloodline...” As Nie Tian whispered inwardly, he started to scan the depths of the mire with his keenest bloodline detection.

THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! Thump! Thump! Thump!

Nie Tian felt heavy beats bombarding his chest, causing his heart to race uncontrollably.

His expression instantly flickered.

However, Zhao Shanling, Dong Li, and Yin Yanan didn’t seem to hear anything or sense any anomalies.

Nie Tian took a deep breath and said, “There’s a vibrant heart in the depths of this mire! This entire heaven and earth was transformed from the flesh aura sea of a tenth grade Ancientspirit. Its heart is now hiding at the bottom of this mire and gathering any wisps of flesh power it can find. By doing this, it’s seeking...”

“Resurrection!” Zhao Shanling finished his sentence for him.

Nie Tian smiled bitterly. “That’s right. For tenth grade Ancientbeasts, dragons, or titans, a single drop of their Blood Essence would be enough to set them on their paths of resurrection. If they can gather enough flesh power to reforge their hearts, from there they will be able to regenerate their meridians, bones, flesh, and blood. So the reforging of their hearts means they’re not very far from resurrection.

“Also, if that’s actually the case, does it mean all of the spirit beasts and outsiders that have come here over the past millions of years have been devoured...?” His expression flickered with astonishment as he spoke.

Yin Yanan also gasped.

Nie Tian, however, thought of the Frost Python, which had gone to great lengths to leave the Green Illusion Dimension. It must have assumed that it had finally found a way out, but had only ended up as another cluster of flesh power in this mire.

“After our sect found that dilapidated teleportation portal, they arranged for disciples to enter it first,” Yin Yanan explained. “However, due to its restrictions on those with weak flesh auras, none of them were able to teleport through it. After that, they adopted another approach, which was to send in their spirit beasts that they could communicate with on a soul level.

“One after another, they were sent here, all of their teleportations successful.

“However, not a single one returned.

“Originally, I was prepared to send my Frost Blood Python here to explore this unknown place as well. However, my uniquely strong flesh aura allowed me to teleport here with my Frost Blood Python.

“After getting here, I looked around, but failed to see any of the spirit beasts our sect sent in here. In fact, I didn’t find a single living creature here, from our sect or not.

“Just earlier, I was wondering where they all went. Now from the look of it, they’ve probably all ended up in the mire.”

Zhao Shanling nodded and said, “The restriction on normal humans was because pure spiritual power is of no help to its resurrection. Only humans with strong flesh auras, outsiders, or spirit beasts can provide it with the flesh power it needs.”

It didn’t matter whether it was Nie Tian, Yin Yanan, the Frost Blood Python, or the Flame Dragon Armor. All of them that carried vigorous flesh auras were gradually losing their flesh power from being so close to the mire.

Nie Tian summoned power from his star souls, and saw blood-colored strings leave them to fly into the mire like wisps of blood-colored smoke.

Dong Li snorted disdainfully. “It’s only an Ancientspirit that’s dragging out its feeble existence. Even if it’s a tenth grade Ancientspirit, it’s nothing to be feared now that it’s only reforged its heart. Besides, its viciousness is surprising. It only left those teleportation portals and altars so that spirit beasts and outsiders would stumble into them and end up as its food on its path to resurrection.”

An unfathomable smile appeared on Nie Tian’s face. “A dead tenth grade Ancientbeast.”

In the next moment, he activated Life Drain, his unique bloodline talent.


Numerous scarlet blood strings that were as fine as hairs flew from him like tentacles, before piercing madly into the mire below.


To everyone’s surprise, blue flames rose from the mire’s surface.

As the blue flames burned fiercely, a blue energy ward rapidly formed over the vast mire.

That was when an attractive force hundreds of times stronger than before was born.

At the same time, a profound connection seemed to be instantly established between the mire and this entire heaven and earth.

It was as if any living beings with rich flesh auras that dared to enter this heaven and earth would be pulled into the mire at this moment, and become nourishment for it to rebuild its meridians, bones, flesh, and blood.

Yin Yanan’s face turned pale with fright. “Such strong attractive force!”

Even the ninth grade Frost Blood Python couldn’t stop trembling.

Even though the tenth grade Ancientspirit had clearly died many years ago, since it had already reforged its heart, it must have regained some of its strength.

Furthermore, this entire place had formed after its flesh aura sea had combined with the energies of heaven and earth.

Therefore, not only did the ninth grade Frost Blood Python find the mire’s attractive force irresistible, but it even felt a feverish urge to jump into the mire to help this expert of its race achieve its aim.

In contrast, the black tortoise’s small beady eyes were filled with frigid coldness.

It was hard to believe that the eighth grade black tortoise could stop itself from losing a single wisp of its dark flesh aura under such terrifying attractive force.

Noticing this, Yin Yanan was shocked to her very core. She didn’t understand why an eighth grade spirit beast could resist the summons of a tenth grade Ancientspirit, whose bloodline was overwhelmingly mightier than its own.


At this moment, Nie Tian’s falling blood strings exploded upon contact with the blue energy ward.

Clusters of blue flames then flew into the sky towards Nie Tian, Yin Yanan, the Frost Blood Python, and the black tortoise, as if they had their own awareness.

Dong Li and Zhao Shanling were ignored.

Apparently, since the two of them didn’t carry any noticeable flesh power, they weren’t of much help to it as prey.

“Do you know anything about it?” Nie Tian sent a soul message to the Flame Dragon Armor and the Spirit Pearl at the same time. Immediately afterwards, he withdrew his flesh power and summoned power from within his spiritual sea to establish defenses in front of him.