Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1191: An Old Promise

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Dong Li was dumbstruck the moment she saw Yin Yanan. “It’s you! How come you’re here?”

Yin Yanan was also taken aback.

Her Frost Blood Python coiled up right next to her, raising its head high.

After so many years, the Frost Blood Python’s bloodline had already advanced from the eighth grade to the ninth grade.

Judging by its grade, its strength should match that of a Saint domain human expert.

Dong Qisong, the sectmaster of the Beast-controlling Sect, was only at the early Saint domain.

Due to the close historical connections between the Dong Clan and the Beast-controlling Sect, Dong Li, Dong Baijie, and many youngsters from the Dong Clan had practiced cultivation in the Beast-controlling Sect.

It was also because of this that Dong Li and Yin Yanan had long since gotten over their previous misunderstandings and made up with each other.

After the destruction of the Dong Clan’s headquarters in the Realm of a Hundred Battles, many members of the Dong Clan had chosen to join the Beast-controlling Sect. Therefore, the bond between Dong Li and the Beast-controlling Sect had grown even stronger.

The Beast-controlling Sect had also benefited from Dong Li’s special relationship with Nie Tian.

Yin Yanan also found their encounter uncanny. “How come you came here too?”


The lazy black tortoise breathed heavily by Dong Li’s feet, its small, beady eyes fixed on the Frost Blood Python.

The black tortoise was still at the eighth grade.

Given their grades, the ninth grade Frost Blood Python should be stronger than the eighth grade black tortoise.

However, under the black tortoise’s gaze, the Frost Blood Python somehow started to cower, as if it wanted to hide behind Yin Yanan.

Yin Yanan turned to fix the Frost Blood Python with a confused look. Astonishment rapidly filled her heart.

The Frost Blood Python was a hybrid. It rarely attached any importance to other spirit beasts at its grade.

After it had entered the ninth grade, even the early Saint domain Dong Qisong, the current sectmaster of the Beast-controlling Sect, had been cautious when facing it.

This proved that even Dong Qisong felt threatened by the ninth grade Frost Blood Python.

However, the ninth grade Frost Blood Python now couldn’t help but cower in front of the eighth grade black tortoise. What did this mean?

When Yin Yanan laid her eyes on the black tortoise again, the look in her eyes changed.


Just as she was about to say something, Nie Tian arrived on his Star Boat.

“Nie Tian!” An exclamation escaped Yin Yanan’s mouth, and she flushed slightly, as if she suddenly remembered something.

As the Star Boat landed, Nie Tian took a quick glance at Yin Yanan, and instantly realized that she had made significant advances in her cultivation. “You’ve entered the Soul realm. Congratulations.”

He remembered that she had only been at the Profound realm the last time they had met.

It was rather impressive that she had managed to advance to the Soul realm within such a short time.

After Nie Tian mentioned her cultivation, Yin Yanan became even more uncomfortable. She even started to stutter.

Nie Tian went blank for a moment before suddenly remembering something. An amused look appeared in his eyes.

He remembered that back in the day, Yin Yanan had claimed that if one day his cultivation base surpassed hers, she would let him get intimate with her.

It seemed that Yin Yanan had never expected that Nie Tian, who practiced flame power, star power, and wood power at the same time, could grow so fast that his cultivation base actually rose above hers.

As a matter of fact, Dong Qisong, the sectmaster of the Beast-controlling Sect, had told her upon his return from the Domain of Forbidden Heaven that Nie Tian had entered the late Soul realm.

Such rapid advances in cultivation were unbelievable, but true.

As Nie Tian’s subordinate, Dong Qisong and spared no effort to spread word of it. Therefore, almost every member of the sects in the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries and the Domain of Heaven Python had learned about it.

Yin Yanan had felt embarrassed the first time she had heard about it, and had been afraid to meet Nie Tian in the future.

Perhaps that was why she had chosen to leave the Beast-controlling Sect’s headquarters to seek opportunities by entering a teleportation portal in a ruin discovered by the Beast-controlling Sect.

Many others had visited the teleportation portal, but failed to teleport through it.

She had made significant progress with her body refinement after entering the Soul realm. Her flesh aura had become stronger as well. For this reason, she was the only one who managed to teleport through it.

As fierce as Yin Yanan was, she rapidly recovered from her embarrassment, and explained the situation in a natural and poised manner. According to her, disciples of the Beast-controlling Sect would usually visit regions in the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries and other neighboring domains where special spirit beasts lived so that they could tame them and bring them back to the Beast-controlling Sect.

During the process, they would often come across Ancientspirit relics.

In fact, she had teleported here through a dilapidated portal found in one of those relics. Besides, she hadn’t been here long. Like Nie Tian and Dong Li, she also didn’t know where she was.

Disappointment filled Dong Li’s face as she said, “I thought we could get some useful information from you. Come on. Let’s keep searching, and see if we can find out what’s special about this unknown heaven and earth, which probably has something to do with Ancientspirits.”

With these words, she jumped back onto the black tortoise’s back, and flew into the distance.

“How did you get here?” Yin Yanan asked Nie Tian.

“Through a portal I found in an arcane dimension.” As he spoke, Nie Tian remained connected to his Star Eyes, the Spirit Pearl, and the Flame Dragon Armor. He still hoped to scan and reveal the secrets of this heaven and earth with their help.

“Well, you know what I said before...” Yin Yanan hesitated as she spoke.

Nie Tian smiled and asked, “You mean what you said about letting me be intimate with you?”

Since Yin Yanan practiced the Beast-controlling Sect’s unique body-refining techniques, her body was well-built and filled with explosive force like that of a cougar, which gave her a different kind of charm.

It was a wild, burning sexiness.

Looking at her, Nie Tian suddenly remembered the time when Yin Yanan had been bewitched by the Spirit Pearl and had a ‘soul experience’ with him.

Even as he thought of it now, he still remembered the intoxicating feeling.

Seeing that Nie Tian had chosen to be blunt with it, Yin Yanan somehow felt relieved and said, “I was joking. Don’t you think I meant it.”

Then, she let out a snort and pointed in the direction where Dong Li had just disappeared. “Also, that girl isn’t to be messed with. I don’t think you dare to do anything that’ll anger her.”

After learning that Nie Tian had defeated Ophelia, the Demon chosen one, in the Dead Star Sea, she had realized that even if Nie Tian’s cultivation base had been lower than hers, his strength would still overwhelm her.

Not to mention that his cultivation base had risen above hers after his adventures in the Shatter Battlefield.

Furthermore, given Nie Tian’s authority in his three subordinate domains, if he had actually used her promise to force himself on her, there would have been no way for her to stop him.

Perhaps those from the Beast-controlling Sect would even be glad that Nie Tian would take advantage of her.

After all, even the Beast-controlling Sect was Nie Tian’s subordinate sect.


Rapid soul calls came from the Spirit Pearl and the Flame Dragon Armor almost simultaneously.

“Nie Tian!” Zhao Shanling’s voice also seemed to travel through space and echo in his ears.

Yin Yanan was taken aback. “Is someone else here?”

Instead of answering her, Nie Tian focused on communicating with the Spirit Pearl and the Flame Dragon Armor.

His face gradually fell.