Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1179: Imprisonment

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Kan Zhisheng lowered his head and fell silent.

“Luo Wanxiang!” Nie Tian exclaimed with a grim face. “Has he recovered from his injuries already? What’s the situation with Master Blood Spirit and Li Langfeng? And what about grand elder Mo Heng? Why didn’t he take part in sect affairs like this?”

Kan Zhisheng sighed. “We can’t get in touch with the grand elder for the time being.”

Nie Tian’s expression flickered with astonishment. “What do you mean you can’t get in touch with him?!”

“A major upheaval struck the Heavenly Thunder Sect’s territory...” Kan Zhisheng explained. “Mo Qinglei came to our headquarters and begged the grand elder to help the Mo Clan, which was his home as well. So the grand elder went to lift them from their troublesome situation. And the Heavenly Thunder Sect’s crisis seemed to be resolved soon after the grand elder’s arrival.

“However, for some reason, the grand elder suddenly vanished in the Heavenly Thunder Sect’s territory after that.

“According to word we received from Mo Qianfan, the sectmaster of the Heavenly Thunder Sect, the grand elder seemed to have heard about someone, and thus left in an attempt to gain more information.

“No one has ever heard from him or gotten in contact with him ever since.

“In his absence, our two vice sectmasters, Chu Rui and Luo Wanxiang, manage our sect affairs jointly. Just recently, someone discovered Master Blood Spirit and Li Langfeng in a secluded place in the Domain of Forbidden Heaven, which is your territory.

“Master Blood Spirit was an important member of a crooked sect. After vice sectmaster Luo Wanxiang was informed of this, he immediately arranged for people to seal off that region, forbidding anyone from leaving. He said that he’ll wait for you to return so that he can ask you some questions first...”

Nie Tian let out a cold laugh. “Ask me questions?”

He believed that if Mo Heng was around, then even though Master Blood Spirit and Li Langfeng had been discovered, it wouldn’t have been a big deal.

However, now that Mo Heng was missing...

At this moment, he suddenly remembered another thing. The Heavenly Stellar Stream he had won from his duel against Ophelia was in Sikong Cuo’s hands.

Mo Heng had assured him that he would demand precious treasures that agreed with his cultivation more than the Heavenly Stellar Stream from Luo Wanxiang in exchange for it, which he heard that Luo Wanxiang had already agreed to.

This proved how much Luo Wanxiang was willing to give up so that Sikong Cuo could rapidly strengthen himself with the help of the Heavenly Stellar Stream.

However, now that Mo Heng was missing, would he still be able to get the precious treasures he had been promised from Luo Wanxiang?

As his train of thought came to this point, he burned with fury.

Luo Wanxiang had made a move on Master Blood Spirit and Li Langfeng, who were his followers, while he still owed him things, not to mention that Sikong Cuo had villains like Master Bloody Despair among his subordinates.

“I’ll return to the Realm of Split Void first!” Nie Tian exclaimed furiously.

Kan Zhisheng didn’t dare to interfere with what happened between Sons of the Stars and vice sectmasters.

Therefore, he just stood there while Nie Tian and Pei Qiqi left for the Realm of Remote Heaven through the teleportation portal.


In the Domain of Forbidden Heaven.

Ancient starships were berthed by the vast floating meteor where the Blood Sect had been relocated. A yellow spherical ward had enveloped a large area around the meteor like a layer of faint mist.

All of the spatial impurities were kept out by the ward.

Behind the ward, Blood Sect disciples were practicing incantations and deriving enlightenment with the help of spirit stones and spiritual materials of different attributes.

In a remote corner of the meteor.

Master Blood Spirit was sitting in the lotus position, his face expressionless. Even though he didn’t activate his blood domain, a strong bloody aura pervaded his surroundings.

The late Saint domain!

Master Blood Spirit had become much more confident in himself after entering the late Saint domain. The expansion of his lifespan had sparked his ambition to advance to the God domain.

Over the recent years, he had practiced cultivation wholeheartedly in this forgotten heaven and earth, and made rapid progress in his cultivation.

Li Jing from the Blood Sect quietly flew over, sitting on her Blood Lotus, and said, “Patriarch...”

She had also advanced from the Profound realm to the late Soul realm, and reached the point where she was ready to forge her internal domain and cross into the Void domain.

Her advances in cultivation had also been rapid and smooth. Part of the reason was that they had stood by Nie Tian’s side in his early years, and thus won his favor.

Another reason was Master Blood Spirit’s appearance.

Master Blood Spirit opened his eyes. His pupils seemed to be painted red by blood, which gave him a scary look.

Without saying anything to Li Jing, he gazed off into the distance, where three ancient starships could be seen berthed among floating meteors.

Several Saint domain experts were stationed on those starships, which belonged to Luo Wanxiang’s subordinates.

Luo Wanxiang had been a Son of the Stars back in the day, and had his own subordinates and followers.

As Master Blood Spirit cast a secret magic, his unique flesh aura and spiritual power mixed up and formed scarlet strings that were as fine as hairs.


As soon as they shot through the ward enveloping the meteor, the Saint domain experts on the three starships surfaced, as if they were facing incoming enemies.

Their leader, who seemed to be at the late Saint domain, called out, “Master Blood Spirit! You’re not allowed to leave before Nie Tian shows up! If you insist on doing so, then don’t blame me for my manners!”

Master Blood Spirit let out a cold harrumph. “Relax. I’m only taking a break from my cultivation to look for inspiration.”

His eyes were filled with masked killing intent as he gazed off at those Saint domain experts, which Li Jing, who was standing next to him, saw very clearly.


The scarlet strings returning from the starry river turned into a bloody mist in midair, which rapidly morphed into a faint red shield that enveloped Master Blood Spirit and Li Jing.

“Alright, no one should be able to hear us unless God domain experts are in the vicinity. Those running dogs of Luo Wanxiang’s don’t have a chance at overhearing our conversation.” With these words, Master Blood Spirit snorted disdainfully. “If I didn’t have any scruples, those losers together wouldn’t be able to stop me from leaving!”

Master Blood Spirit’s confidence had soared after he had entered the late Saint domain.

Even though there was also a late Saint domain expert among Luo Wanxiang’s subordinates, that didn’t make him attach any importance to them.

An apologetic expression spread across Li Jing’s face. “We’ve dragged you down, Patriarch...”

Master Blood Spirit wove his hand. “It has nothing to do with you. I’m only worried that it’ll get Nie Tian in trouble if I leave rashly. Also, even though these few running dogs are nothing to be feared, the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace has God domain experts. If they decide to come after me themselves, I currently don’t possess the kind of power I’d need to contend against them.”

Meanwhile, on the other side of the meteor...

Li Langfeng had also been required to stay here until Nie Tian returned and gave Luo Wanxiang an explanation.

At this moment, Li Langfeng snapped out of his thoughts and rose into the air.

He rapidly flew to the area where Master Blood Spirit was.

Upon arriving, Li Langfeng exclaimed softly, “Please refrain from making any rash moves, Senior!”

He had rushed over because he was worried that Master Blood Spirit would lose his temper and get into a fight against the observers, which might make the situation get out of hand.

Master Blood Spirit let out a snort. “Don’t worry. I haven’t lost my temper yet.”

Then, he gazed off at the Blood Sect disciples in the distance. A dejected expression appeared on his face as he continued, “This is all that’s left of the Blood Spirit Sect. How can I sacrifice these last seeds of my sect just for a moment’s satisfaction?”

Hearing these words, Li Langfeng put his mind at ease.

“Hmm?!” Just as he bowed and prepared to leave, Master Blood Spirit exclaimed softly, the light of excitement flashing across his eyes.

“What is it, Patriarch?” Li Langfeng asked.

Li Jing was also taken aback. Realizing Master Blood Spirit must have sensed something, she also fixed him with a curious look.

Master Blood Spirit calmed himself and said, “I’m sensing Nie Tian’s aura. He’s on his way here. Let’s see how he’ll talk to Luo Wanxiang and handle this matter.”

“Perhaps even he won’t be able to protect us,” Li Jing said with a bitter smile. “It’s Luo Wanxiang, a vice sectmaster of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace he’ll face. No matter how powerful or how highly-regarded he is among the Sons of the Stars, he hasn’t taken the position of Lord of the Stars yet.