Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1175: The Limpid Cyan Sword

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As soon as Fan Tianze arrived, Hong Minghui and all of his subordinates fell completely silent.

Among them, perhaps only Hong Minghui was qualified to join the conversation between Fan Tianze and Xuan Guangyu.

Fan Tianze was from the Heaven Span Pavilion. Both him and Chu Yuan, the current sectmaster of the Heaven Span Pavilion, were the stepsons of the former sectmaster.

In fact, he was even older and had seniority over Chu Yuan.

Even though Chu Yuan was currently at the late God domain, he paid him a great amount of respect.

The reason was because even though the former sectmaster of the Heaven Span Pavilion had taken him as his first stepson and cultivated him wholeheartedly, as a free spirit, he had enjoyed a solitary life and disliked restrictions.

Therefore, he had ignored sect affairs and traveled across the starry river to see and experience different things.

Perhaps for this reason, the former sectmaster of the Heaven Span Pavilion had had no choice but to replace him with Chu Yuan, whom he put on the throne of the sectmaster as his successor.

However, even though Fan Tianze had used almost none of the Heaven Span Pavilion’s cultivation resources, and practiced cultivation alone wherever he had gone, he was now at the middle God domain.

Many said that if Fan Tianze had been as diligent and ruly as Chu Yuan, given the profound resources of the Heaven Span Pavilion, his attainments would have most likely risen above Chu Yuan’s.

Even today, Fan Tianze didn’t hold any specific position in the Heaven Span Pavilion.

Usually speaking, only when the Heaven Span Pavilion was in trouble, and Chu Yuan happened to be otherwise occupied, would he ask for his help.

Other than Chu Yuan, no one throughout the entire Heaven Span Pavilion could get him to step up for the sect.

Furthermore, it wasn’t because he owed Chu Yuan or the Heaven Span Pavilion anything. Instead, Chu Yuan owed him many favors.

He only helped the Heaven Span Pavilion because of the former sectmaster, and the fact that Chu Yuan treated him with respect.

Now that this powerhouse that even had seniority over the sectmaster of the Heaven Span Pavilion was here, only Xuan Guangyu could talk to him calmly.

Even Hong Minghui became too nervous to speak, not to mention his subordinates, who weren’t even qualified to join the conversation.

Fan Tianze was taken aback. “What do you mean something happened?”

Xuan Guangyu’s eyes flickered. He cleared his throat and asked, “Well... did you learn anything from within the Heaven Span Pavilion before you came here, Brother Fan?”

“It’s been a long time since I last returned to the Heaven Span Pavilion,” Fan Tianze said casually.

“Well, you must know that Nie Tian, the seventh Son of the Stars of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, is down there, right?” Xuan Guangyu asked.

Fan Tianze frowned. “What does that have to do with me? I’m not going down there to deal with Nie Tian. I’m going because I’ve got to go look for something in this unique space created by a Star Behemoth.”

“Pei Qiqi from my sect is down there too,” Xuan Guangyu added.

“That has nothing to do with me either.” Fan Tianze started to grow impatient. “If you’re done trying, then I’ll start.”

Hearing this, Xuan Guangyu took a few steps back and said, “All yours.”

Fan Tianze then channeled the sword under his feet, which shot off towards the shield of Star Behemoth flesh aura like a stream of limpid cyan water.

“That’s the Limpid Cyan Sword, an Immortal grade divine tool!” An exclamation escaped Hong Minghui’s mouth, his expression flickering violently.

The Limpid Cyan Sword’s sub-grade was higher than that of the Void Splitter. Also, it was an Immortal grade divine tool that had been passed down through generations in the Heaven Span Pavilion.

It was the Heaven Span Pavilion’s signature treasure.

If Fan Tianze died of natural causes or at another’s hands some day, the Heaven Span Pavilion would reclaim the Limpid Cyan Sword and pass it on to the next generation.

Now, as soon as the Limpid Cyan Sword was activated, its unmatched sword intent caused great changes in heaven and earth.


Dozens of kinds of energies that were flying down towards the glorious shield were suddenly channeled by the Limpid Cyan Sword’s sword intent, and condensed into a huge sword of multicolored light.

A torrential sword intent rapidly built up within it, causing even the heaven and earth in this area to tremble.


The splendid sword aura slashed down towards the shield of Star Behemoth flesh aura like the Milky Way pouring out of the heavens.

A slender rift was split open in the shield, but healed in a flash.

However, the sword intent clearly went through it.

Xuan Guangyu’s expression flickered. The corner of his mouth twitched unnaturally.

Hong Minghui and all of his subordinates forced themselves to stifle their exclamations, fearing that Xuan Guangyu would feel even more embarrassed if they didn’t.

They were both at the middle God domain. Even after activating his dharma idol, Xuan Guangyu had failed to create the slightest fissure in the shield.

Fan Tianze, however, sent a stream of his sword intent through the shield with his first attempt, and he didn’t even have to activate his dharma idol.

It couldn’t be more obvious who was stronger.

“It doesn’t seem to be so hard,” Fan Tianze muttered to himself. “However, I didn’t think the shield would heal so quickly. My connection with that stream of sword intent has also become so weak that I almost can’t sense its existence anymore. It seems that I need to gather more strength to make my next attempt.”


In the unique space underneath the shield.

Pei Qiqi’s return alarmed Nie Tian.

He opened his eyes and asked her what had happened. From her, he learned that Xuan Guangyu and Hong Minghui from the Void Spirit Society had arrived and attacked the energy shield above them.

Pei Qiqi also explained that after her stern warning, Xuan Guangyu and the others wouldn’t dare to continue with their attacks.

She told him that he could resume his cultivation and ignore those outside.

With the help of his Nine Stars Flower, flame spark, and Godspirit Tree, Nie Tian’s spiritual cores had further crystallized. His cultivation base showed signs of reaching the point where he could break through into the late Soul realm.

To him, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity to practice cultivation here.

Besides, since he trusted Pei Qiqi and believed that Xuan Guangyu wouldn’t dare to make more attempts, he resumed his cultivation.

Shortly afterwards...


The stream of Fan Tianze’s sword intent went through the energy shield and entered the space they were in, carrying a wisp of his soul awareness.

Sensing the anomaly, Pei Qiqi jerked her head towards the sword intent, and saw it rapidly morph into a figure with Fan Tianze’s exact appearance. It even exuded the same soul aura and sword intent as his true form.

“Nothing but a wisp of sword intent condenses into a sub-soul... such a divine ability... the Heaven Span Pavilion!” After spending a few seconds thinking to herself, Pei Qiqi suddenly seemed to realize something. She looked like she was facing a formidable foe as she fixed her eyes on the ethereal figure and asked, “Who are you?”

Even though Fan Tianze said on the outside that he hadn’t summoned enough power with his first attempt, and that he had to gather more strength to make another one, his connection with his sword intent actually hadn’t been cut off.

Even though his true form remained on the other side of the shield, he was able to see everything in the space underneath it through his sword intent. This way, he didn’t have to be eager to come down here himself. Instead, he could take his time to learn the situation first through his sword intent.

A soul message came from his ethereal figure. “I’m Fan Tianze from the Heaven Span Pavilion.”

Pei Qiqi gasped with astonishment. “Fan Tianze?!”

Even though she had never met this man in person, she had heard his name on various occasions.

The person who had mentioned his name to her was her master from the Void Spirit Society, Qu Yi. Whenever Fan Tianze’s name had come up, Qu Yi had been full of respect. According to him, Fan Tianze’s cultivation talent was even higher than that of Chu Yuan, the current sectmaster of the Heaven Span Pavilion.

“Why are you here, Senior?” Pei Qiqi asked in a very respectful manner.