Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1174: “To Me, You’re the Strangers!”

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Xuan Guangyu had only come on this trip because he wanted to take a look at this unique shelter created by a Star Behemoth.

He had gone through a large number of ancient records that had been looted from the outsiders and Ancientspirits, and finally come to a deeper understanding of the Star Behemoths that had ruled the starry river during the Primal Era.

However, the more he learned about them, the more he was curious about how they had been able to prey on mighty, ancient races, such as the titans and ancient Demons.

Now, he had even brought out his dharma idol, but still failed to break the energy shield with his Void Splitter.

This made him gradually realize why the other God domain experts that had been here earlier had given up on going down there.

He suspected that experts like Ji Yuanquan and Ye Wenhan had made secret attempts, but failed.

That was why they had left.

He was convinced that Qu Yi, the sectmaster, was more than capable of entering the mysterious space created by the Star Behemoth with the help of his Void Mirror.

However, for some reason, he had chosen not to, leaving Nie Tian inside of it by himself.

Now, he was surprised to find out that Pei Qiqi also had the ability to enter and leave freely. Of course he hoped that she could get him and Hong Minghui inside to witness its wonders.

Who would have thought that she would refuse their request so bluntly?

As one of the Void Spirit Society’s vice sectmasters, whose authority was second only to Qu Yi, Xuan Guangyu had his pride. Seeing that Pei Qiqi had not only refused them, but even asked them to leave right away, he frowned in anger.

“Junior Martial Sister!” Hong Minghui berated Pei Qiqi on his behalf. “Isn’t that Nie Tian in there?!”

Face still cold, Pei Qiqi said, “He is, but does that have anything to do with you?”

“He could enter. Why can’t we?!” Hong Mo asked, looking frustrated and furious.

Pei Qiqi cast him a cold glance and asked, “Who are you to question me? You’re not even a disciple of our sect!”

She had long since found Hong Mo detestable.

She knew that many of the shameful things Hong Minghui had done to win her favor had been this man’s idea.

As Hong Minghui’s father, Hong Mo flushed upon hearing these words. He breathed heavily, but couldn’t say a word.

As much as he felt insulted and infuriated by Pei Qiqi’s words, he didn’t know how to argue.

With his mediocre cultivation talent, he only held a lofty status because he was Hong Minghui’s father.

If Hong Minghui wasn’t Qu Yi’s disciple, he would have been nothing.

Even with Hong Minghui’s resources, he didn’t stand out among his subordinates. He was only respected because of Hong Minghui.

However, his status meant nothing to Pei Qiqi.

She only considered him as another Saint domain follower of Hong Minghui, who wasn’t even a member of the Void Spirit Society.

In comparison, she was the disciple who Qu Yi, the sectmaster of the Void Spirit Society, had broken his word to take in, and probably his last disciple.

Furthermore, many signs suggested that she had already replaced Hong Minghui as the best candidate for the next sectmaster of the Void Spirit Society.

Therefore, there was nothing he could do, even though she had just insulted him to his face.

Flushed with anger, Hong Minghui asked, “Well, am I allowed to ask you why Nie Tian can be in there while we can’t?”

“He’s in there because he’s capable of going under there,” Pei Qiqi said expressionlessly.

These words almost choked Hong Minghui to death. However, since he didn’t know how to argue, he could only swallow them.

At this moment, Xuan Guangyu took a deep breath to suppress his anger, and then asked, “Kid, are you sure that you can’t take us down there so we can take a look? We’re from the same sect after all. If you can enter it, what’s wrong with taking us down there with you?”

The ends of Pei Qiqi’s eyebrows rose slightly as she looked at Xuan Guangyu. “The wonders in there are meant for me, so I don’t want to share it with others. It’s as simple as that.”

“What about that Nie Tian then?” Hong Minghui asked with a grim face. “You’re a disciple of the Void Spirit Society, while he’s a disciple of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace. Even if you were close back when you were in the Domain of the Falling Stars, you don’t have to help him every step of the way, do you?

“You helped him clear those spatial rifts that connected the Domain of the Falling Stars and those three Demon realms, so that he could raid and loot a tremendous amount of resources from them.

“You didn’t even inform our sect of this beforehand!

“Then, after the raids, it was clearly him who demanded you destroy those spatial rifts to prevent the Demons’ retaliation. However, you took full responsibility for that! If our master hadn’t coshered you, this alone would have been enough reason for the other major sects to hold you responsible!

“You’ve got to know that those spatial rifts connected to the Demon realms directly! If the four great sects had been informed of their existence in a timely manner, we might have been able to bring down the entire Demon world!

“Isn’t that what we’ve been trying to do over the years by marching army after army into the Dead Star Sea?

“You have no problem doing so much for a stranger, but refuse to take us down there so that we can take a quick look?”

Hong Minghui bombarded Pei Qiqi with questions, venting his strong discontent.

He had wanted to say these things for a long time now.

“To me, you’re the strangers.” Pei Qiqi didn’t even want to explain. With a cold face, she added, “If the shield continues to suffer impacts, it’ll jeopardize my cultivation. So if you attack it again, I’ll report to my master and tell him that you undermined my good cultivation opportunity.”

With these words, she returned to the depths with the help of the Space Boundaries Crystal before Xuan Guangyu and Hong Minghui could say anything.

Xuan Guangyu, Hong Minghui, and the others turned livid with rage. They watched her appear out of nowhere, insult them to their faces, and then disappear into thin air, and they couldn’t do anything to her.

After a long while, Hong Minghui lifted his head to fix Xuan Guangyu with an inquiring look. “Vice Sectmaster?”

With a bitter face, Xuan Guangyu said, “We all know how much the sectmaster adores her. She said that if we continue to attack that energy shield, it’ll jeopardize her cultivation. So if we do, she’ll have a handle against us. And if the sectmaster learns about it...”

Xuan Guangyu frowned deeply, as the thought of Qu Yi being enraged terrified him.

Deep down, he was very apprehensive about Qu Yi. This had been the case since he had joined the Void Spirit Sect.

“So we came here for nothing?” Hong Minghui asked.

Xuan Guangyu pondered for a while before saying, “Even though we can’t do it ourselves, it won’t be our fault if others do it. If God domain experts from the other sects come here and attack that energy shield, the girl won’t be able to use our sectmaster to pressure them into leaving, right?”

Hong Minghui’s eyes lit up. “Good point!”

Eyes narrowed, Xuan Guangyu said coldly, “I don’t care how things happen, and I won’t ask. The sectmaster must know that others may also be interested in this place. We’re only the first ones to get here. Who’s to say who else will arrive after us, and what they’ll do to go under there?”

“I see.” Hong Minghui understood.

A few days later...

A man flew over from the distant sky. His fierce aura shook the heavens as he did.

His torrential sword intent seemed to riddle the heaven and earth he covered with holes.

Xuan Guangyu gazed off with rapt attention, and then exclaimed softly, “That man from the Heaven Span Pavilion is here!”

Hong Minghui, who was standing next to him, let out a cunning laugh. “He was going to come here in the first place. The word I spread only made him look forward to this even more. Aside from him, a few others should also be here soon.”

Xuan Guangyu snorted cunningly. “I doubt that even our sectmaster’s name will have any kind of effect on him. I wonder how the girl is going to get him to stop and leave when he tries to break the energy shield.”

Hong Minghui gloated. “Me too.”


The man flew over, standing on a long sword that was wreathed in cyan light, looking calm and unrestrained.

Upon arriving, the man took a quick glance around and asked, looking somewhat surprised, “Xuan Guangyu? When did you get here?”

“Brother Fan,” Xuan Guangyu greeted him calmly. “We’ve been here for a while now. The shield under there is a condensation of the Star Behemoth’s flesh aura, which is very hard to break.”

“How hard? Even you can’t break it?” Fan Tianze asked, looking surprised.

Like Xuan Guangyu, Fan Tianze from the Heaven Span Pavilion was also at the middle God domain. He was well-aware of how strong Xuan Guangyu was, and the fact that his Void Splitter was an Immortal grade divine tool that could split almost anything.

Therefore, it was a major surprise to him that even Xuan Guangyu had failed to break the shield.

Xuan Guangyu smiled. “Something happened and stopped me from going all-out. I was just thinking about leaving. Who would have thought that you’d come?”