Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1173: Eviction

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Very few people knew anything about Star Behemoths. However, as one of the Void Spirit Society’s vice sectmasters, Xuan Guangyu was no stranger to them.

Especially after the powerful experts from the four great sects had returned to their headquarters and explained the calamity that had happened in the Shatter Battlefield to others, people had started looking for any information they could find about them.

Earlier, since Qu Yi himself had come to the Shatter Battlefield, and Xuan Guangyu had been otherwise occupied, he had decided to stay behind.

However, he had found and gone through many ancient records about Star Behemoths recently, and deemed that his understanding of them had come to a new level. Therefore, he had thought that he would come here and take a look.

At this moment, the flames of desire blazed in the depths of the eyes of Hong Minghui, Hong Mo, and all of Hong Minghui’s Saint domain subordinates.

Hong Minghui’s few Saint domain subordinates started to whisper among themselves with their eyes fixed on Xuan Guangyu’s saber, the Void Splitter, that was slashing downwards.

“According to the ancient records we obtained from the outsiders and Ancientspirits, every part of a Star Behemoth’s body is extremely useful, as their skin, claws, teeth, and bones can be used to forge Spirit Channeling or even Immortal grade spiritual tools.”

“Even though the outsiders and Ancientspirits can’t go down there due to the limitation of their flesh auras, we clearly don’t have to worry about that.”

“I just wonder why our sectmaster, the heads of the wood element sect and fire element sect, Mo Heng, and the other seniors didn’t go down there to take a look.”

“Was it because their battles against the outsider grand monarchs had been too consuming?”

“I hope that the vice sectmaster can get through that energy shield and enter the Star Behemoth’s body...”

Like the Void Mirror, the Void Splitter was also an Immortal grade divine tool.

However, its might wasn’t at as high a level as the Void Mirror’s.

The Void Mirror was a divine tool that had existed since ancient times. Only sectmasters of the Void Mirror had had the privilege to hold and use it.

Even though many sectmasters of the Void Spirit Society had perished in the river of history, the Void Mirror had been passed on as an invaluable legacy generation after generation.

However, this wasn’t the case with the Space Splitter.

Even though it was also at the Immortal grade, it was a spiritual tool Xuan Guangyu had forged with all sorts of rare materials after he had broken through into the God domain.

Its sub-grade was far lower than that of the Void Mirror.

Its most prominent feature was its unmatched sharpness. It could split the void and eliminate the fleshly bodies of most living creatures.

However, it couldn’t be used to carry its user among different domains across the starry river as the Void Mirror could carry Qu Yi.

The Void Splitter, which had been forged from a unique slender crystal, eventually hit the glorious energy shield.


A world of dazzling light splashed from the contact point.

Upon contact, the Star Behemoth’s flesh aura and the corpse power that hadn’t been expelled from the glorious shield engulfed the Void Splitter.


Crackling sounds suddenly came from the crystalline Void Splitter, as if it was going to cave under the tremendous pressure. That was when the complicated spatial spell formations that had been carved on the blade lit up one by one.

Countless spell formations rapidly interconnected, forming a large, extremely complicated spell formation.

However, as the mixed energies continued to impact the blade, the spatial veins in certain parts gradually faded away, as if they were being erased.

Xuan Guangyu’s expression flickered.


As a wisp of spatial power flashed through his fingers, the wondrous blade flew back into his hand. He narrowed his eyes and frowned in silence.


In the unique space created by the Star Behemoth underneath the glorious shield, streams of colorful light that contained rich, refined power continued to pour down.

Having fully activated her bloodline and spiritual sea, Pei Qiqi was doing her utmost to channel some of the pouring streams into herself.

Like streams of sparkling ice, they rapidly vanished into her, infusing her with spatial power.

As a super-large-scale realm, the Shatter Battlefield held a large number of teleportation portals, spatial tunnels, and naturally-formed spatial rifts.

By nature, it was spatial power that constituted them. However, almost all of them had exploded during the Star Behemoth’s violent rise earlier.

The bits of spatial power that had scattered in heaven and earth were then attracted by the Star Behemoth’s flesh aura and converged on this place.

“Hmm?!” Pei Qiqi was awoken from her cultivation. Her eyes snapped open, and she looked up.

“Someone is trying to penetrate that shield made of Star Behemoth flesh aura with something very sharp,” she muttered to herself. “That weapon seems to be vested with the ultimate sharpness of spatial power... Is that the Void Splitter? What’s its owner doing here?”

By merely sensing the spatial fluctuations, she was basically convinced that it was Xuan Guangyu who was attacking the shield.

She had never been fond of Xuan Guangyu. She was aware that he and Hong Minghui had been close, and that he had believed that Hong Minghui had the best chance at becoming the next sectmaster.

However, that was before she had come along.

After Qu Yi had taken her as his disciple, everyone had gradually realized that Qu Yi favored her, and was intentionally cultivating her as the future sectmaster of the Void Spirit Society.

Through some people, she had also learned that Xuan Guangyu had talked Hong Minghui into pursuing her with everything within his power.

That made her detest Xuan Guangyu even more.

She took a sideways glance at Nie Tian.

Nie Tian seemed to be unaware of what was happening, and was still focused on devouring the kinds of power that he could benefit from.

She sensed him, and felt that he might be able to make another breakthrough in his cultivation and enter the late Soul realm very soon.

Only a unique place like this could provide him with such rich, pure energies, and grant him such incredibly rapid advances, coupled with the wonders of Nie Tian’s flame spark, Nine Stars Flower, and Godspirit Tree.


Considerable ripples spread through the glorious shield over Pei Qiqi’s head. Even though she didn’t hear any sounds, she saw exactly what was happening.

Xuan Guangyu must have been reluctant to give up after his first failed attempt, and had thus drawn upon a mightier force: his domain.

Perhaps he had even summoned his dharma idol so that he could use his Void Splitter to break the energy shield and enter the heaven and earth underneath it.

Pei Qiqi took a deep breath, and instantly sensed that the pure power in her surroundings had been summoned by the Star Behemoth to defend against Xuan Guangyu’s attacks.

Such power was originally pouring down massively, so that she and Nie Tian could absorb as much as they wanted.

If a large portion of the power purified by the Star Behemoth was summoned to defend against Xuan Guangyu, she and Nie Tian would benefit less.

The Star Behemoth might even start to feel that it was a waste of its time and energy to defend against him, and thus shut the portal that connected its private space to the outside world.

Once that happened, she and Nie Tian would have to come out of this unique space before it disappeared completely with the Star Behemoth.

“He’s such an annoying man. He was nowhere to be seen when the battle broke out. Now that the crisis is over, he snuck to this place.”

Face cold, Pei Qiqi hesitated briefly before calling upon her Space Boundaries Crystal. She put her cultivation on hold and left the unique space.

As soon as she appeared, Hong Minghui approached her, his face filled with excitement and fervor. “Where were you earlier, Junior Martial Sister? I only came here to see you because I heard that you were here!”

All of his subordinates and even his father were full of smiles as they gathered to greet her. “Greetings, Miss Pei.”

Only Xuan Guangyu was still in the form of his dharma idol. At this moment, he was bringing the Void Splitter, which had also expanded many times, down with mighty force in an attempt to break the energy shield.

However, upon seeing Pei Qiqi, he stopped, and his extremely brilliant dharma idol rapidly shrank down.


Seconds later, he recovered his true form, and the fierce spatial power that had caused space to rip around him disappeared.

Pei Qiqi bowed slightly. “Greetings, Vice Sectmaster.”

“You just came from down there, didn’t you kid?” Xuan Guangyu asked with strong interest in his eyes. “That must be it. I searched this whole area and didn’t detect your aura. How did you get in there? Also, what’s going on down there?”

Hong Minghui joined the conversation, looking deeply excited. “Yeah, Junior Martial Sister. What secrets does the Star Behemoth’s independent space hold? Since you can enter it, could you take us down there so that we can see its wonders too? The vice sectmaster only came here with me because he’s also curious about this unique space created by a Star Behemoth.”

“There’s nothing in there, and even if there were, it doesn’t suit you,” Pei Qiqi said coldly. “You might as well leave so that I can practice cultivation in peace.”

Upon hearing these words, Xuan Guangyu, Hong Minghui, and all of the others with them grew grim.