Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1171: The Treacherous Disciple

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The intelligence of Heaven Nourished grade treasures was every bit as advanced as that of the so-called higher races.

The irregularly shaped crystal in Pei Qiqi’s possession fell into this category.

Her communication with the crystal had always been unimpeded and effective.

She had named it the Space Boundaries Crystal.

The word ‘Space’ represented this all-inclusive starry river, while ‘Boundaries’ represented the myriad domains in the starry river.

The Space Boundaries Crystal had been born in the Shatter Battlefield. In fact, it had been born with this super-large-scale realm, which was why there was such a profound connection between them.

The Space Boundaries Crystal had only ended up in Pei Qiqi’s hands because of her uniqueness. Not only had her spiritual sea been filled with spatial power, but her bloodline carried the profound truths of spatial power as well.

This was why the Space Boundaries Crystal, which had developed advanced intelligence, had chosen Pei Qiqi as its master.

However, the Space Boundaries Crystal was different from Qu Yi’s Void Mirror.

Because Pei Qiqi’s cultivation base wasn’t advanced enough, and neither was her bloodline, the stimulation and help she had provided the Space Boundaries Crystal was still rather limited.

However, if her bloodline advanced to the tenth grade and her cultivation base entered the God domain someday... then the Space Boundaries Crystal, which had already become one with her, would most likely rise up and become an immortal grade divine tool like the Void Mirror.

In fact, it might rise even higher.

This Space Boundaries Crystal was the reason why Pei Qiqi had been able to go through the Star Behemoth’s flesh aura shield, which none of the other mighty outsiders and human experts could.

From her communication with it, she had learned that the Star Behemoth had created this unique underground space with its immense flesh power right before it had died.

Before, the Space Boundaries Crystal was the only thing that had been able to detect this unique heaven and earth, which seemed to exist under the ground of the Shatter Battlefield.

However, even the Space Boundaries Crystal hadn’t usually been able to enter this special place so easily.

That glorious shield it had carried Pei Qiqi through was similar to a portal.

Whenever outsider grand monarchs, mighty Ancientspirits, and God domain human experts fought in the Shatter Battlefield, they would release a tremendous amount of spiritual power and soul power.

Most of such power would be absorbed and transformed into all sorts of energies that spread throughout the super-large-scale realm.

These would be the times when the Star Behemoth seized the opportunity to draw such rich energies into the unique space it had created.

What the Star Behemoth would usually do was open a small rift that connected to its private space.

The rift couldn’t be entered by powerful outsiders with immense flesh auras, just as it couldn’t be entered by God domain experts like Mo Heng, whose souls would suffer strong influences if they tried.

However, the Space Boundaries Crystal that had been born here could enter and exit it effortlessly during these times.

From her soul communication with the crystal, she had also learned that once the Star Behemoth finished channeling all sorts of energies from different corners of the Shatter Battlefield into its private space, it would close the rift that connected it with the outside world.

When that happened, the unique space created by the Star Behemoth would enter a state of complete isolation, stopping even the Space Boundaries Crystal from leaving.

“What exactly will happen when the ‘portal’ closes?” Nie Tian asked curiously. “And how long after it opens will it close?”

“When the portal closes, the Star Behemoth will activate its unique bloodline talent and drain every wisp of spiritual and flesh power that has been channeled into this unique space, like a whale swallowing seawater,” Pei Qiqi explained. “If we’re in here when that happens, we will most likely become another piece of food for it.”

Nie Tian nodded. “I see.”

He knew that the energies that had been purged by the glorious shield and then poured down here weren’t enough for the Star Behemoth to come back to life.

Massive absorption like this might have to happen a few or even a few dozen more times in order for it to be truly resurrected.

“Luckily, we still have time,” Pei Qiqi said, looking rather cheerful. “We’d better take full advantage of this opportunity to absorb the power we need from this place before the next phase starts. Also, I’ll be able to foresee it when this place starts to close up, so don’t worry.”

Nie Tian was enlightened.

Before Pei Qiqi’s arrival, he had assumed that he would be able to practice cultivation in this mysterious space for as long as he wanted.

After all, the speed at which he made progress in cultivation here was so shockingly fast.

Now, thanks to Pei Qiqi’s arrival, he learned that she would be able to get them out of this place with the help of the Heaven Nourished grade spatial treasure in her possession.

However, he also learned that he had to make full use of his limited time here.


In another location in the Shatter Battlefield, huge chasms had ripped the earth apart.

Due to Wu Ji’s return, the river of time that had vanished earlier reappeared.

The winding glorious river floated high in the heavens, with its ends unseen. A branch separated itself from the main stream, and ran right over Wu Ji’s head.


Wu Ji leapt into the air, disappearing into the branch stream.

As he did, numerous mysterious glittering spots and sandy currents seemed to be attracted by his unique aura, and fused into his ethereal time domain, which looked like a reflection in water.

By simply absorbing nourishment from the river of time, his time domain transformed at a shocking speed.

“The Saint domain!” Wu Ji exclaimed softly with his eyes narrowed, suddenly feeling that the numerous glittering spots and sandy currents that were fusing into his domain carried pieces of unrevealed history.

“Find the past, examine the present, and foresee the future...” He muttered to himself as all kinds of strange images flashed across the depths of his eyes.

These images contained the secrets of the births of some uncanny races, the reasons for the extinction of certain races, and the lives of many unknown creatures and insects that had appeared during the Primal Era, the Desolate Antiquity Era, and the Remote Antiquity Era.

It seemed that only masters of time power like Wu Ji would be able to sense and channel this mysterious river of time.

Once someone won its acknowledgment, they would be able to uncover any secrets they were interested in from it.

Now that Wu Ji had advanced from the Void domain to the Saint domain, he would be able to uncover even more secrets from the pieces of lost histories that were buried in the depths of the river of time.

Qu Yi had once said that Wu Ji, who was well-versed in time power, would most certainly become humanity’s most prominent sage and prophet of this time. That was because he knew that someone who had won the acknowledgment of the river of time would be able to obtain a tremendous amount of knowledge and information that others never could.

Two weeks passed...

Wu Ji’s domain remained connected to the river of time as his newly-achieved Saint domain cultivation base gradually stabilized.


A figure suddenly flew over from the distance.

It was a person partially buried in a lush, satanic plant that took up a significant space even after shrinking down.

The person was Han Yu, Wu Ji’s second disciple.

“Old man!” Han Yu’s upper body was slowly revealed from the middle of the Demon Eyes Flower.

His revealed upper body was naked, blackish-violet, and covered in mysterious Demonic patterns that looked halfway between the Demons’ bloodline imprints and the patterns on the petals of the Demon Eyes Flower. This gave him a dark, gruesome look.

“It’s you.” Wu Ji’s voice was remote and ethereal, as if it had traveled here from another time and space. “You came all the way here from the Demon realms for me?”

Having seen into Nie Tian’s past, Wu Ji certainly knew that the second disciple he had taught in the Realm of Flame Heaven hadn’t died, even though he had vanished for ages.

Instead, he was living as a half-man half-Demon in the Demon realms.

“I heard that someone who has mastered time power helped the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace foresee the calamity that was going to fall upon the Shatter Battlefield. And the seventh Son of the Stars referred to that person as his master.” As Han Yu spoke, purple sparks gradually appeared in his pupils. “You guided Nie Tian to the lofty position he holds today, didn’t you?”

Wu Ji remained silent.

“You showed partiality, old man!” Han Yu barked. “He became a Son of the Stars, and got to learn all those profound secret magics and incantations. You taught me far too few incantations and gave me far too little help when I was your disciple!

“Otherwise, I wouldn’t have drifted to the Demon realms, been captured by the Demons, and lived the life of a slave for so many years. Luckily, I managed to merge with a Demon Eyes Flower and win Ophelia’s acknowledgment as a member of the Demon race, but still...!”

Wu Ji frowned and asked, “Are you saying that I’m responsible for you becoming what you are today?”

“Both Nie Tian and Duan Shihu are doing much better than me!” Han Yu roared.

Like numerous bizarre eyes, the swaying blossoms of the Demon Eyes Flower suddenly fixed on Wu Ji simultaneously, as if they were going to capture his soul and drag him into purgatory.

“Traitor!” Wu Ji exclaimed.