Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1169: The Crisis of the Mo Clan

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This was the soul awareness of another Star Behemoth!

Having witnessed the immensity of the Star Behemoth in the Shatter Battlefield, Nie Tian now realized how tiny the bone in his possession was.

If he hadn’t infused it with his own Blood Essence in order to stimulate it, it would have never regathered its soul awareness.

After absorbing and refining a large number of evil spirits, the bone’s awareness had finally grown to a point where it could communicate with Nie Tian fairly smoothly.

The aura it exuded was very similar to that of the Star Behemoth slumbering in the black sea on the floating continent.

However, there was a huge gap between their strengths.

Even so, the fact that it could finally communicate with Nie Tian now lifted it from the ranks of lifeless tools.

“It wasn’t its intention to mix corpse power with its residual flesh power. In fact, not only was corpse power not helpful for its resurrection, but it was even counteractive and destructive.

“The reason why it resisted the Heavenly Corpse Sect’s manipulation was because it didn’t want to descend to a Heavenly Corpse.

“And it was willing to fall back to the depths of the earth because it wanted to wait for another opportunity, an opportunity to continue to channel power from the starry river and fuse it into the underground space it had created by relying on the unique features of a super-large-scale realm, and thus slowly come back to life.

“This special space is automatically gathering and refining all sorts of energies of heaven and earth, which I can take advantage of...”

As Nie Tian muttered to himself, he gradually came to a better understanding of the situation he was in.

Perhaps because he had helped the Star Behemoth break free from the Heavenly Corpse Sect’s control, he had been allowed to enter and use this unique space to strengthen himself on every front.

Meanwhile, even though the Star Behemoth had sunk back into the depths of the earth, its unique magnetic field would be able to pull the broken pieces back together, and reshape the Shatter Battlefield.

If there were no mishaps, the Shatter Battlefield, which had fallen apart at its hands, would return to its original state because of it as well.

At that time, this super-large-scale realm would once again become an ideal habitat for Star Behemoths.

Endless battles between humans, outsiders, Ancientbeasts, and titans had filled the Shatter Battlefield with violent flesh power, chaotic spiritual power, mixed energies from the void, and energies of heaven and earth...

All of these energies would be partially absorbed by the Star Behemoth that slumbered underground after they broke out.

This was what the Star Behemoth relied on to slowly and quietly revive itself.

However, given its tremendous body and immense power, it still had a long road ahead if it wanted to actually come back to life.

“Blood Essence!”

As Nie Tian’s communication with the bone carried on, he learned that it yearned for more of his Blood Essence, which was the essence of his life bloodline.

Such desire seemed to be endless.

The bone seemed to know that his Blood Essence was the key to its growth and the awakening of more bloodline wonders.

“Since the upgrade of my bloodline still hasn’t happened, I don’t have much use for the extra flesh power I continue to receive here... So I might as well use some of my Blood Essence, and then recover the loss with the endless source of rich flesh power here.” As soon as his train of thought came to this point, he made his decision.

Without delay, he drew drop after drop of his Blood Essence from his heart before fusing them into the bone.

With every ten drops of Blood Essence he consumed, he would stop to gather flesh power from this unique space and recover the Blood Essence he had lost.

Time flew as he did this in the Star Behemoth’s unique underground shelter, while his flame spark, Nine Stars Flower, and Godspirit Tree continued to gather power of three different attributes and further the crystallization of his spiritual cores.

Just like this, he continued to make progress in his cultivation and generate more Blood Essence.

The process was so enjoyable that he didn’t notice time passing.


Both Mo Heng and Wu Ji had stood guard for Nie Tian for a long time now.


Wu Ji suddenly rose to his feet. “It’s been two months, and that kid still hasn’t come out. I suppose he’s having a good time there. However, I need to head back to the river of time and bring my cultivation base to a new level.”

With Mo Heng here, he wasn’t worried about Nie Tian’s safety. Therefore, he decided to leave.

Mo Heng nodded and said expressionlessly, “Alright. I’ll tell him when he comes out.”

“It’s okay. I should be able to sense it as soon as he comes out.” With these words, Wu Ji flew away, his figure flickering a few times before disappearing into the distant sky.

Gazing in the direction where he had disappeared, Mo Heng muttered to himself, “That man can channel the river of time, make such rapid advances in his cultivation, see into the past, and peek into the future… Is he really from the Realm of Flame Heaven in the Domain of the Falling Stars? Is he really the man we see...?”

Two more weeks passed...

On this day, Kan Zhisheng from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace split open a spatial rift and arrived.

Upon seeing Mo Heng, he bowed respectfully. “Grand Elder!”

Mo Heng nodded slightly. “Has the space in the Shatter Battlefield returned to normal? Can we come and go freely again?”

“Yes, everything gradually returned to normal after that Star Behemoth returned to the depths of the earth,” Kan Zhisheng answered. “Even the pieces of broken land that had drifted away floated back, as if they were attracted by some force.”

“So why are you here?” Mo Heng asked curiously. “Don’t tell me that something happened in our sect?”

“No, not our sect, but...” Kan Zhisheng seemed hesitant. “Mo Qinglei, the son of the Heavenly Thunder Sect’s sectmaster, came from the Domain of Endless Thunder. He claimed that he’s your cousin, and wishes to see you.”

“Mo Qinglei...” Mo Heng muttered, a complicated expression appearing on his face.

The Mo Clan Mo Heng came from had been a powerful clan.

However, since he was from a remote branch, and he hadn’t shown any particular cultivation attribute as a kid, his clan had always slighted and ignored him.

If he hadn’t been spotted by someone with an eye for true talent, and brought to the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, he would never have risen to the lofty position he held today.

For this reason, after he had risen to prominence, he had rarely had any connection with his clan, and repeatedly refused his clan’s offers to honor him as their clanmaster.

The current clanmaster of the Mo Clan was Mo Qianfan, who was at the late Saint domain, Mo Qinglei’s father, and the sectmater of the Heavenly Thunder Sect.

Even though the two of them were cousins, it had been ages since they had last seen each other.

Seeing that Mo Heng had fallen silent, Kan Zhisheng went on. “The Domain of Endless Thunder seems to be in some major trouble. Yuan Jiuchuan, the Thunder Devil, showed up with a hybrid named Han Sen, who’s a former disciple of the Five Elements Sect. The two of them started a massacre that has swept across the Domain of Endless Thunder.

“Many disciples of the Heavenly Thunder Sect that were well-versed in lightning incantations have died at the Thunder Devil’s hands.

“About that Han Sen, not only does he practice lightning incantations, but he also carries a lightning bloodline. Besides that, he seems to have learned some of the Thunder Devil’s secret magics. Right now, the two of them are devastating the Domain of Endless Thunder.

“Also, they seem to have someone secretly helping them. Even the sectmaster of the Heavenly Thunder Sect is currently trapped inside his sect.

“The purpose of Mo Qinglei’s visit is to ask you to help the Mo Clan and the Heavenly Thunder Sect.”

After explaining everything, Kan Zhisheng waited for Mo Heng to make his decision.

Mo Heng’s face slowly grew grim. “The Thunder Devil and a hybrid named Han Sen...”

He suddenly remembered Nie Tian’s discovery in the space disruption zone, which Wu Ji had told him about, among many other things.