Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1168: A Smooth Breakthrough

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“Who is he exactly?” Wu Ji asked with an incomparably grim look in his eyes.

Mo Heng remained silent. Not only was he reluctant to answer Wu Ji’s question, but he was considering whether he should eliminate this Qi warrior in front of him, who was only at the Void domain at the moment.

Even though Wu Ji was well-versed in time power, he had total confidence that he would be able to kill him in this place. After all, there was an unbridgeable gap between their cultivation bases.

“Nie Tian went to a space disruption zone before coming to the Shatter Battlefield,” Wu Ji added. “He had another incredible discovery there. However, he kept it from all of the important figures of your sect, including Wei Lai, Yan Zhan, and Chu Rui.

“You’re the only one he intended to share it with!”

The reason why Wu Ji was willing to share so much with Mo Heng was because he had seen into Nie Tian’s past, and learned of the special relationship between them.

Because of Nie Tian’s complete trust in Mo Heng, he shared this secret with him.

Mo Heng, who was still wrestling with the dilemma, frowned and asked, “What discovery did he want to share with me?”

Pointing down at the glorious shield, Wu Ji said, “Well, if he wasn’t down there, he would have told you about it already, so I might as well do it for him.

“There was a secret portal in the depths of that space disruption zone, which connects to a whole other heaven and earth.

“It doesn’t belong to any of the forces we know, which is why it’s called the ‘brand new world’. A large number of hybrids were found to be living there, along with a secret force that has gathered many rebel sects, including the Heavenly Corpse Sect, the Nether Spirit Society, and the Death Curse Sect...”

Wu Ji took his time to explain the grand secret Nie Tian had discovered and intended to reveal to Mo Heng alone.

After explaining everything, Wu Ji added, “There’s a possibility that Pei Qiqi, who’s blessed with a unique spatial bloodline and, like Nie Tian, is also from the Domain of the Falling Stars, came from there originally. However, even though Nie Tian wasn’t born there, he seems to have profound connections to the person who founded that peculiar heaven and earth, along with all those hybrids.”

Mo Heng’s expression flickered drastically.

Clearly, he knew nothing about this. Wu Ji’s words had deeply astonished him.

Mo Heng couldn’t help but tremble slightly as he muttered in a low voice, “A large number of hybrids... And a secret force that has incorporated the Heavenly Corpse Sect, the Nether Spirit Society, the Death Curse Sect, and other rebel forces... They deem themselves to be stronger than any of the four great sects, and now they’re going to transform heaven and earth, and create a brand new era...”

This was simply far too shocking.

Wu Ji spoke no more.

He had been just as shocked when he had seen and learned this from Nie Tian’s past. It had also taken him a long time to calm down.

However, he had assumed that an important figure like Mo Heng would have had some clues regarding this inconceivable thing that was going on in the depths of the space disruption zone.

Who would have thought that he knew nothing about it either?

Only after a long while did Mo Heng finally calm himself and ask, “Who else knows about this? Did you tell anyone but me?”

“No, only you,” Wu Ji answered. “Even Pei Qiqi didn’t return to the Void Spirit Society right after their return. She doesn’t seem to be going to inform her master, Qu Yi, of this incredible finding.”

Mo Heng took a deep breath and said, “So about Nie Tian, you...”

“He’s my disciple,” Wu Ji said. “I took him in and set him on the path of cultivation. Of course I’ll protect him and make sure that he rides out the tribulations in his life.”

“I hope you will and can do that,” Mo Heng said in a low voice.

Time flew...

In the depths of the Shatter Battlefield, all sorts of energies of heaven and earth and flesh auras were channeled and flowed towards the glorious shield.

After the shield’s purging and refinement, pure power poured down towards the underground space.

Deep under the glorious shield, the Star Behemoth’s head had already become invisible. No vision or soul awareness could go through the shield to see or detect what was going on underneath.

Surrounded by swarming evil spirits, Nie Tian still had his hands on the bone. At this moment, his eyes suddenly snapped open, and glittered sharply. “The middle Soul realm!”

He didn’t know how long it had been.

All he knew was that this peculiar underground space was like a sea of energies, where his flame, wood, and star power cores crystallized extremely quickly. Besides that, with the help of the Spirit Pearl, he continued to gain strands of pure soul power, which allowed his true soul to become increasingly clear and refined.

His cultivation base made the jump from the early Soul realm to the middle Soul realm surprisingly smoothly.

He felt that he hadn’t encountered any cultivation barrier, and the breakthrough happened naturally. Even he himself found this hard to believe.

The breakthroughs from the early Soul realm to the middle and late Soul realm wouldn’t include any fundamental upgrades. They were merely about further crystallization of the spiritual cores and further refinement of the true soul.

Huge waves rose in Nie Tian’s spiritual sea as he entered the middle Soul realm. However, the continuous infusion of a tremendous amount of power rapidly quieted him down.

The Nine Stars Flower, the flame spark, and the Godspirit Tree within him continued to madly channel star power, flame power, and wood power, helping him further the crystallization of his spiritual cores.

The rich flesh power he gained thanks to Life Drain had helped him recover the drops of Blood Essence he had previously consumed.

The additional flesh power was now spread through his five yin organs and six yang organs, as well as every inch of his body. A new round of body refinement with Heavenly Wood Heal started.

Like this, he grew stronger and stronger.

“This is strange. My bloodline still hasn’t started its upgrade...”

His bloodline had been dormant for a long time. Just earlier, it had been stirred, which had led him to assume that brand new bloodline talents were going to be awakened, and his bloodline was finally going to advance to the eighth grade.

He strongly hoped that he’d be able to make his next bloodline upgrade soon.

After all, he had access to a tremendous amount of pure flesh power as long as he remained in this unique environment created by the Star Behemoth.

As soon as his bloodline advanced to the eighth grade, he would be able to infuse himself with more flesh power in order to generate more Blood Essence and further his body refinement.

However, even though his bloodline had been stirred, the upgrade and awakening hadn’t happened as expected.

Nie Tian felt baffled. “I must still lack something. I wonder what it is...”

Compared to his advances in his cultivation, he put more value in the advances in his bloodline, since he had long since realized that the stronger his bloodline became, the more his battle prowess would benefit, and the better he would be able to wield various tools.

After some time, Life Blend, which had formed a profound bond between him and the bone, ended on its own.

Without him knowing it, the bone had already grown to a hundred and fifty meters!

Not just that, but after devouring a large number of evil spirits, the weak awareness inside of it had grown much stronger.

Before, the communication between it and Nie Tian had never been smooth. He had felt like he was communicating with an incomplete soul that was wisps of broken thoughts assembled together.

Now, as soon as Life Blend ended on its own, a soul connection immediately formed between Nie Tian and the bone.

An unprecedentedly clear connection!

The immensity and remoteness of the soul awareness suddenly reminded him of the time when he had communicated with the Star Behemoth slumbering in the black sea on the floating continent.