Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1167: A Learned Scholar

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A spatial rift split open, and Ji Yuanquan walked out of it.

After him were Chu Rui, Wei Lai, Yan Zhan, Dou Tianchen, and a few other Sons of the Stars of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace.

Wu Ji was the last to come out of the spatial rift.

Floating quietly over the colorful shield, Mo Heng was attempting to perceive its wonders. Disturbed by the new arrivals, he lifted his head, and asked, “You?”

Earlier, his battle between Grand Monarch Primal Demon had filled the central area of the Shatter Battlefield with violent energies. Not a single Saint domain cultivator had dared to come too close.

After the battle had finally ended, Qu Yi, the heads of the fire element sect and the wood element sect, and all of the outsider grand monarchs had left to end the battles that were taking place in other areas. However, these important members of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace came here, instead of the other way around.

Eyes narrowed, Chu Rui, who was a bit chubby, said in a soft voice, “We heard that Nie Tian descended towards the depths of the earth, along with the Star Behemoth’s head. So we came to see how things are going.”

As one of the vice sectmasters of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, he was currently at the middle God domain. He had been one of the last generation’s Sons of the Stars. After losing the competition for the position of sectmaster to Ji Cang, he had become his right-hand man.

Mo Heng was only the grand elder. Neither his status nor position matched his.

However, his status within the sect seemed to have undergone subtle changes since he had defeated Grand Monarch Bloodlust right after breaking through to the middle God domain, and survived his duel against Grand Monarch Primal Demon.

Clues could be picked up in the way Dou Tianchen, Fang Yuan, Wang Meijia, and the elders were now treating him.

When the sect had been in a time of stress, he had stepped forward and challenged Grand Monarch Primal Demon to a duel, despite the gap in their strengths. By doing this, he had saved the sect’s plunging reputation.

After this duel, he had already become the second strongest expert from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, coming only after Ji Cang. This had become an opinion from both within and without the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace.

Chu Rui and Luo Wanxiang suddenly seemed to be overshadowed by him.

Pointing down at the glorious shield that was separating them from the unfathomable space underneath, Mo Heng said expressionlessly, “He’s still down there. I tried to send my soul awareness through it, but failed. However, I can sense with clarity that it’s gathering all sorts of energies from the entire Shatter Battlefield, and transferring them downwards after refining them in a mysterious way.

“The underground space seems to serve as a unique shelter that that Star Behemoth is using to nourish and stop itself from corroding. The fact that its flesh power didn’t scatter and disappear into heaven and earth after its death, and it secured the possibility to come back to life, had a great deal to do with the unique features of the Shatter Battlefield as a super-large-scale realm.”

Wu Ji, who looked the least impressive among the crowd of experts, said in a soft voice, “Star Behemoths can protect themselves with this unique method. Their flesh auras are similar to outsider grand monarchs’ flesh aura seas, but only more mysterious and wondrous. By spreading their flesh auras, they can gather all sorts of energies from heaven and earth, refine them, and turn them into nourishment.”

Somewhat confused, Mo Heng asked, “This is?”

Wu Ji had come to this area earlier to communicate with Qu Yi from the Void Spirit Society high in the sky.

However, Mo Heng had been consumed with his battle against Grand Monarch Primal Demon back then, and hadn’t noticed his arrival.

Wei Lai took it upon himself to introduce Wu Ji to him. “Grand Elder, this is, Wu Ji, Nie Tian’s master from the Domain of the Falling Stars. Mr. Wu is well-versed in time power, and channeled the river of time! It was because he peeked into the future and saw the devastating catastrophe that we were able to prepare ourselves...”

Hearing this, Chu Rui, Dou Tianchen, and the other Sons of the Stars had nothing but respect on their faces.

Even Qu Yi from the Void Spirit Society had referred to Wu Ji as ‘Mr. Wu, sage and prophet.’ Furthermore, Wu Ji’s prophecy had also proven to be accurate, as the calamity had almost fallen upon them all.

Therefore, even though his cultivation base wasn’t very impressive, he enjoyed an unusually lofty status in their eyes.

“We kind of owe him a favor for this because at first, all we asked him to see was whether you’d be able to survive your duel against Grand Monarch Primal Demon,” Wei Lai added.

Mo Heng was shocked to his very core. “He actually channeled the river of time and peeked into the past, as well as the future?!”

Newfound respect could been seen on his face as he looked at Wu Ji and asked, “If you saw into the past, you must know something about Star Behemoths. Do you think Nie Tian is in danger down there?”

With a faint smile, Wu Ji said, “All I can tell you is that he’s a very lucky kid.”

He didn’t reveal the fact that he had consumed his lifespan at a terrifyingly fast speed by attempting to see Nie Tian’s future.

This proved that Nie Tian would be an even more influential figure than Grand Monarch Primal Demon and Mo Heng.

Only those who could determine the landscape of this entire starry river and cause upheavals with every move they made would cause him such drastic consumption.

Even though he was being intentionally vague, Mo Heng understood.

“As long as he’s not in danger.” Mo Heng nodded, without pursuing the matter. Then, he turned to the others and said, “Even though the calamity didn’t actually fall upon us, the Shatter Battlefield has fallen apart. The fact that you were able to come here suggests that the battles between the humans and outsiders have all quieted down.”

Chu Rui, the vice sectmaster, pondered briefly, then said, “Even so, our headquarters still requires protection.”

Mo Heng agreed and said, “I’ll stay here and wait for Nie Tian to come out from under there. You’d better head back to our sect and attend to business.”

“Mr. Wu, our sectmaster said that if you don’t have much on your plate, he’d like to invite you to visit our sect.” Ji Yuanquan from the Void Spirit Society, who had brought everyone here, issued an invitation to Wu Ji with a warm smile on his face.

Chu Rui went blank for a brief moment before hastily saying, “Mr. Wu, we’d be honored if you could visit our sect.”

They had all realized how important and useful a person who could see into the future was.

Furthermore, Wu Ji was only at the late Void domain now.

After entering the Saint domain or even the God domain, he would be able to channel the river of time more thoroughly and effectively.

At that time, if he wanted, he would be able to see anything in the past, the present, or the future!

They all knew what that would mean.

“Thank you for your kind offers,” Wu Ji said. “But the river of time is still in the Shatter Battlefield, and I need its profound help to enter the Saint domain. So I won’t leave any time soon. Besides, I’ll stay here so I can keep an eye on Nie Tian, and see when he’ll come out of there.”

His words were very persuasive. No matter how nicely they would treat him, none of them could provide him the kind of help the river of time could.

Therefore, after a brief discussion, people left successively, leaving only Wu Ji and Mo Heng in this place.

After some time, Wu Ji broke the silence by saying, “When I looked into the past, I saw that you had talks with Nie Tian, and gave him extra care. You know his father, don’t you?”

Mo Heng frowned slightly. “You saw all the talks I had with Nie Tian?”

Wu Ji nodded gently.

Mo Heng fell silent, a hint of a fierce look appearing in his eyes.

Still composed, Wu Ji said, “You want to kill me to silence me? Is that because Nie Tian’s father is far too special? Or are you afraid that once the secret of Nie Tian’s bloodline is revealed, there will be major trouble?”

The look in Mo Heng’s eyes grew even fiercer and darker. “You know everything, don’t you?”

Wu Ji pondered for a moment before taking his time to say, “I’ve seen pretty much everything Nie Tian has experienced, but what surprised me was that even though I could see his grandfather, his aunt, and even his mother’s death and resurrection, his father remained a blur.

“I could never get a clear view of his appearance.

“There’s only one possible explanation for this, which is that he’s far too powerful, so powerful that even my time power magic couldn’t penetrate the energy field he naturally exudes.”

Mo Heng let out a snort. “You should be proud of the fact that you were able to see him, even as a blur.”