Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1164: Neutralization

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Sagging his head, Feng Beiluo said with a frustrated tone, “Martial Uncle.”

The gruesome old man was covered in white hair, which made him look like a shriveled white ape. The pale flames flickering in the depths of his eyes were none other than what Feng Beiluo had referred to as corpse flames.

This eccentric old man gave people a similar feeling as Han Yu.

While Han Yu’s merge with the Demon Eyes Flower had made him half-human, half-Demon, this man who Feng Beiluo referred to as ‘Martial Uncle’ looked like a mix of human and ghoul.

Even though he had the appearance of a ghoul, his eyes glittered with intelligence, unlike most ghouls, which had glazed eyes.

Besides that, he exuded strong soul fluctuations. Not only could he speak, but he could also cast all sorts of exquisite incantations.

“That Qu Yi from the Void Spirit Society messed up my plan!” The eccentric old man cursed. “He eliminated the wisp of sub-soul I left in that Star Behemoth’s skull!”

Feng Beiluo frowned, his face suddenly turning grim. “Qu Yi?! If it was him, we need to get out of here now, Martial Uncle!”

The half-man, half-ghoul old man berated, “Why didn’t you think of a way to get rid of him? Didn’t Ji Cang from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace fall into your trap, and is currently stranded in an unknown area of the starry river?”

“Qu Yi is different,” Feng Beiluo said, looking somewhat impatient. “His Void Mirror allows him to travel freely through space and across countless domains. It even allows him to travel to and from space disruption zones, and use them as transit points. Perhaps Ji Cang is the only person throughout this starry river that has what it takes to defeat Qu Yi.

“However, it’s impossible to trap him in an unknown part of the starry river.

“Ji Cang can’t, we can’t, no one can.”

Just as the eccentric man from the Heavenly Corpse Sect was about to say something, he let out a muffled groan.

The corpse flames flickering in the depths of his eyes suddenly grew dim.

Feng Beiluo didn’t dare to waste another second. “Let’s go!”

He grabbed the old man and dragged him into the secret spatial joint, which flickered a few times before vanishing completely.

Moments later.

The Void Mirror suddenly appeared in this very place. Qu Yi, the sectmaster of the Void Mirror, stepped through it immediately afterwards. “This is it.”

As the Void Mirror reflected everything in its surroundings, Qu Yi activated his all-capturing perception. He could still sense the residual corpse flames and corpse power in the air.

“Two very rich and pure auras... One of them clearly belongs to Feng Beiluo, but who does the other one belongs to?” Qu Yi said with a pondering expression. “Did they sense that I was on my way here, and thus evacuated, leaving the Star Behemoth behind?”

Inside the Star Behemoth’s humongous skull.

With his hands on the bone, Nie Tian was still burning his Blood Essence drop after drop under the magical effect of Blood Essence Seething.

He was still immersed in the curious feeling of rampaging across the starry river as a Star Behemoth during the Primal Era.

However, shortly after Qu Yi eliminated the wisp of sub-soul the eccentric patriarch from the Heavenly Corpse Sect had left in the Star Behemoth’s head, the countless evil spirits that kept converging on it from every corner of the Shatter Battlefield seemed to suddenly lose their purpose.


A large portion of them were drawn to the bone Nie Tian was holding, and were rapidly drained of their soul power.

Fewer and fewer evil spirits swarmed towards the center of the skull.


Bloodcurdling munching sounds suddenly came from the distance, catching Nie Tian’s attention.

He could also occasionally hear sounds of the tenth grade Stone Golem’s stony body being crushed.

For some reason, even though he couldn’t see it, he knew that even that Stone Golem leader had become just another sacrifice by whoever wanted to turn this dead Star Behemoth into the mightiest Heavenly Corpse ever.

“How sad and pathetic... In the end, he’s just another tool...” Nie Tian sighed and released his bloodline aura, which connected him and the bone perfectly.


Qu Yi returned, appearing right above Nie Tian.

“Do you know how to stop this thing from releasing those colorful auras?” Qu Yi asked, looking hesitant. “As long as we can stop more of those auras from entering the outsider grand monarchs’ flesh aura seas, they’ll be able to slowly regain their senses. The two from the Heavenly Corpse Sect that were secretly manipulating this Star Behemoth have left.”

Even though he held the noble position of sectmaster of the Void Spirit Society and was the most versed in spatial magic, he didn’t have a clue as to how to stop this gradually awakening Star Behemoth from spreading its unique auras through heaven and earth.

However, since that mysterious bone of Nie Tian’s could communicate with it, he naturally placed all of his hope in Nie Tian.

“Let me give it a shot.” Assuming a tight grip on the bone, Nie Tian concentrated his soul awareness on the ancient but weak awareness inside it.

He sensed that as it continued to gather evil spirits, it was growing rapidly.

However, it still seemed to have a very long road to go before it could return to its original state.


All of sudden, mysterious lights that looking like lighting bolts rose from the Star Behemoth’s exposed skull.

Immediately afterwards, something incredible happened!

The tiny particles that looked like multicolored diamonds within the flesh aura seas of the Ancientspirits and outsider grand monarchs seemed to be attracted by some force, as they gradually flew out of their flesh aura seas.

Like sparkling, colorful sand, they streamed back into the Star Behemoth.

At the same time, the Star Behemoth that was shaking the heavens and toppling the earth throughout the Shatter Battlefield somehow slowly quieted down.

Due to the departure of the eccentric patriarch of the Heavenly Corpse Sect, the majority of the evil spirits were captured and absorbed by the bone, which strengthened the communication between it and the Star Behemoth...

It turned out that the Star Behemoth didn’t want to become a slave, even though it seemed that it would be able to break free from the depths of the earth and regain its freedom for a while if it did.

It would rather slumber on and wait countless years for an opportunity to truly come back to life.

Those colorful auras it had been forced to release were its flesh aura.

Now, like colorful raindrops, the tiny crystals poured back into it, and disappeared like rain falling into the sea.

Its humongous body that had been ripping the earth apart and slowly emerging instead descended towards the depths of the earth, and was slowly enveloped in eternal darkness and silence.

Grand Monarch Primal Demon let out a deep breath, which rose high into the sky like a purple cloud.

Lightning bolts and flames could be seen raging through it as a small amount of residual corpse power and corpse flames dissolved, giving rise to crackling sounds.

After activating Ancestral Awakening, Grand Monarch Primal Demon looked like a lofty mountain peak. However, at this moment, he rapidly shrank down.

Before long, he recovered the appearance of a young, elegant, well-dressed high-tier Demon.

His eyes gradually grew clear again as he frowned and muttered, “The Heavenly Corpse Sect attempted to turn that Star Behemoth into their strongest Heavenly Corpse, and used it to plague all races. Even I was influenced due to my significant consumption from my previous fight. It’s hard to believe that the Star Behemoth’s flesh aura even worked on me.”

Grand Monarch Dark Nether, Grand Monarch Withered Bones, and the other outsider grand monarchs gradually sobered up. The same went for Chatvic the titan and the other Ancientspirits.

The long battle finally came to an end.

Fortunately, grand monarchs and God domain human experts couldn’t usually defeat one another completely within a short time. Even though they were all injured to a certain extent, no one had perished.

“Nie Tian!” Mo Heng’s call suddenly echoed out.