Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1160: Prophet! Sage!

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The Void Mirror that floated high in the sky and reflected different spaces flew into Qu Yi’s palm.

The Void Mirror was his personal divine tool.

As soon as it flew into his hand, it blossomed with unprecedentedly bright light, and a few spatial blades shot out of it.


Six of the seven Stone Golems that were hiding on the Star Behemoth’s vast back were instantly cut to pieces that fell towards the depths of the earth like broken stone.

Only the tenth grade Stone Golem leader escaped death by somehow entering the Star Behemoth’s body, letting out a sharp scream as he did.

“That’s a tenth grade Stone Golem grand monarch,” Qu Yi muttered as the Stone Golem leader’s image appeared in his Void Mirror. “Such strange structures, part-flesh and part-stone. It’s too bad that their bloodlines advance far too slowly, though they’re blessed with incomparably long lifespans. Their reproduction is also a major problem. They were destined to be replaced by superior species like the Ancientspirits.”

Just like that, eight of the nine Stone Golems that had broken free from the bottom of the Seven-star Blue Sea and found their way to the Shatter Battlefield died, leaving only their leader.

He only survived Qu Yi’s attack because he had found shelter in the Star Behemoth’s body.

Holding his Void Mirror, Qu Yi stood erect in midair like a god of all lives, as if he could locate and capture anyone he wanted to kill no matter where they hid.

His divine abilities held Nie Tian in awe.

Even though Nie Tian had heard many stories about this sectmaster of the Void Spirit Society, this was the first time he had actually seen the man.

To his surprise, he didn’t seem as impressive as he had expected. Not only did he not have handsome looks, but he also didn’t have a charming quality.

However, this was the man who had made the highest achievements in spatial power in this time.

He was also Pei Qiqi’s master, who had taken her into the Void Spirit Society and helped her make rapid advances in both her bloodline and cultivation base.

Holding the Void Mirror with one hand, Qu Yi muttered in a low voice, “A Star Behemoth...”

He didn’t try to kill the last surviving Stone Golem right away.

Images flashed across the mirror continuously, revealing the situation in different parts of the Shatter Battlefield, as well as parts of the Star Behemoth’s humongous body that were still buried deep in the earth.

He hadn’t said another word after telling Nie Tian that he had done a good job. Instead, he focused on the images in the mirror, as if he was trying to find a way to turn this terrible situation around.


Wu Ji, who had come with him, suddenly flew onto Nie Tian’s Star Boat.

Behind the Star Boat was a glowing spatial rift. However, neither Ji Yuanquan nor Ye Wenhan were eager to leave anymore after Qu Yi’s arrival.

While Qu Yi was pondering, Ji Yuanquan and Ye Wenhan put their focus on Wu Ji. “How is it going in the deepest part of the Shatter Battlefield?”

Frowning, Wu Ji said, “Grand Monarch Primal Demon was influenced by this Star Behemoth’s flesh aura. Grand Monarch Primal Demon is at the late tenth grade. Normally speaking, he should have been to resist the influence. However, due to his significant consumption in his battle against Mo Heng, the Star Behemoth’s flesh aura managed to infiltrate him and twist his mind.”

Nie Tian’s expression flickered with astonishment. “Then what about the grand elder? Is he okay?”

Eyes filled with heartfelt respect, Ye Wenhan jumped in and said, “The duel between him and Grand Monarch Primal Demon actually ended before I came. Mo Heng lost, but it was an acceptable result, as he survived.

“Even though Grand Monarch Primal Demon defeated him, he couldn’t kill him.

“Their entanglement only went on because Grand Monarch Primal Demon became bewitched by the Star Behemoth’s flesh aura, and launched a new round of frenzied attacks.

“But the situation changed after you left,” Wu Ji added. “The outsider grand monarchs observing the battle at the heart of the Shatter Battlefield were also influenced by the Star Behemoth.”

Ji Yuanquan gasped. “Those grand monarchs lost their minds too?!”

Wu Ji nodded and looked down at the humongous restless being that was splitting the earth to come out. “The strange thing is that its flesh aura seems to be able to locate areas where there are outsiders and Ancientspirits with great precision.

“And its influence on outsider and Ancientspirit flesh aura seas turned out to be even stronger than what the legends held.”

Surprised, Nie Tian asked, “Do you know about that Star Behemoth?”

Wu Ji was from a small place like the Realm of Flame Heaven in the Domain of the Falling Stars.

Nie Tian knew that he had his unique understandings regarding outsiders and many other strange things. However, even among the four great sects, very few knew anything about the Star Behemoths that had ruled this starry river during the Primal Era, not to mention Wu Ji.

At this moment, Qu Yi, the sectmaster of the Void Spirit Society, awoke from his thoughts and gave voice to his opinion of Wu Ji. “Mr. Wu Ji is our people’s prophet and sage!

“He can see into the past with the help of the river of time. It can’t be easier for him to learn about that Star Behemoth.”

Nie Tian’s expression flickered as he exclaimed, “Master, did you learn about that Star Behemoth with the help of the river of time?”

Wu Ji nodded slightly. “Yes, I just did.”

Nie Tian suddenly realized why Qu Yi, the mighty sectmaster of the Void Spirit Society, would attach such importance to his master and refer to him as ‘Mr. Wu Ji, prophet and sage.’

“Mr. Wu Ji, do you know how we can put this thing down, considering its current state?” Qu Yi asked humbly. “It’s not truly resurrected. Instead, through the Stone Golems’ sacrificial ritual, the consistent infusion of corpse power and soul power helped regather its discarnate soul that had scattered into heaven and earth, and restored mobility to it.”

Wu Ji had seen the Star Behemoth’s birth, incredible traits, and death in the river of time.

For that reason, he must know ways to deal with this Star Behemoth, which had been brought back to life in some sense.

This was information even Qu Yi couldn’t obtain.

“This Star Behemoth was killed by its own kind,” Wu Ji said with a furrowed brow. “Even though the things I saw were rather vague, I’m certain that it had its head pierced by something sharp. Its soul was scattered, and it died.”

Nie Tian was taken aback. “It was killed by its own kind?! Did another Star Behemoth kill it?”

Wu Ji nodded. “It appears so.”


The Star Behemoth bone was summoned from within Nie Tian’s ring of holding.

“If another Star Behemoth killed it...” Nie Tian thought out loud, holding the bone, “I can locate the punctured part in its skull, and see if I can scatter its regathered soul with the bone from another Star Behemoth.”

“But its head is buried close to the heart of the Shatter Battlefield, where the grand monarchs and God domain experts are currently engaged in a fierce battle,” Wu Ji said.

Nie Tian was flabbergasted.