Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1159: A Back like a Mountain Range

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Nie Tian stood on the Star Boat, his face as grim as a silent lake.

He stared unblinkingly at the splitting deep pit and the Stone Golem city that was falling apart.


The dilapidated city gradually sank into the depths of the earth, and soon vanished.

Even the entire Bloody Grave Mountain Range was under significant influence, with loud rumbles filling the air and chasms ripping through the earth.

An incomprehensibly large and ancient being gradually revealed its back, its face remaining unseen.

However, just its back alone was like a winding mountain range that took up the entire Bloody Grave Mountain Range and a vast area around it.

Nie Tian looked with rapt attention, and discovered that countless ghouls were clinging to the humongous being’s back like fine hairs, their corpse power fusing into it unceasingly.

The humongous being that had died long ago seemed to have been resurrected by the corpse power and recovered the ability to move.

At the same time, countless evil spirits that had come from every corner of the Bloody Grave Mountain Range had helped it recover part of its awareness that had been scattered in this heaven and earth.

Nie Tian couldn’t help but marvel, “Such an incredibly large ancient being!”

Just the size of the Star Behemoth’s back alone shook him so deeply that he started to get a sense of how incredibly large these mighty beings were.

Feeding on titans, Ancientbeasts, and dragons, and as vast as realms, they were the overlords of this starry river during the Primal Era.

These uniquely large beings had usually lived in super-large-scale realms, such as the floating continent and the Shatter Battlefield, in secluded parts of the starry river.

Smaller realms wouldn’t even have been able to produce enough energy of heaven and earth to sustain them.

Some small-scale realms weren’t even as large as them, much less able to support them.

A grim looking filled Nie Tian’s eyes as he thought, “There was a living Star Behemoth in the black sea on the floating continent. That floating continent was a super-large-scale realm just like the Shatter Battlefield.

“However, this Star Behemoth here doesn’t seem to be alive...

“Instead, it’s wreathed in corpse aura and death aura.”


Colorful auras suddenly shot forth from the rough pores on the Star Behemoth’s vast back.

Mixed with intense corpse power, the auras rose into the heavens like rainbows.

Ji Yuanquan and Ye Wenhan, who were about to slay every single Stone Golem, gasped with astonishment.


The colorful auras shot towards them one after another.

Their numerous spiritual swords, glowing spatial blades, as well as exquisite sword and spatial incantations, fell apart upon contact with the mighty auras.

Their sword and space domains that had just come out of a petrified state were also instantly painted colorful.

Affected by a peculiar power, they now had great difficulty in casting their secret magics and incantations, and couldn’t fully display the might of their domains.

A hint of panic appeared in Ji Yuanquan’s eyes as he asked, “Is it fully awakened? If it is, does that mean there’s no way to stop the calamity from befalling the Shatter Battlefield anymore? Even killing all these Stone Golems won’t change anything...”


The earth shook more and more violently. Large areas of the Shatter Battlefield split as the Star Behemoth struggled free from the depths of the earth.

The Stone Golem leader threw his hands in the air and roared frantically, “It’s here! It’s finally here!”


Wei Lai, who had been dashing around to collect starlight sparks from his star domain, suddenly flew to Nie Tian’s side.

Behind Nie Tian’s Star Boat was the spatial rift Ji Yuanquan had split open.

Wei Lai sighed and said, “Nie Tian, that Star Behemoth has been temporarily resurrected by the Stone Golems’ evil sacrificial ritual. What’s done is done. I don’t think there’s a way to stop it now. And since my domain has suffered a heavy blow, and I won’t be able to help those two, I think I’ll just head back and check out the situation over there.”

Before Nie Tian could give him a response, he flew into the spatial rift, looking somewhat frustrated.

Seeing this, Nie Tian didn’t say a word.

He knew that Wei Lai didn’t leave because he was scared, but rather because he wouldn’t be able to provide anything if he had stayed. Therefore, he might as well return and inform the other experts from the four great sects that the calamity had inevitably happened.


Not just the Bloody Grave Mountain Range, but many other areas of the plate-shaped Shatter Battlefield also split apart.

The Shatter Battlefield had been dilapidated and battle-stricken to start with. Now, as the Star Behemoth arose, it broke up even further.

Furthermore, Qi warriors were still engaged in fierce battles against frenzied outsiders and Ancientbeasts in many parts of the land.

Ji Yuanquan and Ye Wenhan exchanged a glance and decided to give up on killing the remaining Stone Golems. “Let’s get out of here!”

With great difficulty, they rid their domains of the strange power that didn’t belong to them, then withdrew them into themselves.

Immediately afterwards, they appeared beside Nie Tian.

Ji Yuanquan frowned and said, “This Star Behemoth isn’t truly resurrected. Instead, it’s only been temporarily awakened through the infusion of corpse power and soul power through a sacrificial ritual that we don’t understand. However, this makes things even more troublesome. I just tried and failed to find a way to deal with it.”


At this moment, the surviving Stone Golems landed on the Star Behemoth’s back as the city fell apart.

They were huge themselves. However, compared to the Star Behemoth, most of whose body still remained concealed, they seemed rather puny.

The remaining seven of them were still chanting something, as if they were communicating with the Star Behemoth this way.

In other words, they were manipulating this Star Behemoth to do their bidding and turning it into their strongest weapon.


As the Star Behemoth wiggled, lands shook and mountains were rocked throughout the Shatter Battlefield.

Ji Yuanquan, who was just about to leave, suddenly saw a shadow forming in the Void Mirror that was floating over him.

He went blank briefly before exclaiming softly, “Sectmaster...”

Spatial fluctuations spread out in every direction, and the shadow came out of the mirror, as if it was crossing into this dimension from another.

Wu Ji appeared as well.

Ji Yuanquan and Ye Wenhan bowed and exclaimed simultaneously.


“Senior Qu!”

Nie Tian also exclaimed, “Master!”

Under the leadership of Qu Yi, the sectmaster of the Void Spirit Society, Wu Ji had traveled from the heart of the Shatter Battlefield to this place through the Void Mirror.

Qu Yi took a deep glance at Nie Tian and nodded slightly. “You did a good job.”