Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1157: The Origin of Sword Cultivation

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Fallen stone pavilions could be seen everywhere in the Stone Golems’ broken capital, with an enormous man-shaped hole in the ground at the center of the city.

After taking a quick glance at it, Nie Tian realized that it had been left by Chatvic.

The spatial rift he and Ji Yuanquan came out of floated right over the city.

Upon arrival, Ji Yuanquan fixed his glittering eyes on the bottomless pit, inside of which glorious lights were interweaving.

A large number of evil spirits and ghouls were still being attracted to it and pouring into it from all directions.

The nine Stone Golems gathered around the pit immediately sensed the anomaly.

One after another, they jerked their heads towards Nie Tian and Ji Yuanquan, their faces a blur.

Gazing at the unfathomable pit, Nie Tian frowned and muttered, “They’re sacrificing all these evil spirits and ghouls. Don’t tell me that by doing this, they can actually resurrect that Star Behemoth who died long ago. Are these evil spirits helping regather its soul, and the corpse power these ghouls carry helping restore strength to its body?”


Wei Lai flew through the spatial rift as he pondered the matter.

“Stone Golems!”

Upon arriving, Wei Lai stared at the pit where glorious lights were interweaving and sent his immense, perceptive soul awareness into it.

As he did, he sensed extremely intense and peculiar power fluctuations brooding in the depths of the pit, as if a massive explosion could happen at any moment.


The Stone Golem leader was originally crouching on the ground and attempting to communicate with the terrifying creature that was slowly awakening as the mad sacrifice carried on.

However, the arrival of the humans disturbed him, and forced him to change his focus.

The sight of the new arrivals made him realize that they now faced a thorny problem.

Unlike titans like Chatvic, humans had negligible flesh auras. Therefore, the peculiar auras wouldn’t be able to twist their minds, putting them in a frenzied killing state.

These humans who had appeared all of a sudden clearly didn’t come with peaceful intentions. Therefore, he would have to get rid of them some other way.

Ji Yuanquan took a deep breath and said, “Nie Tian, you were right! It is these Stone Golems that are causing the upheavals in the Shatter Battlefield! They’re the reason why the spatial rifts exploded, and the outsiders and Ancientspirits lost their minds! Shouldn’t they have gone extinct long ago?”


Another figure shot out of the floating spatial rift. It turned out to be Ye Wenhan from the Heaven Span Pavilion, who, like Ji Yuanquan, was also at the early God domain.

He had also rushed over from the deepest part of the Shatter Battlefield.

“Brother Ye!” Ji Yuanquan’s eyes lit up as he put his heart at ease. “It’s great that you’re here too. I wasn’t completely sure that I’d be strong enough to take these Stone Golems by myself. Now that you’re here, things will be much easier.”

Ye Wenhan, however, said with a grim expression, “The situation is getting out of hand in the depths of the Shatter Battlefield. So I rushed out here to help you get the members of different sects safely out of the Shatter Battlefield as soon as possible. Who would have thought that I’d find this...”

By the time he had arrived in the canyon, he had seen the Saint domain experts from the four great sects engaged in a fierce battle against Ancientspirits and outsider grand patriarchs.

From Wei Lai, he had learned about the latest situation, and had thus rushed to this place without delay.

“Just the two of us came,” Ye Wenhan continued. “If too many experts came here with us, I’m afraid that those left in the canyon wouldn’t be able to handle the frenzied Ancientspirits and outsider grand patriarchs.”

Ji Yuanquan pondered briefly and realized that he had made a mistake. “Good thinking, Brother Ye.”

Earlier, he had made a hasty decision by calling out to everyone, demanding all those who could extricate themselves from their battle to come to the Stone Golem capital with him.

Luckily, only Wei Lai and Ye Wenhan had come.

If a large number of experts had followed him to this place, those left in the canyon might have been trapped and killed by the outsiders and Ancientspirits.

“I’ve never seen or fought any Stone Golems before.” With these words, Ye Wenhan took his time to fly to the place where the nine Stone Golems were gathered.

As he did, spiritual swords that were as thin as cicadas’ wings hovered around him like swimming fish.

Each and every one of them reflected dazzling light.

Thousands of sword projections gradually filled a spherical area around him, along with intense sword intent. His sword domain gradually turned his surroundings into a magical land of swords.

“Pure sword cultivation!”

Nie Tian took a distant look at him, and quickly realized that the Heaven Span Pavilion was the origin of all human sword cultivation.

Both the Trisword Sect from the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries and the Thousandsword Mountain Sect from the Domain of Heaven Python focused on sword cultivation.

There were many more sects across the human domains that viewed spiritual swords as their source of power and the foundation of their cultivation, and thus focused exclusively on sword cultivation.

However, all of their sword cultivation methods had originally come from the Heaven Span Pavilion.

The Heaven Span Pavilion was the most ancient human sword cultivator sect.

With a somewhat disdainful smile, Ji Yuanquan said, “The Stone Golems perished in the long river of history long before our uprising and balanced confrontation against the outsiders and Ancientspirits. They were annihilated in a large-scale battle against the Demons, Phantasms, and Bonebrutes. Who would have thought that a race that vanished so long ago still has survivors, much less that those survivors managed to stir up such major trouble?”

Ji Yuanquan and Ye Wenhan, the two God domain experts, whispered to each other as they came to a stop over the place where the nine Stone Golems were gathered.

Without saying a word, Wei Lai from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace also flew over and joined them.

Only Nie Tian remained by the spatial rift through which they had arrived. Standing on his Star Boat, he gazed quietly at the two God domain experts, expecting a fierce battle between them and the nine Stone Golems.

“Nine Stone Golems, with only one at the tenth grade...

“Even though the bloodline auras of the other eight are still on the rise, none of them have entered the peak of the ninth grade yet.

“If there are no mishaps, this battle will end in the Stone Golems’ defeat.”

After coming to such a conclusion, Nie Tian felt slightly relieved, and decided that he wouldn’t have to join the battle.


Translucent and sparkling, thousand of spiritual swords that carried different sword intents interwove, forming an exquisite sword incantation.

Like a waterfall of swords, they rained down on the nine Stone Golems that were gathered around the bottomless pit.

Seeing this, the Stone Golems made peculiar sounds that sounded like an ancient anthem, as if to activate their bloodline talent. “Bloodline...”

The strange thing was that even though Nie Tian had never heard anything like this, he somehow understood what they were singing.

It just that they whispered some of the words in a voice so low that he didn’t catch them.


Immediately afterwards, large rocks and broken walls from the collapsed stone pavilions were channeled by the Stone Golems and rose into the sky.

All of the huge pale-gray pieces glowed with curious auras, as if strong power was surging inside of them.

At the same time, heavy breathing sounds came from the depths of the pit where glorious lights were interweaving, as if something humongous had been resurrected.


All of a sudden, streams of glorious auras shot out of the pit.

Ji Yuanquan’s space domain, Ye Wenhan’s sword domain, and Wei Lai’s star domain were struck before they had time to react.

Originally, this kind of aura would only twist the flesh aura seas of powerful outsiders and Ancientbeasts and fill their minds with bloodlust, but wouldn’t have a strong influence on humans.

However, these auras inflicted damage on their domains this time.

These glorious auras carried intense corpse power!

Mixed with the Star Behemoth’s flesh aura, intense corpse power corroded the three experts’ domains like a deadly poison, causing fizzing sounds to rise in their domains.

Bleak pale flames burned in the three experts’ domains at the same time.

Ji Yuanquan couldn’t help but exclaim, “These corpse flames are the Heavenly Corpse Sect’s signature magic! Don’t tell me that the Heavenly Corpse Sect is also playing a part in this!”