Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1156: The Source of Calamity

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Even Qu Yi, the sectmaster of the Void Spirit Society, was too deeply engaged in fighting to come to their rescue!

Ji Yuanquan’s words put everyone in great fear.

They had been looking forward to Qu Yi arriving in person, creating a spatial rift with his Immortal grade divine tool, the Void Mirror, and helping them get out of the Shatter Battlefield.

None of them had thought that even Qu Yi was caught up in battle in the depths of the Shatter Battlefield.

If it was going to be Ji Yuanquan, they weren’t sure if he was strong enough to evacuate them by himself, especially in the tough situation they were now facing.

Since outsider grand patriarchs, Ancientbeasts, and dragons were attacking them from all directions, they had to make great effort to fend off these enemies that had been rendered demented by the mysterious auras.

Ji Yuanquan turned his head and spotted the Star Behemoth bone that was sputtering lightning bolts. Surprised, he called out, “What are you doing so far away, Nie Tian? And what’s going on with that bone of yours?”


As he spoke, the Saint domain experts and Divine Sons and Daughters spread out to fight outsider grand patriarchs, dragons, and Ancientbeasts in different places.

Since the battle was well-matched, it wouldn’t end in either side’s victory within a short time.


As the bone continued to sputter lightning bolts, Nie Tian focused all of his attention on it.

A part in the middle of the crimson bone suddenly became transparent.

The blood-colored patterns within it underwent curious changes, revealing a vague image that Nie Tian could barely make out.

It was an image of the Stone Golem capital.

Through it, Nie Tian saw countless evil spirits and ghouls madly swarming into a dark, bottomless pit, from which colorful auras rose to fill the heavens.

Surrounding the pit, nine Stone Golems were kowtowing fanatically to continue some evil sacrificial ritual.

The scenes of Chatvic’s visits and him crashing into the city after his flesh aura sea was undermined by the colorful auras was also shown.

Nie Tian was so invested in them that he didn’t even respond to Ji Yuanquan.

Seeing this, Ji Yuanquan rose above the fighting humans, outsiders, and Ancientbeasts, and high into the heavens.

He held out the Immortal grade divine tool that should have been in Qu Yi’s hands and exclaimed, “Void Mirror!”

At the same time, he activated his space domain, which seemed to have multiple layers as it unfurled around him like scrolls of fine paintings. Numerous dazzling spatial blades could be seen swimming in it like a shoal of fish.

Like lightning bolts, dazzling spatial power flew out of it into the Void Mirror.

“Void Tear!” As Ji Yuanquan cast the secret magic, thousands of spatial blades came together, condensing into a river of glorious light that attempted to split a brand new path out of this embattled heaven and earth.


All of a sudden, the colorful auras that had converged on Nie Tian changed directions and poured into Ji Yuanquan’s space domain instead.

His space domain was instantly rendered chaotic by peculiar energies of various origins.


The spatial power released by the Void Mirror was also affected, and failed to create a spatial tunnel for everyone to leave the Shatter Battlefield.


The images within the Star Behemoth bone that was floating in front of Nie Tian also collapsed.

Ji Yuanquan’s expression slightly as he stared hard into the Void Mirror with a knitted brow. “I can’t believe these flesh power-kidnapping auras have a suppressing effect on my space domain as well! It seems that it’s not going to work for me to split open a spatial rift and get everyone out of the Shatter Battlefield by relying on my own strength.”

Upon hearing this, all of the elders and core disciples fighting outsider grand patriarchs and Ancientbeasts felt waves of frustration, their hearts sinking.

Standing on his Star Boat, Nie Tian called out, beckoning for him to come over, “Senior Ji!”

The colorful auras suppressing Ji Yuanquan’s domain didn’t inflict any serious damage on him or his domain.

Therefore, upon hearing Nie Tian’s call, he braced his domain and flew towards him, wondering what he was up to.

He didn’t seem to meet much resistance shifting within the Shatter Battlefield.

In a split second, he appeared in front of Nie Tian. “I was talking to you, kid. But you didn’t respond.”

Nie Tian took a deep breath and forced himself to calm down. “Sorry, I was checking something. But I think I know how to turn the situation around now!”

Shocked, Ji Yuanquan hastily said, “I’m all ears!”

Nie Tian had already proven his abilities in the Domain of Nether Heaven, and by winning his recent duel against Ophelia. Ji Yuanquan had personally witnessed his victory.

In his eyes, Nie Tian was far beyond ordinary and his words deserved to be taken seriously.

“This bone made contact with the same colorful auras that infiltrated your space domain earlier.” Nie Tian cut to the chase. “Through it, I saw something! I saw nine Stone Golems conducting an evil sacrificial ritual in their abandoned capital in the depths of the Bloody Grave Mountain Range!

“Countless evil spirits and ghouls were being used as sacrificial offerings.

“I suppose what they’re sacrificing them for is the being releasing all these strange auras from the depths of the earth: a Star Behemoth that could be dead or alive.

“Even if it’s dead, it apparently still has some of its soul awareness left.

“A titan visited that Stone Golem capital twice. During his second visit, he was also influenced by the strange auras, and flew off in a frenzied state.

“It seems that any outsider or Ancientspirit that approaches that Stone Golem capital will be influenced due to their rigorous flesh auras.

“Which means only we humans will have a chance at approaching it and turning the situation in the Shatter Battlefield around.”

After describing what he had seen and suspected with the simplest language possible, he turned to Ji Yuanquan and said urgently, “Senior Ji, it seems that you won’t be able to split open a spatial rift and get us out of the Shatter Battlefield directly, but can you teleport me to other locations within the Shatter Battlefield?”

Having talked to Qu Yi, Wu Ji, and the others at the heart of the Shatter Battlefield, he seemed to know that the strange auras causing upheavals throughout the Shatter Battlefield were coming from a Star Behemoth that was said to have died long ago.

“So I suppose what Nie Tian saw through the bone of another Star Behemoth is probably real...” With this thought, his expression flickered, as if he suddenly realized what Nie Tian was suggesting.

“I suppose I can try,” he said, high in spirits. “Such teleportations won’t require me breaking the realm barrier, so they’ll be much easier to achieve. So nine Stone Golems...”

He pondered briefly before asking, “What grade is their strongest member at?”

“The tenth grade, and he seems to have only returned to the tenth grade recently,” Nie Tian said.

“That makes things easier,” Ji Yuanquan said, looking somewhat relieved. “If the crisis is actually caused by those Stone Golems, and you and your master’s visions help us turn the situation around, then you two...”

He didn’t finish his sentence, a deeply impressed look filling his eyes.

Immediately afterwards, he shifted to another location to get away from the colorful auras, where he took out the Void Mirror once again. However, he didn’t activate his space domain this time.

“Void Travel!” As he exclaimed, brilliant light shot forth from within the Void Mirror.

A glowing spatial rift was instantly split open.

“Everyone! To the Bloody Grave Mountain Range!” Ji Yuanquan shouted aloud. “The key to ending the chaotic situation in the Shatter Battlefield lies there!”

All of the humans remained clear-headed.

One after another, those who weren’t caught up in battle against the bewitched outsiders and Ancientspirits dashed towards Ji Yuanquan.

Nie Tian, who had hidden his vigorous flesh aura with Life Stealth, also flew over on his Star Boat, and disappeared into the spatial rift after Ji Yuanquan.

In the next moment, the two of them appeared in the Stone Golem capital.

“It’s the Stone Golems indeed!”